How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Whether you’re looking to create a video montage or just want to watch a video on repeat, knowing how to loop a video on your iPhone will come in handy. With the looping tool, you can set a continuous playback of any video in your Camera Roll. This allows you enjoy watching your favorite videos again and again without having to click the play button each time.

How to loop a video on iPhone

If you’d like to loop a video on your iPhone, consider using a website, that can help you do just that. Video Candy provides an easy and convenient way to loop videos without relying on the iPhone’s own built-in capabilities. One huge benefit is that it eliminates any software glitches that often occur when looping videos in iMovie or other mobile editing applications.

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to loop a video on iPhone online:

1. Open the video looper and upload your video.

2. Choose the desired number of repetitions (x2, x3, x4, x5, x10). Or set the infinite video looping by converting video to GIF.

3. Preview the file in the built-in player and click Export if you like it.

4. Wait for the cloud servers to process you file and save it back to your iPhone. Or continue editing it on the website.

Using an online service will save you time and energy because it doesn’t require any downloads or installation of additional software, and there is no need for any expensive hardware.

In addition, Video Candy offers a number of other video editing tools that can help you achieve amazing results on even the simplest videos. You can flip, trim, merge, speed up and slow down videos, crop them, play with audio (add music or mute) and much more!

Who will benefit from using the online service?

If you’re an iOS user who loves to edit videos, then Video Candy service is for you! This online platform does all the hard work for you when it comes to looping your favorite videos or performing other simple editing on your iPhone.

Students, professionals and casual users will find that this online service is an extremely functional and efficient way of watching and creating videos on their smartphones. Whether it’s creating instructional demonstrations or funny videos for social media, this online video editor continues to provide top quality controls with intuitive ease-of-use, so that you no longer need to switch between multiple apps to finish your projects.

Anyone with an iPhone who loves using apps such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and more will find that Video Candy is a great companion that allows you to add favorite music to clips and create stunning content with ease!

Final words

In conclusion, by following the above detailed guide, users can easily loop a video on an iPhone online. This is a great way to save time when continuously displaying video on an iPhone, whether it be for work, personal use, or any other purpose. With some simple steps, Apple smartphone users can now enjoy the benefit of seamless loops of their favorite videos!