How to link stories and posts the best way to turn your Instagram into a perfect narrative


Your Instagram handles speaks a lot about you and your brand. In 2020, it’s beneficial to organise it in a perfect narrative. It not only fetches you a lot of Instagram likes, but also presents a good image of your profile.

How to link stories and posts the best way to turn your Instagram into a perfect narrative

When we talk about a perfective narrative, we actually mean that your Instagram account is a consistent storyline without any breaks. It follows a particular niche and it has all the high-quality content one would ever need, over that niche.

And a good narration of your profile also includes the support of your audience, which comes in the form of likes, comments, views, everything they call your engagement rates! Actually, you can always buy Instagram likes from vendors so your posts will start look more attractive to your crowd, but you should not push it too far.

One more thing that is germane to our discussion, is linking stories and posts in the best way to reflect that perfect narrative.

It’s complex, but it lies within our area and we should learn more about it.

There are several ways in which a person can do so.  

1) The first one is to share your posts through stories.

As a business page, you should not just focus on photos and videos of your niche, but also stories. If you are not doing this, then you might just be at a loss.

You must always keep in mind that they are more visible to the audience, when compared to posts. Their reach is better.

Their placement is at the top of your wall, and the first thing which catches your eye is them! And therefore, you can start sharing the content that you post there.

In 2020, people spend a lot of time in watching Instagram stories. Therefore, use it for your benefits and earning more likes.

2) You can also create a connection between the two, by using stories for informing the public about what’s coming next on your page.

Even this has been part of the trend on Instagram. And whenever you’d have something special to show on your wall, people will always be excited in advance. If their excitement converts to happiness by looking at your content, then definitely you will gain more and more Instagram likes!

It can be anything.

We can take a food blogger’s example. You can first share glimpses of your next popular, in-demand recipe and drop hints of the same in stories, and whenever you’d release it, people would show their happiness through likes!

The same can be thought even from a tech blogger’s perspective. Here, we can consider the same situation, that can happen when you upload a gadget review or something engaging. The outcome wouldn’t be different even here!

If your brand is pushing out a new product, then for the same you can go live on Instagram. The whole event can be shared in the best possible manner with your followers and they would even like it.

But what matters is to share that whole event even as an IGTV video, which appears alongside all the posts.

In that way, there will be a link between the two, and those who would have missed your stories earlier, can watch it on your wall.

This is actually useful. There’s a lot of content out there on Instagram that is available in front of us, and it’s likely that a user misses out on it.

So, you do get an option of sharing it at the top of everybody’s wall, where there is no chance of missing it.

In this way, your profile would definitely appear as a non-breaking, smooth narrative and all your followers as well as visitors are going to like it. The same would also fetch you a lot of Instagram likes.

4) The fourth way of connecting the two is to upload stories, that summarise your lengthy posts.

As amazing as it sounds, this technique can actually bring you a lot of likes, and make your audience love your page!

It’s not often that readers are interested in long captions and posts. At such places, where even you can’t help lengthy posts, you can share its pieces at the top of your users’ wall. That way, your followers will not miss out on anything and you can also create your own trend in the Instagram community.

Thoughts and ideas like these, require a lot of space in order to gain a good position in the industry.

So, these tips can help you in turning your Instagram profile into a well-narrated story! And they can also get you likes.

Nowadays we see that people aren’t aware of all these techniques, and they prefer to buy Instagram likes. You can do the same by simply tapping here to visit one of the biggest vendors. It can be good for your profile and its presentation, but then if you have organic ways, you don’t really have to spend money.

Also considering that sellers sometimes don’t provide real likes and stuff your profile with fake bots, it’s better to stay away from it. However, if you have made up your mind for buying likes anyway, then you can make sure to trust some renowned seller.

If the deliverables help your profile in growing, then go after it no one’s stopping you. It’s always your choice.

The trend has seen that now people use this trick more than often, in order to reach the top. It provides them assistance and also acts as a lubricant.

Those who don’t want to go down that lane, can use the tips that we have mentioned above.

That’s what we can conclude.

The format of Instagram stories has changed over the period of time and now people use it a lot for viewing the content of their friends and followers. For a business profile like yours, they can do wonders if used properly.

Till now, the perception was that they can only be used for interacting and stuff. Well, that’s still true but then there can be a good connection between them and that can promote your online business and Instagram profile.

So, make the most out of it!

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