Have you been wanting to know if your website is reaching its full potential online? Our professional SEO services at Nova Solutions SEO can help. Search Engine Optimization is one of the leading ways to get your website seen online by users and if it’s not used properly it usually affects the growth of your website and decreases the traffic you could be getting online. Our team at Nova Solutions has put together a list of four ways to know if your website needs SEO.

How to know if your website is in need of SEO

1. Change In Your Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization may not be everybody’s digital marketing strategy when it comes to their business. Most business owners that are not with a digital marketing company often don`t know about the benefits of SEO for their website. If you`re not implementing a strong SEO strategy and have competitors in the area you may be noticing that your website’s traffic is slowing down rapidly. We understand that this may be extremely frustrating after all the time and effort that was put in to build a great website for your business but it’s never too late to start using Search Engine Optimization to your benefit and turn things around for your website.

2. Low Amount of Content

Content is key when it comes to SEO. Even if your website is filled with details about the services you offer, it may not be reflecting the appropriate and necessary keywords that would get your website to rank on Google. Creating original and engaging content for your website is the first step to boost your online presence.

3. No Dedicated Time

When it comes to SEO for your website it can be time consuming to learn the rules and regulations that Google has in place online. If you`re finding that your website traffic has been decreasing, hiring SEO professionals who understand the most effective SEO strategies is the best way to go. Our SEO team at Nova Solutions improves your website’s SEO on the back end to ensure that its ranking properly on Google.

4. Website Doesn’t Show Up On Google

If you`re finding that your website doesn’t appear on Google’s first page when you search it up, this may be a sign that your website isn’t ranking with SEO. In order to see real results and drive user traffic to your site it’s crucial to implement SEO back into your website to be on that first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization can sometimes be tricky and overlooked when it comes to new online business or brand owners but if you`re looking to maintain your online presence and user traffic it’s extremely important to stay ahead of your website’s SEO and update it every few years. If you`re looking for help to build up your keywords with SEO, our experts at Nova Solutions have the solution for you and we’re happy to help rebuild your online presence!

5 SEO Difference Makers you can do today

At Nova Solutions we are often asked how SEO tools can actually make a difference on your website and we`re here to tell you the five SEO difference makers that we know can have a successful impact on your website.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is ultimately the first place you need to start when you’re looking into SEO for your website. As keyword research has an expiration date it’s important to do new research every few years to ensure that you`re taking full advantage of new keyword opportunities that may have popped up overtime. Including these new keywords to your website right away will help you rank for these specific keywords and promote new traffic to your website the more they are searched online.

While your first keyword research may have brought you great results, it’s important to keep in mind that doing a secondary search can bring up an entire sub-topics of keywords that you may have forgot to cover and can help you determine whether there will be a difference between ranking and not-ranking. Doing this search is the extra step to take to see if there are any other words that you`re missing that could benefit your rankings.

3. Optimize for Search Engines

To ensure that users want to click on your website you should always include quality keywords into your website’s headlines, website content, descriptions and image attributes. As viewers may not even know the difference to how many keywords are located on your website, they will see that those keywords match what they are looking for and will be more interested in visiting your website over others.

4. Building relationships

Building relationships with users online is the best way to connect to them through your website. Creating a memorable first impression for your website guest through different areas other than your site will direct them back into the direction of your website. By simply adding your website link to social media, online reviews, blogs, media mentions, and any other form of online presence will create a direct link back to your website which will create new online traffic.

While using keywords and providing direct links to your website is great for creating traffic to your site, there are ways to direct links to specific pages that relate to your website. If you have the opportunity to strategically place your link through different keywords this is the best way to spread your websites online presence.

SEO is a very strategic play on keywords that changes yearly and as a digital marketing company, staying ahead of these changes for your website is crucial in order to maintain and promote your online traffic. When it comes to SEO it takes time and patience in order to rank online but with our professional team we know exactly where to look for those specific keywords to be able to expand your online presence!

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