How to Improve iPhone Performance with Simple Optimization Techniques

iPhones serve as more than just phones nowadays, as they double up as pocket-sized computers. They help us book flights, get concert tickets, track our children, have Zoom meetings with work, do video chats with healthcare professionals, navigate our way around, compute our calories and steps, and much more. Despite the high price tags of the latest models, they’re an investment worth looking after. However, much of the performance degradation is our fault. We will now talk about how to speed up your iPhone. These tips apply to all iPhone models.

How To Make The Iphone Run Faster?

#1 Close unnecessary applications

Learn how to make your phone faster with this easy memory tip. Forget about constantly closing apps to save on battery life – it actually uses up more battery. Instead, aim for a middle-ground approach: close nonessential apps, but keep the ones you use daily open. This will save on memory and battery, allowing you to quickly access the apps you need while keeping your device running smoothly. Simply open the app switcher and swipe up to close out any nonessential apps.

How to Improve iPhone Performance with Simple Optimization Techniques

#2 Update iOS

Improve your iPhone’s performance by upgrading to the newest version of iOS. It’s easy to check for updates – just navigate to Settings → General → Software Update.

#3 Declutter phone

Is your 64, 128, or 256 GB iPhone very slow? Getting a device with more memory won’t solve the problem. The solution? Delete outdated files, old photos, and apps that you don’t need anymore. To simply clean up more memory on your device, you can use a special application. Using the Cleaner for iPhone app you can free up a lot of space with just a few taps on the screen. Smart cleaning looks for duplicate files, temporary data, unnecessary downloads from messengers, and other data on the device. This means you can boost your phone in a couple of minutes without losing important files. Also, save multimedia and documents you may need someday to iCloud or external storage (which you just have to pay for once). Keep only daily essentials on your phone.

#4 Customise background app refresh

Learn how to optimize your iPhone’s performance in two simple ways. If you want to conserve battery life and avoid unnecessarily taxing your processor, disable background app refresh in your device settings. This will prevent automatic updates from being installed, resulting in smoother operation and longer battery life. Alternatively, you can choose to refresh all of your apps automatically, but this will consume more battery power. No worries if you have a power bank or outlet available!

#5 Turn off unnecessary features

Improve your iPhone’s performance by using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data when you’re at home or work. To further boost performance while on the go, turn off unnecessary features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location Services. Simply navigate to the Settings menu to turn off these features. Be sure to turn Wi-Fi back on whenever possible to maximize performance.

#6 Adjust visual effects

Is your older device dragging along? Want to take advantage of every ounce of processing power it has left? We have a quick fix for you. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll down and select “Reduce Motion.” Disabling this setting will instantly free up processing power by reducing visual effects and animations. Speed up your device now.

#7 Analyse Your ‘Screen Time’

Increase your productivity and extend your phone’s battery life by identifying time-consuming and resource-draining activities. Check your screen time usage by adding the widget or accessing the reports in Settings. The goal is to lower your screen time, but if your work requires it, up to 8 hours per day is acceptable. Stay on top of your phone usage and optimize your daily routine.

#8 Keep your apps updated

Did you know that outdated apps can slow down your iPhone and also pose security risks? To maintain optimal performance and security, it’s important to regularly check for updates from individual apps and the iOS system. The good news is that updating your apps on Apple is a breeze. Simply go to the App Store on your phone and select Updates in the sidebar. From there, you can choose to update individual apps or all of them at once. Keep your iPhone running smoothly with these simple steps!

#9 Delete any unused apps

Free up your phone’s space and boost its performance by deleting unused apps. It’s easy- just press and hold the app icon until it wiggles. But for a more comprehensive approach, head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. This will give you a breakdown of your app usage and how much storage each app consumes. Use this information to decide which apps to offload or delete.


These are all simple yet effective tips to help you improve your iPhone performance. With regular optimization, you don’t need to buy a new phone every few years – just keep it running smoothly and up-to-date with the latest apps, software updates, and security measures! Take care of your device today so it can take care of you tomorrow.