How To Hire An AngularJS Developer For Your Team: Complete Guide


It’s been ages since the very first version of Angular came into view. Although the platform has had its highs and lows, it still keeps its foot down in the competitive framework landscape. Angular is a staple technology in the toolbox of most companies thanks to its capacity that fuels large highly-scalable web applications. This open-source framework spices up your website by making it more dynamic and provides a complete client-side solution. However, most business owners often get stuck midway before they even kick off the development process. Why is that? Well, it’s hard to hire AngularJS developer without losing your mind.

How To Hire An AngularJS

Let us take the burden off your HR department and get into the nitty-gritty of the recruitment process. Let’s get right to it!

Getting Started With AngularJS

Before you start googling how to hire AngularJS developer, you need to have at least a basic idea of Angular. The unaware often use AngularJS and Angular as synonyms, but these technologies are not interchangeable. Backed up by Google’s support, AngularJS is a Model-View-Whatever open-source JavaScript framework to create a dynamic web application. The main differentiators of AngularJS include data binding, expressions, interpolation, and filters as well as HTML compiler and directives.

In simple words, AngularJS programmers create a unique look and feel of a webpage. Therefore, the development process calls for an in-depth understanding of theoretical Angular software engineering.

Where Can I Hire AngularJS Developer?

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of AngularJS technology, let’s move onto top developers’ habitats. Luckily, today the Internet is not lacking in recruitment opportunities.

Job Sites

It would be a mistake to think that job boards are on their way out. Even the omnipresence of social media doesn’t necessarily spell the end for job sites. The websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter usually simplify the employment process and help cut the recruitment spends, since they are a cheaper alternative to an HR specialist. However, most of the websites encourage you to buy a premium membership to access an Angular developer resume or surface your job opening on the first page. Other headaches like selection and cross-examining falls on your shoulders as well.

Freelance talent

Upwork, Toptal, and other freelance platforms boast various talent profiles featuring thousands of AngularJS developers from all corners of the world. Thanks to the most rigorous screening process on reputable freelance platforms, self-employed AngularJS engineers usually perform at a high level. Among other benefits are free project posting and flexible coder rates. However, this option has a lot of raisins in it like reduced interviewing options, time tracking, and no quality control. Also, bad freelancers don’t come with a warning sign, so it’s you who’s shouldering all the risks.

Outsourcing vendors

Farming out your Angular project is the shortcut to have the job delivered and internal efficiency increased. Outsourced services also allow companies to settle into a sweet spot without frittering away on expensive equipment for your newly-minted specialists. Outsourcing providers can ramp up your in-house staff in a knick of time or hand-pick just one specialist to fill a tech gap. So, if you need to look beyond your office door, outsourcing might be the most time- and cost-effective option.

How To Hire An Outsourced AngularJS Engineer In Four Steps

Select the Outsourcing Destination and Vendor

First and foremost, you need to select an outsourcing country and vendor. If you want to hire AngularJS developer that will drive maximum value to your business, take note of the following location factors:

  • Overall number of engineers specializing in the technology you’re interested in
  • Geopolitical risks
  • Cultural compatibility

Vendor selection criteria include:

  • Price-value ratio
  • Time zone difference
  • Expertise
  • Company size
  • Agility

Check back that the vendor allocates dedicated team members who will be a single point of contact between you and the company.

Share Your Requirements

The better you articulate your expectations, the higher your chances are to fetch a well-suited AngularJS programmer. Brief your vendor on the project requirement, complexity, and the future tech stack. Don’t forget to provide feedback on the specialists to better navigate the recruitment process.

Lead The Interview

Typically, outsourcing companies either manage the interviews within their internal capacity or allow clients to take the lead. We advise you to take the reins and evaluate the candidate’s expertise under the magnifying glass. Thus, you’ll make sure he or she will contribute to a positive team dynamic.

Onboard Like to Your In-House Team

The first blow is half the battle. The structured onboarding process is half the successful result. Therefore, you should chip into orienting an outsourced programmer to increase productivity and engagement.

Top AngularJS Interview Questions

Getting the interviewing process on the right track is decisive since the employer will get a bird’s-eye view of the applicant’s tech skills, experience, and personality.  To find out how solid their hard skills are, make sure to include the following interview questions:

  • What is Angular?
  • How does Angular differ from AngularJS?
  • What is data binding?
  • What are the AngularJS controllers?
  • What elements make AngularJS an ideal front-end framework?
  • What are the main differentiators of AngularJS over other frameworks?
  • What are the main directives in AngularJS?
  • What do Lifecycle hooks mean in AngularJS?
  • What does Dependency Injection stand for?
  • What does the MVVM architecture stand for?
  • What does the boot process look like?
  • How does AngularJS integrate with HTML?

Of course, this isn’t an extensive list of basic ‘survival’ skills, but it’ll likely to evince the practical knowledge of your potential employee. Moreover, it’s nice for the software expert to possess at least a moderate knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as the know-how of libraries and toolkits.

The Final Word

AngularJS is a best-in-class framework for creating interactive elements of a website. Probably, this is the main explanation for the framework’s resilient popularity. Developers who work with AngularJS are much sought-after since they come loaded with diverse skills and comprehensive knowledge.

If you need to hire AngularJS developer, but don’t happen to possess a shrewd recruitment acumen, outsourcing vendors can lend a helping hand. A perfectly matched AngularJS engineer will jumpstart your project and bring structure and consistency to the overall development.

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