How to Install AltStore on iPhone using Windows PC and Mac

AltStore is the latest iOS app store to be released, offering iOS users an alternative way of installing apps and games. It is an app store with a difference, though, as you need to use your computer to install it on your iPhone or iPad and keep it updated. The store offers quite a few apps and games, but you also have the option of sideloading your own IPA files downloaded from the internet. Installing it is pretty simple, and you don’t need to jailbreak to do it.

Download Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPad on iOS 12.2 or higher
  • Windows or macOS desktop/laptop
  • IPA files you want to install

How to Install AltStore Using your Computer:

The way you do this depends on whether you are using a Windows computer or macOS. Choose your operating system and follow the relevant steps below:

How to Install AltStore on iPhone using Windows PC and Mac


Windows users require iTunes and iCloud to be downloaded via the official Apple websites, not from the Microsoft store. If you downloaded yours via Microsoft, delete them and reinstall using the links below:

Once you have one that and set them up, you are ready to install AltStore:

  1. Download the latest version of AltStore for Windows
  2. Extract the file contents and double-click the file called setup.exe
  3. The installation will begin; follow the instructions on the screen
  4. Now you can connect your device to your Windows PC using the right cable
  5. Unlock your device and, if asked, tap on Trust This Computer
  6. Launch iTunes and enable the option for iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
  7. Go to your System tray and click the AltStore icon
  8. Click on Install AltStore and click your specific device
  9. When asked, type in your Apple ID/Password
  10. AltStore will now be installed onto your iPhone or iPad. When it is, open your Settings app
  11. Tap on General > Profiles and tap the profile with your Apple ID
  12. Tap on trust, and AltStore is ready to use


  1. Download AltStore for macOS
  2. Click the app to launch it, and you will see the icon in your menu bar
  3. Go to your menu bar and click on the icon; click Install Mail Plug-in and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation
  4. When the installation is done, start the Mail app and enable the Mail plugin – go to the menu bar and click Mail>Preferences>Manage Plug-ins
  5. Find the AltPlugin.mailbundle plugin, enable it, and click Apply and Restart Mail
  6. Connect your device to your computer
  7. Unlock your device and click the trust this Computer message if it appears
  8. If you are using macOS Mojave, launch iTunes and enable Wi-Fi Sync for your device
  9. If you are using macOS Catalina, open iTunes and go to the summary page for your device
  10. Enable the option to Show this Device when on Wi-Fi
  11. Go to your menu bar and click the AltStore icon
  12. Click on install and then click your device
  13. When asked, type your Apple ID/Password in, and AltStore will be installed on your device
  14. Open Settings>General and go to Profiles
  15. Trust the profile with your Apple ID, and AltStore is ready to use.

How to Use AltStore to Install Apps

AltStore dos have some built-in apps but not many at the moment. However, you can install your own IPA files.

  1. If you want to install a built-in app, tap on it and follow the in-app installation directions
  2. For external IPA files, download the file using the Safari browser
  3. Open AltStore and tap on the My Apps tab
  4. In the top left of the screen is a + icon; tap it, and you will see a list of all your downloads
  5. Tap the one you want to install
  6. If this is the first time you open AltStore, you might need to type in your Apple ID/Password to start the installation
  7. Once the app is installed, you can access it from your home screen or My Apps in AltStore

It’s worth noting that if you are using a free Apple ID, you will need to refresh your apps once every seven days – if you don’t, the certificate will be revoked, and you will need to start over. The simplest way to do this is to open My Apps in AltStore and tap the button next to the app, which indicates “x days.” Alternatively, leave your computer switched on, and your device plugged in; AltStore will refresh the apps for you.

AltStore is well worth trying; the installation may seem a little long-winded, but it does only take a few minutes and gives you a whole new world of apps at your fingertips. It’s free to use, so go ahead and try it today; you won’t be disappointed.