How to Grow Your Youtube Channel?


With its launch in 2005, YouTube set a vital trend that was to change the dynamics of social media fifteen years later. Created to help people transfer and watch videos without complications, YouTube began as a simple, fun project before it accelerated into something more of a forum that brought the world together.

How to Grow Your Youtube Channel?

With the Internet more readily accessible to the common masses, and the importance of social media marketing percolating through layers of traditional campaigns, videos have become crucial carriers of concise content. Hence, marketers across the world depend on YouTube to launch their campaigns.

It is safe to say that the content expected of creators is no longer generic. The audience, based on YouTube, expects it to be innovative. They are regularly looking for creativity, something that will inspire or entertain them. However, there is one issue here. Something that YouTubers often face- “How to grow their viewers base?” Although challenging, it can be achieved with meticulously placed strategies that we will explore in this article.

Steps to Grow Your YouTube Channel

As a YouTuber, you must already have a few tricks up your sleeves. For example, you must know by now that there are plenty of free YouTube intro makers that help you make amazing intros for your videos. But now you are wondering what next. How do you absolutely ensure that you will get viewers for your videos? Here are five easy tips and tricks to help you consolidate your fan-base on YouTube.

  1. Choose the Right Keywords for Your Videos:

Keywords make all the difference between a video that is watched and one that lies buried under a heap of other videos. If you choose the right keywords, your views are bound to skyrocket. However, if you choose the wrong ones, you will suffer immensely.

To be able to identify your target keywords, start by deciding your niche and target audience. Think of a broad topic that you will want to cover over a long period of time.

Once that is out of the way, engage in keyword identification. Use the ones which have a lot of potentials but have not yet been explored. Use any top-notch tool for the purpose, and you are good to go!

  1. Make Sure Your Videos are Captured to Leverage Watch Time:

The YouTube algorithm keeps on changing, and the latest update has lent immense value to watch time. Whether a video does good or not depends largely on the time viewers spent watching it.

This means, if your video is ten minutes long and viewers only spent two minutes each on it, your video is not very engaging, and YouTube will stop recommending it to others. There are many online video editors that you can use to edit and make your video content precise and interesting.

If your viewers are watching your entire video or 95% of it, then it is a great one and will be recommended more often. Hence, concentrate more on your content. In a lot of cases, it is enough to sail your boat!

  1. Make the Most Out of Thumbnails:

Your thumbnails are the first things that your viewers get to see. If it is interesting enough, viewers will end up clicking on it. However, if thumbnails are not that engaging, you might lose a ton of potential subscribers right there!

Thumbnails are as essential as your intros and outros. Just the way you spend hours on your outro maker or designing your intros, put in a lot of thoughts into your thumbnails too.

  1. Promote Your Videos Everywhere:

Just uploading a video and trusting your keywords and content will not really do the trick. Of course, they are the more vital parts of getting your video to the viewers, but they are not enough. What you must also do is promote them. You have to promote them everywhere.

Ideally, your social media platforms are the best places, but you could also ask some influential friends to help you with it or simply collaborate with other creators for a mutually beneficial commitment. Either way, you must promote your videos all over the Internet for them to get noticed.

  1. Convert Your Viewers into Subscribers:

The number of subscribers you have does not get you more money. However, it solidifies your viewer base. When a person subscribes to your channel, they are notified of all the videos that you post.  Hence, converting viewers into subscribers can work largely in your favor due to the amount of traffic that it almost guarantees you.

There are several ways to go about this conversion. One popular method is giveaways. They help you gain some loyal viewers as giveaways make your subscribers believe that you are genuine.


YouTube is all about creativity and innovations. If you are creating good content and putting in a little effort to do things according to a strategy, then you are bound to succeed. Of course, it might not happen immediately as you would probably want, but hard work and perseverance will surely get you there. Try these tips for your Youtube channel and see the wonders working for you.

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