The term keylogger might be new to some people but it’s something that every parent, employee, or lover would like to have.

How To Install A Keylogger

A keylogger is a software that when installed on the target cell phone or computer, extracts all the keystrokes that your kids make on various apps. These keystrokes are then presented before you to check.

But how is keylogger accessible? It’s not an app that you can easily grab from the Play Store. You need something more advanced that works in the hidden mode.

Here we are to help you out and let you know how to install and use a keylogger, that comes inside one of the best spy app, pcTattletale.

Uses Of A Keylogger


If you are a parent of a teen, you very well know how easy it is for them to access the adult content available on the internet. And it’s nearly impossible to know what all they are searching for on the internet.

But if there’s a keylogger installed on their phone/PC, it’s easy to know what they are searching for.

A keylogger will also play an important role in revealing the type of language that the teen use while chatting with someone.


If you own a business, you are aware, how dangerous it can be for your business if your competitor gets to know about your future plans and ideas.

So it becomes necessary to know if your employees are sharing the crucial information of the company with others.

This can be done by keeping a track of the keystrokes they make. If some information is shared via messages, you will instantly get to know about that message.


Meeting new people on social media is a mundane affair of life. But sometimes, the new people that your lover meet might get too close to them.

Regular chatting with a stranger might build a strong relationship between them and can even be a threat to their relationship with you.

But you can stop your lover from building their new relationship at an early stage if you have a keylogger by your side.

Installing pcTattletale on PC/laptops

You need to take the physical access to that phone that you want to monitor as the pcTattletale app needs to get installed on that device. Once you have physical access, follow these steps to install the app.

1. Reach the official website of pcTattletale and click on the Download option that you see on the top.

How To Install A Keylogger

2. This will open a new page where you need to make an account with pcTattletale by adding your details like email id, and password. Click on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT after that.

How To Install A Keylogger

3. Next you have to head to the app downloading link of pcTattletale ( and click on Download Now.

How To Install A Keylogger

4. Once the app gets downloaded, you need to install it on the target computer.

5. To continue installing the pcTattletale app, you have to agree to the license agreement by clicking on Next.

How To Install A Keylogger

6. Tap on the Finish option to complete the installation.

How To Install A Keylogger

7. Finally, you need to enter the same credentials that you used while creating an account on pcTattletale. Click on Log In after that.

How To Install A Keylogger

Once the installation is done, you’ll notice that the app icon gets hidden. This is really important as, if the app icon appears on the screen, this will make the target person aware of the installation.

Now you are all set to monitor the keystrokes of your lover, teen, or your employee.

8. You need to open the pcTattletale website using your device now and click on the Sign In option.

How To Install A Keylogger

9. This will open a new page where you need to SIGN IN on the pcTattletale website. This will take you to the online portal of the app from where you will be able to keep an eye on the keystrokes made and all other activities that happen on the target computer.

How To Install A Keylogger

Keeping A Track Ok The Keystrokes With pcTattletale

How To Install A Keylogger

Once the installation of the app is complete, you will notice a small keyboard like icon on the top-right side of the screen.

This small keyboard like icon is the keylogger of pcTattetale. Whenever a keystroke is made by the target person on any of the apps on their phone, this little keylogger saves them for you to see.

Be it anything from Amazon search, WhatsApp messages, comments on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever you can think of, pcTattletale will make you aware of each and everything.

Even the passwords from social media accounts are tracked by the app.

Other Features Of pcTattletale

Besides keystroke tracking, pcTattletale lets you monitor the target device completely in the form of live video.

Whatever the target person is doing on their PC, by using the live view feature, you can know instantly, what’s going on their phone.

The live view feature can be a real safe saver in some cases. For instance, if you notice some adult video going on the target PC, you can take the necessary steps instantly.

In addition to the live view feature, you can keep a track of the total number of clicks made on the PC. This feature will let you know if your child is prey to addiction or not.

Click Activity feature works by monitoring the number of clicks made from hour to hour. If you notice the number of clicks to be more than necessary, it means your teen is addicted to their phone.

With hourly updates on the number of clicks, it’s possible to know if the child is using the phone at night or not.

How To Install A Keylogger On Android And Kindle Fire HD

Installation On Your Device

Installing a keylogger on an Android and Kindle Fire HD is equally important if the target person uses them instead of a PC.

It’s quite easy to install the pcTattletale app on both devices. You just need to follow these few given steps.

1. Go to the official website of pcTattletale and click on the Download option given at the top of the screen.

How To Install A Keylogger

2. On the Sign-up page that appears, enter the credentials like email and password and click on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT.

3. In the next step you have to Add A Device that you want to monitor with pcTattletale.

How To Install A Keylogger

4. Then you have to select the type of device that the target person owns. As we have already learned about the installation on the PC, this time you need to choose Android or Kindle.

How To Install A Keylogger

5. pcTattletale can install the software on the target phone with two methods; one using the computer and the other one without the help of a computer. You need to choose the first one, that is, Install Without Computer.

How To Install A Keylogger

6. On the next page, you will see a unique downloading link that pcTattletale creates especially for your device.

How To Install A Keylogger

Installation On Target Phone

Now it’s time to install the app on the target phone and for that, you need to have physical access to the phone. Once you have physical access, follow the steps given below.

1. Open any browser on the target phone and then open the link in the browser that was shared with you while setting up your device.

2. Once the page loads completely, the app will automatically start to download. You might get a warning about the app that it’s not secure, but you need not worry, it’s completely safe. Simply tap on OK to continue.

How To Install A Keylogger

3. Tap on INSTALL on the next page to start the installation of pcTattletale.

How To Install A Keylogger

4. Give permission to the app to use the mobile data by tapping on Allow.

How To Install A Keylogger

5. In addition to mobile data permission, have to give some other permissions to pcTattletale as well. The first permission that you need to give is notification access. First, you need to tap on OK, GOT IT! and then toggle on the Android button on the next page.

How To Install A Keylogger

6. Similarly give the Accessibility permission and Floating Window Permission by toggling on the Android button.

How To Install A Keylogger

7. Give permission to pcTattletale to record the screen by tapping on Allow.

How To Install A Keylogger

8. Next you need to give permission to ignore battery optimization by tapping on YES.

How To Install A Keylogger

9. Location permission and access to media files need to be given after that by tapping on ALLOW.

How To Install A Keylogger

10. With this, the target phone is all set to get monitored. Simply click on START RECORDING to start keylogger monitoring with pcTattletale.

How To Install A Keylogger

Keystroke Tracking With pcTattletale

Once the app is installed on the target phone, you are ready to monitor the keystrokes that your child makes on their Android phone.

Click on the Dashboard option that appears on the top-left side of the screen. After that, you will see the device that you want to monitor and you need to select it.

How To Install A Keylogger

Similar to the tracking on the PC device, you can track the keywords on the target phone as well. By clicking on the Keyboard icon at the top-right side, all the keystrokes will get revealed that the target person makes.

How Good Is pcTattletale Keystrokes Tracking

Keystrokes tracking is something that needs to be completely accurate and the results should be instant. And without a doubt, pcTattletale lived up to our expectations.

In addition to quick results, the app was able to record everything that the user types, irrespective of the platform. Be it the search on Amazon, search on the browser, or messages on WhatsApp, you will get results for everything.

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