How to learn Typescript Effectively for Beginners

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett - Contributing Editor
How to learn Typescript Effectively for Beginners

Hi guys! When you read this article “How to learn Typescript effectively for beginners”, it means you want to learn Typescript. TypeScript inherits and develops most of what we know about JavaScript, but it is more extensive with some declarative and interface features. To be able to use this language well, continue to follow our article.

Why should you learn TypeScript?

Designed to support large projects

Typescript is designed for object-oriented programming. And Typescript is applying new programming techniques. Therefore, you can use Typescript to develop your project more easily.

How to learn Typescript Effectively for Beginners

Open source project

Typescript is an open source project by Microsoft. Therefore, you can use Typescript completely for free and also get support from the community of other developers.

Support the latest version of Javascript

Typescript is compiled to generate Javascript code. So you can use Typescript anywhere Javascript can be used. Typescript ensures that it always uses and supports the latest Java techniques. Such as ECMAScript version 2015 – ES6.

Support of Javascript libraries

Programmers can use Javascript code as well as call libraries from Javascript to use.

Supports multiple frameworks

Currently, Javascript Framework developers encourage users to use TypeScript to develop their products. For example, the following famous frameworks: AngularJS 2.0, ..

How to learn Typescript effectively for beginners

1. Determine the path to learn TypeScript from basic to advanced

To start learning a programming language, you need to research and develop a specific learning plan. Determining why you chose to learn TypeScript and what your goals are after completing it will help you not feel confused and discouraged.

2. Understand the basic knowledge and syntax

Understand the basic knowledge and syntax.

To be able to use a programming language fluently, you must first understand its nature. Having a firm grasp of the theory will help you understand what a program of code means.

There are many websites you can find and learn about the basic knowledge and syntax of TypeScript. You can follow them to expand your knowledge.

3. Learn how to fix bugs

With any program, there is a chance that errors will occur. Therefore, it is extremely important for every programmer to equip themselves with the knowledge about the error and how to fix it. In TypeScript many different types of errors such as syntax errors, reference errors… You can learn more about errors in the article TypeScript Errors.

4. Make your own projects

Practice is always the best way to review knowledge and practice skills for programmers. Making your own projects will help you remember how the code executes and express your creativity. This is also a way for you to score points with employers.

5. Work hard

Last but not least, practice hard every day. When you practice coding a lot, you can quickly get used to the way TypeScript works, easily identify the problem in the program and find a way to fix it.


Learning more about TypeScript will help you a lot in web development programming. Through the article “How to learn Typescript effectively for beginners“, we hope you can define your goals and find your own learning plan. Thanks for reading!

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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