How to hack a phone without having access to it: Beginners guide

Strictly interested in an easy way to hack a phone remotely without access? Please click here Before now, there was no need to hack any phone since most communications weren’t web based. Today, more often than not, most communications are web based making the urge to hack a phone more imminent than previously. Hacking someone else’s phone is not only a source of income for some but also the source of pivotal information that may give the hacker a huge advantage over the victim. By hacking someones phone, you can easily know almost everything that goes on in their lives at the comfort of your home or couch.

How to hack someones phone without touching it at all

There are several ways to hack a phone without detection. Before considering this, we need to first of all discuss the different approaches to getting a phone hacked. How do you hack a phone? The query ‘how to hack a phone’ and other similar keyword searches have been asked millions of times on google, and considering the number of mobile devices owned by people globally, one could never have expected the outcome to be anything short of that.

In this article, we would be discussing how to hack a phone as well as the safety measures required to safeguard your phone from being hacked. Hacking is undoubtedly the greatest threat to mobile or web technology. A lot of companies have lost resources to hackers.

How to hack into someones phone without the installation of any software

Remote hacking is one of the most sought-after hacking method of hacking considering the fact that most people who are interested in hacking, usually do not have access to the phone they wanna hack. While it may be possible for some to be able to access the victim’s phone so they can install the hacking software of their choice, others can’t and thus, emanating the need for a remote kind of hacking.

How to bypass a phone lock code or passcode

Bypassing someone’s passcode or phone lock may be the easiest of them all. People rarely consider snooping on someone else’s phone password in order to access it. By studying someone’s password any time they try to unlock their phone, you can easily gain access to such phone by repeating the same command as the phone owner. Although I may not need access to anybody’s phone, this has worked for me every time I attempted it. Your success at this depends on how fast you can memorize commands. The higher your memorizing capacity, the higher your chances.

How to hack a phone remotely without touching it

There are different approaches to hacking a phone remotely without detection. Gone are the days when all you needed to hack an iphone with a spy app was to possess the apple credential. Today, to hack an android device or iphone with a spy app, you need to first of all install the spy app on the phone in order for a remote monitoring to commence. Although, spy ware hacking is the easiest and most flexible way to get a phone hacked, it is no longer possible to do this without handling the device.

So how do I get a phone hacked remotely without handling?

Doing this may be very simple if you possess hacking skill as it usually require a meaningful hacking knowledge and without being tech savvy, you may never be able to pull it through. If you have the patience, you can enroll into ethical hacking classes or read manuals on how to this which may be tasking though, depending on your age, how tech savvy you are, and lastly, your learning ability.

How to hack someones account without password using spy apps

You don’t necessarily need to know someone’s account password in order to be able to hack their account. With the use of a spy apps, all that is required to successfully hack someone’s account is to install any spy apps of your choice on it. By doing this you will be able to access everything on targets phone, and this is not only limited to social media accounts but also other pivotal features on target’s phone, including, gps location, gallery, deleted messages, all incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails and e.t.c

How do hackers hack people’s phones

Hackers are the ultimate phone hacker in the world. No other person or entity understands how to hack someone’s phone as much as a hacker. Globally, billions of dollars worth of asset is usually lost to hackers yearly. Hackers possess the skill to penetrate phones with weak security and even the ones with the strongest of security.  Some of the various approaches employed by hackers in hacking phones are as follows:


Although the original use of sniffing is legal, hackers make use of sniffing to steal passwords and all other sensitive information on a network. Hackers can make use of sniffing to access sensitive information on your phone which may include, passwords, phone calls and messages.


Enumeration is another method employed by hackers to hack people’s phone. Hackers would attack the system and extract user names, machine names and every other network resource including shares from a system network.

Web applications attack

Another way a hacker can access your phone is by attacking the network of an application, and thereby ascertaining sensitive information that is pivotal enough to explore other information on your phone.

Guidelines to protect your phone from a hacker

Never use the same password for all your accounts

Did you know using the same password for all your accounts puts you in grave danger? If a hacker for instance is able to hack one of your accounts, nothing will stop him or her from accessing every other account considering the fact that all accounts have the same password.

Make sure to change all default codes

There is a reason why it is called default code. Default codes are usually the same universally, so if you are making use of default code for anything, it would be easy to guess your password. IF you have noticed, it is usually recommended for you not to make use of a default code.

Do not downloads apps or softwares from unknown sources

Did you know downloading from unknown or unofficial sources can de detrimental to  the safety of your phone. This is the number one reason why apple doesn’t allow you to download from unofficial stores. Doing this may get you into trouble as your phone may easily get hacked and then tapped. To download anything from unknown sources on iphone, you would have to jail break your phone, but with android, it’s a free for all and you can easily download from any source of your choice. If you cherish your privacy, in order not to get your phone infected with malware, you should never  download outside the recommended downloading platform.

Do not jailbreak your phone

Jailbreaking an iphone makes it less secure and this means your iphone can be easily hacked and exploited. You are never to jailbreak your iphone no matter how enticing doing that may sound. We understand jailbreaking your iphone will surely give you access to softwares and files that could never have been accessible on an iphone with no jail-break, but that should never be an option.

Be mindful of the public wifi’s you connect to

Connecting to a public wifi may put you phone at risk of being hacked as there are usually a lot of vulnerabilities to be exploited and putting yourself in such a situation could have a ripple effect. When connecting to a public wifi, please try and ensure the server is secured so your information don’t suffer for it.

Don’t ever click on suspicious links

Phishing is one of the most popular method of hacking often engineered by hackers. As long as you do not click on suspicious links, you are most likely not gonna get hacked since clicking the bait is usually required for a hack to be successful. If you are the type that easily clicks on anything you find online, you are at the risk of getting hacked.

how do you know if your phone has been hacked?

In some cases there are usually signs that one’s phone has been hacked. Although it is not in all cases that one’s suspicion is right, nevertheless should one ignore the following signs as ignorance could have a long-lasting effect.

  • Battery draining very fast
  • You keep hearing funny sounds
  • You see messages you didn’t send
  • Your phone keeps getting hot
  • You suddenly can’t access your account
  • Google notifies you of an authorized access or new location


Considering the fact that we have highlighted how to hack a phone both as a novice and a pro, it is then up to you to chose the best method that suites your need or knowledge.

NOTE: This article is for educational purposes only and you are liable for anything orchestrated by you after reading this article.

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