How to gain 10000 Instagram Followers: 7 Best Tips

Gaining 10K followers on Instagram is a milestone most influencers and business owners aim for. There is just something about that number that oozes success. Instagram may be having tremendous growth in users recently, but the influencer and small business communities have been on the rise as well, so it’s a tough battle out there. To increase engagement on Instagram, you might want to check out the best sites to buy Instagram followers, if you don’t believe in wasting any time.

We are also going to provide you with a few tips and tricks on how you can ace your Instagram game and gain all those instagram  followers rapidly. So without further ado –


Many people make the mistake of getting too comfortable in their zone and don’t think about how they can explore new avenues for online content. You can keep a watch on the analytics and see what experiments paid off and keep working on them until you find your audience’s sweet spot. This is a sure-fire way to increase engagement on Instagram. One successful experiment can take a thousand unsuccessful attempts, so don’t be discouraged during the process of working it all out.


Even if you don’t post daily, upload stories often. It shows the new instagram followers that you are someone worth following and that you always have new content for them. Nobody would want to follow a dead profile for long, so you better show some initiative from your side daily. Use the stickers and effects available to mix some fun into your brand and be more relatable to the audience. Your activity will largely affect that of your followers because you can’t expect them to be active on a dull profile.


Now you all see these “follow for follow” or “like for like” engagement loops. You may think that hey – here is some free engagement I can get! Such loops spell impending disaster and ruin your chances of having a real community that can appreciate your content. It works only for a short while, and you also have to spend time reciprocating the engagement you get. It is better to invest in the best sites to buy Instagram followers and free up some time to work on your content.


You will likely find a small group of people who are in the same niche as you and trying hard to get noticed. Collaborating and getting organic engagement is the way to go. You can get them involved in your ideas and you will get the opportunity to tap into their audience. This is a great way to increase engagement on Instagram. Be real and honest in your posts and the audience will find you approachable.


Interaction is key to forming a genuine bond on social media. It can increase engagement on Instagram drastically and make your followers trust you more. Interaction doesn’t just have to be in the form of comments, you can use stickers to conduct QnAs or polls on your stories and have a better idea about your audience as well. Getting to know them better gives you an idea of what you can do to increase the engagement on your profile.


This includes your profile name as well as your bio. Look for certain keywords related to your niche that can appeal to your audience. Add it in your profile name so that it shows up in the search results. Optimize your bio and let the audience know what you specialize in, what is work you want to be known for. Such things may seem trivial but actually, build a strong impression on the audience that arrives on your page for the first time. In your bio they don’t want to know what your favorite movie is, they want to know the value you will bring to them.


Instagram, being a photo-sharing app relies largely on aesthetics and planning. So having an aesthetic grid can do wonders for your profile. You can gain inspiration for this from other profiles as well and try to incorporate some form of flow into your profile. This is an excellent way to increase engagement on Instagram as it appeals to the artistic side of many users. Plan your grid with such points hammered into your head.


Instagram is a platform where your business can promote itself for free and even have a store. For an influencer, it is an easy task ahead once they gain up to 10K followers. It is a great way to earn some income on the side if you can’t make it big on Instagram. You should, however, aim high so that you can at least get close to it. You should try to increase engagement on Instagram with the strategies we have mentioned above and keep your profile running. Getting a boost from the best sites to buy Instagram followers might not be such a bad idea either.

We hope that this article has succeeded in showing you how you can get to your goal of 10K followers faster and more efficiently.

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