How to Increase YouTube Video Views

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett - Contributing Editor
How to Increase YouTube Video Views

YouTube is one of the largest social media channels in the world. It is a visual-based platform where users upload videos for other users to watch. Users upload millions of hours of video every day. Still, it is not easy for a video to get a good number of views. However, if you understand how the YouTube algorithm works better, you may gain more views for your videos. So, how is it works?

The YouTube algorithm always highlights videos with higher views. The number of likes and comments received by the videos is also important. It also considers dynamics such as the quality and length of videos. So, is it possible to convince the YouTube algorithm to highlight your video?

How to Increase YouTube Video Views

There are several methods you can use to increase the views of your videos on YouTube. These are focused on the three different algorithms of YouTube to show your video to the viewers primarily. Let’s start with the first of these methods.

– Shoot High-Quality Videos

As you know, YouTube is a visual platform. Therefore, the quality of visuals is fundamental to becoming successful here. You may upload videos in high resolutions to the platform. The highest resolution supported by YouTube is 4k. Remember, every viewer seeks to be visually satisfied here. Therefore, if you upload your videos in high quality, you may satisfy them.

– Write Descriptions and Choose the Correct Hashtags

One of the dynamics that affect the YouTube algorithm is descriptions. It is a preliminary description of the content of your video. On the other hand, the hashtags you’ll use in this section are also important. To get a high number of views, make sure that viewers who are interested in your video will see it. So, if you use the right hashtags, you may ensure that the right audiences will encounter your video on the platform.

– Keep Viewers on Your Channel Using End Screens

Viewers watching a video of yours are likely to be interested in other videos on your channel as well. So, end screens are the best way to promote your other videos to them. This will save users the trouble of searching for new videos. You can increase the number of views of your other videos while saving them from this troublesome work.

– Buy YouTube Views

You may have many reasons to buy YouTube views. For example, you’re sure that you’ve prepared and uploaded a high-quality video. But you need something to ignite the fuse for this video to reach millions of views. In this case, you can make your video rise quickly by buying YouTube views on quality websites such as InstaFollowers. Buying YouTube views can be an effective strategy for a new channel to grow quickly or for a video to gain more views immediately.

– Prepare a Playlist

Playlists allow you to gather videos about the same types of topics into a group. So, your viewers may watch more than one video on your channel at once. Once viewers start looking for new videos to watch on your channel, the danger of them leaving your channel also emerges. By preparing a playlist, you can both save them the trouble of searching for new videos and keep them on your channel.

– Always Pay Attention to YouTube SEO

Although it is a visual-based platform, remember that YouTube is also the second-largest search engine after Google. Therefore, one of the most important factors that can make your video rank higher in searches will be SEO. So how to improve YouTube SEO?

First, let’s talk a little bit about what YouTube SEO is. Like every search engine, certain algorithms rank the search results on YouTube. It considers certain dynamics while ranking users’ YouTube search queries. Here are a few tips that may help you improve YouTube SEO:

1. Find the right keyword phrases for your video.

You have to use these keyword phrases in your video’s title and metadata. However, keywords are also important for voice searches, transcripts, and subtitles. There are two most important issues to consider while choosing the right keywords for your video. First, they should accurately describe your video and be relevant. Second, you should consider what search terms users will use to find your video, such as yours. For this, you can use keyword tools that will help you to do keyword research.

2. Make sure your video’s captions are correct.

YouTube has an algorithm that automatically creates captions for videos. However, this algorithm translates the content of the video with an error margin of almost 30%. This error rate is enough to make the captions often incomprehensible and sometimes embarrassing. These incorrect captions can even make your video look irrelevant and spammy.

3. Use thumbnails, cards, and end screens.

Do not underestimate thumbnails. Because they may affect click-through rates significantly. So, make sure your thumbnails are of high quality and high contrast. Thumbnails must have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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