How to Improve the Event SEO – Tips From a Professional SEO Speaker


Have you ever searched your event name on the search engines? Can you find your event website on the first page of the search engines? According to the studies and research, a majority of people are likely to check the first three websites on Google. And, less than 1% of the population opts for the second page. That being said, it is pretty clear that the event website owners need to follow the right event SEO strategies that can help them drive their website to the first page of the search engine. Unless you are fine with having your potential visitors hit your competitor’s event, you must invest your time and efforts in improving the event search engine optimization.

How to Improve the Event SEO – Tips From a Professional SEO Speaker

Note that search engines show the most relevant events to the users. You can’t just create a website and expect huge traffic in days. You need to make a good impression in the eyes of Google as well as the visitors. So, here we’ve come up with some important points on how to improve your event site’s SEO. Let’s have a look:

Include all the Essential Event Information in Schema Format

Needless to say, the first factor every website owners must take into consideration is the event information available on their web page. You don’t want the users to struggle with event details. Not only visitors, but accurate information has a positive impact on your site’s ranking. The more consistent the event information is the higher your ranking on Google or event directories. Some of the vital information that you must include:

  • Name, Address, and Time of the Event
  • The location and exact address of the event
  • The short and informative description suggesting the theme and purpose of the event
  • Photos and videos of your past events to help users determine how exactly your events are like and what all they can expect during the program.
  • Ticket information including the early bid options, the price per ticket, promotional deals, passes, and other vital ticket-related information. If the details regarding ticket are not yet fixed, you can ask the visitors to drop their email address so that you can send the ticket information through emails.
  • Don’t forget to add contact information on the website. Most of the times, the attendees, speakers, customers, and even sponsors have certain doubts. They consider it best to contact the event owner directly and have their questions answered. Hence, you must add contact information to the web page.

It is worth to note that having your event listings in schema format is a crucial factor for SEO ranking. The above-listed information is vital for your audience as well as search engines. You want search engines to recognize your business and rank your site on Google, Bing, or other event directories. And for that, you need to follow Schema format to ensure that you have entered all the information appropriately.

Hire SEO Speakers for your Event

Once you are done with the on-page SEO optimization, it is time to promote your business through events. Yes, events help you get plenty of backlinks (since attendees tend to share the details of the event they were present in). These backlinks drive traffic to your page and as a result, promote your brand and increase the sales. However, only a professional event SEO speaker knows how to promote your blog. Not only the event speakers earn you some high-quality backlinks and traffic to your online business, but they play an integral part in promoting your digital marketing campaign.

It is important to note that your customers buy from the company they trust and know. When it comes to providing the users with a personalized brand, nothing seems better than having a professional speaker talk on behalf of your company and encourage customers to do business with you. Of course, the brochures and press releases are great methods of introducing your company and brand to the people. But, in order to make it look more personalized and reliable, you should hire a speaker.

On-Page Optimization

To improve your website’s ranking on the search engine, you have to follow the on-page SEO optimization technique. Whether you are an event planner or speaker, on-page SEO optimization is the crucial factor for ranking your website. Some of the common tricks for improving your site’s SEO are:

  • Writing an engaging title and headers that draw the attention of your audience.
  • Adding long-tail keywords throughout the content.
  • Generating quality backlinks from renowned sites.
  • Promoting your blog across different social media channels for more organic traffic.

So, these were some top strategies for improving your event SEO. Don’t forget to hire speakers for your blog promotion. Furthermore, follow the on-page SEO optimization tips for better ranking. Good Luck!


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