How To Jazz Up Your iPhone Cases With These 7 Trendy Ideas

Currently speaking, the phone is one of the most treasured items in virtually every person’s possession. This is especially true with smartphones, which have taken the world by storm since their inception in 2007. Apple pioneered the smartphone market with its first-generation iPhone.

From that time, there have been 33 iterations of the iPhone, with more than 2.2 billion units sold globally. As such, if you also own an iPhone, there’s a high likelihood of finding several other people with the same model as yours at your workplace, home, or school. If that’s the case, you’d want to personalize your phone to make it unique, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the crowd. One way to achieve this is by jazzing up the iPhone case.

How To Jazz Up Your iPhone Cases With These 7 Trendy Ideas

Here are seven trendy ideas for your consideration: (2)

1. Order customized phone cases

Ordering customized iPhone cases is one of the easiest and quickest ways to jazz up your phone. Whatever design you have in mind, you can speak with the concerned sales manager and explain your wishes. It may be a treasured photo you want to be imprinted on the phone case or perhaps a unique abstract pattern designed by you or borrowed from elsewhere.

A good iPhone case customizer should be able to materialize the concept you have in mind, no matter how seemingly difficult it is. With such, you can make a bold statement to the public about your personality, taste, and sense of style.

2. Make one using a hot glue gun

This tip is perfect if you fancy do-it-yourself projects. And it’s such a unique approach because it entails making the iPhone case from scratch rather than upgrading existing ones. All you need is a hot glue gun, baking paper, and tape.

Hot glue guns contain several elements, including wax, ethylene-vinyl acetate, polyamides, resin, polyethylene, polyester, and polypropylenes. By heating this adhesive to the melting point, you’re able to shape it into cylindrical sticks, allowing you to draw any pattern you feel like. (3)

Your first step is to cover the iPhone with fitting parchment paper and tape it along the loose edges for it to stay intact. Once you do this, use a pencil to draw outlines around the camera lens, spotlight, charging port, and side buttons. Then, draw whatever pattern you want with the hot glue gun. Make sure that you don’t cover the outlined sections. Give the mold around 10 minutes to dry, and then pop it out of the phone so you can remove the baking paper. You can trim any imperfections on the mold using a pair of scissors, and that’s it. Just handle the phone case with extra care so you don’t tear it.

3. Insert printed designs

Another easy way to jazz up your iPhone case is by inserting any printed material between the phone’s back and the case. For this method, you must have a transparent case. You can choose one that’s 100% clear or slightly tinted with hues of your liking.

The next step is to choose what you’ll insert beneath the phone case. Some great ideas include:

  • Your portrait photos or those of your loved ones
  • A magazine cut-out
  • Printed abstract art
  • Animal image
  • Flower pictures

Whatever you choose, ensure that it fits perfectly on your phone. You wouldn’t want a photo that leaves a lot of space around it or one that overflows the phone case, making it cut out some details. It would also help if you ensure the cut-out sections at the camera lens and flashlight spots don’t do away with critical details in the image.

4. Use washi tapes

Washi tapes are decorative paper-like masking tapes. They come in numerous designs, thicknesses, and widths, so there’s no end to how creative you can get with them. As a start, choose three designs and stick them on the phone case either horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or any combination of these.

Just make a point of wrapping the edges of the tape to the inside of the case to prevent them from peeling off easily. The good thing with this method is that you can change the patterns as often as you like, given that it only involves sticking the tapes onto the case.

5. Calligraph your name

Your name is a critical component of your being. Indeed, research indicates that names can influence the choice of residence, career, marriage partner, investment choices, academic performance, quality of work in a group setting, and more. That being said, having your name on your iPhone case acts as an affirmation statement. (4)

For instance, if your name is Andrew and you believe that it means ‘strong and manly,’ looking at it every time you stare at the back of your phone reminds you of the need to face life’s difficulties with courage. So, consider calligraphing your name on paper and sticking it inside the phone case.

6. Dot with nail polish

Nail polish is a common beauty accessory, and you shouldn’t miss a bottle or two in your home. As it sticks permanently to plastic surfaces, you can create any pattern of your liking on the phone case. You can even mimic the pretty manicure and pedicure patterns you see on ladies’ fingernails and toenails.

But make a point of exercising great care with the brush so you won’t smear the nail polish on the phone case and make it look messy.

7. Sew a cardholder

A wallet is one of the universal things that you probably always carry around whenever you step out of the house. Some of the things you can’t miss in your wallet are cash, credit cards, and ID cards. But it might get to the point that carrying both your wallet and phone seems a bit too bothersome, especially if you’re a minimalist.

That’s when you can decide to sew a miniature card and cash holder to your iPhone case. After all, these are thin items and can snugly fit into a slim holder. This way, you can still achieve the goals of minimalism, which aims at making every possession you have as simple and functional as possible. (5)


With just a little bit of creativity, you can beautifully jazz up your iPhone cases and make them pretty in the eyes of the beholder, aside from expressing your sense of style. You can handle most of the upgrading tips mentioned above on your own. But if you’re not a do-it-yourself kind of a person, you’d want to order customized iPhone cases from reliable dealers. All in all, the aim is to personalize and differentiate your phone from the rest of the crowd.


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