How to Get the Best Out of Your Apple Watch

The latest Apple Watch 8 Series release brings new opportunities for Apple smartwatch owners to explore. Whether starting on the eight series or owning an Apple smartwatch for years, plenty of uses exist to get the most out of your device.

From sleep tracking, temperature sensing, crash detection, and enhanced workout, the Apple smartwatch has limitless uses. Unfortunately, most Apple owners fail to explore its full potential fully. Our guide provides a basic breakdown to get the most from your Apple device.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Apple Watch

Latest Functions of Apple Watch

Technological advancements saw the rise of smartwatches, with Apple taking a large slice of the cake. Apple watch pushes the limit of a normal smartwatch backed with a smooth and seamless design. Here is a look at some advanced functions to expect from the device:

Temperature Sensing

For a long time, most people attribute smartwatches to modern men. However, Apple has expanded its target market to include the female audience. The new temperature-sensing feature tracks menstrual cycles.

The device contains an innovative sensor that tracks temperature ranges while sleeping. It collects data over time while finding trends and patterns in your sleep.

After postulating data derived from continuous assessment, it can estimate your expected ovulation period. This is an instrumental feature of family planning.

Sleep Tracking

The watch features a sleeper tracker app that does more than track your sleep time. It provides in-depth data into time spent on REM, deep sleep, and Core. Also, it has estimates on your waking up schedule.

In addition, the sleep mode automatically shuts down any notifications during your Wind Downtime. Moreover, users can customize to allow certain contacts to contact them during sleep mode. In the morning, you get a summary of notifications received while sleeping.


The latest addition to the wearable series is safety options for users. Now, the smartwatch can easily detect any accidents. Automatically, it signals the nearest emergency respondents with your location. Moreover, it goes ahead to alert your emergency contacts.

The latest technology makes your wearable your third eye while on the roads. The technology is tested and tried to ensure efficiency in case of any incidents. Furthermore, it includes added features such as sensor algorithms and a GPS.


Apple smartwatches are known for keeping up with fitness through its advanced workout app. The Workout Views feature contains advanced metrics, including Heart Rate Zones and customized intervals while working out.

The heart rate zones give you a sense of the workout’s intensity level. Hence, trainers can customize intervals to suit their training style.

There are 12+ workout styles with plugged-in guide walks, runs, and meditation to suit your level.

Tips to Get the Most From Smartwatch

How to Get the Best Out of Your Apple Watch

Given the high-tech nature of the device, most owners have yet to get the most out of it. Here are ingenious ways to do so:

Music Options

Explore your music library with millions of songs available on Apple Music on your smartwatch. It includes curated playlists from your favorite artists. Moreover, it accommodates other popular DSPs such as Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, and AudioMack.

It also contains other platforms such as Tidal, Spotify, and Pandora.

The setup process is simple: connecting with your earbuds or via Bluetooth. Browse through Apple’s Music app to find your music library with millions of songs on the platform.


The podcast franchise is growing rapidly, with many listeners turning in to listen to their favorite podcasters for hours on their Apple smartwatch. You can listen to your favorite podcasts for owners with a smartwatch running on WatchOS 5 or higher.

Practice Mindfulness

Sometimes, life can be hectic and stressful. Striking a balance between work and school life can take a toll on you with pending assignments and duties. In such challenging times, some students find themselves wondering, “Can someone write my essay for me?” as they contend with an academic workload, while others prefer to take some minutes off work and relax.

The app helps students to focus through various relaxation activities to take the edge off. It features a breath mode that allows users to breathe in and out for some minutes to ease both mind and body.

Handwashing Timer

The pandemic period reminded us of the importance of washing our hands to eliminate germs and bacteria. Your wearable a handwashing timer to select the appropriate time to wash your hands and eliminate viruses.

It automatically starts a 20-second stopwatch to know how long it takes to start your washing. Also, it sends a notification to remind you to wash your hands. This could be after returning from running an errand or relaxing at home. The remainder takes statistical data on your handwashing routine and length.

Apple Pay

The release of Apple 6 saw the introduction of the Apple Pay option for users with a credit card. The payment feature continues to be a preferred choice by users and retailers alike.

The setup process for the Apple Pay payment feature on your iPhone using the smartwatch app is straightforward. To make any payment using your watch, place it next to a card reader. Launch your app on your iPhone and search for the navigate option.

It allows you to change the card used by default for making subsequent payments. Proceed to select Wallet and Apple Pay and make it the default card.

Control Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming the new craze with smart bulbs and security systems. The best part is that you can easily integrate your smartwatch with your smart home. The HomeKit is compatible with numerous smart devices in your home.

For example, users can easily unlock their front door with a button on their wearable. Also, turn lights on and off. Integrate Siri to take control of your home with your smartwatch.

Key Takeaway

The evolution of Apple smartwatch comes with a vast range of uses for users to take advantage of. The multiple apps help you become more efficient in your life. It saves time with safety and health options available to users.