Thinking of making a YouTube video but don’t know how?

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

It’s really easy to make as long as you have a computer, a screen recorder for pc and an idea for interesting content.

YouTube is currently the #1 destination for videos. It’s a haven for just about any topic imaginable and a source of income for some.

You may have been inspired by a YouTube video you’ve watched recently and would want to make one on your own. If this is the case then we can definitely help: here’s a beginner-friendly guide on how to make your very first YouTube video.

How to Become Successful on YouTube

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Successful YouTubers have millions of subscribers and earn tens of thousands of dollars on videos they post on the platform. What’s more, some become household names and get sponsorship from major companies.

Becoming famous on YouTube is one way to earn lucrative amounts of money. Those who want to experience success can take note of the following:

Step 1. Think Of A Good Strategy

Everyone in YouTube has his or her own unique niche they bring to the table. You can’t become a successful individual if you just copy off of others in the video-sharing website. That said, you should come up with topics and ideas and brainstorm about what you’re going to do before even thinking about creating a video.

A good strategy will have several must-have features, such as background music, a name or title people can relate to, and someone who can do edits. Having a working knowledge of Photoshop is crucial, and it’s a natural first step to those who want to do everything themselves.

After learning how to edit you will want to start something that’s simple yet captivating, such as an explainer video or product demo if you’re selling items.

Step 2. Get All Necessary YouTube Equipment

Professional YouTubers will have more than just their computers. To make it big you will need to invest in quality equipment to create a complete setup.

The next step is to gather (buy) all the equipment you need to run a YouTube channel. In this case, you will need a microphone, a screen recorder, video editing software, a high-end camera and of course, proper lighting.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Microphone: Audio is just as important in making a YouTube video. Voice quality is improved with even a decent mic compared to the stock ones in a laptop or smartphone.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Screen Recorder and Video Editor: Two of the most important software in any respectable YouTuber’s arsenal. The editor software can vary but we’d recommend Wondershare DemoCreator for screen capturing purposes.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Lighting: The better the lighting the higher and more professional the end YouTube video looks. You can also blend in mood and the tone of your setup here.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Camera or Webcam: Last but not least, you must replace any stock webcam with higher quality products. Aim for at least full HD resolution of 1080p. Position it at eye level for optimal viewing.

Step 3. Record Your Desktop

Recording your computer screen is a vital part of creating content for YouTube.

The setup for this can be as simple or complex as you’d like. With a webcam you’ll now have the ability to capture your computer screen at any moment, accompany it with background music and voice-over and share it to subscribers and on social media.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Wondershare DemoCreator is one of the best screen recording software available today. YouTube beginners can download the screen recorder and install it within minutes. The best part about the software is that it’s user-friendly and gives you a variety of choices in terms of screen capturing.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

To begin recording, just open the app and choose the option to record your computer screen. Customize the settings, e.g., record only a specific window or the whole screen. You can open up other inputs, such as system audio, mic, webcam and others and personalize the atmosphere.

Once you’ve captured your video it’s time to post-process and make it more polished. This ensures the content is high quality and fit for audience consumption.

Step 4. Edit Your YouTube Video

Simply uploading the video you’ve made after recording is not enough. You will need to do some edits to make it more interesting and attractive to viewers. This way, you’ll have a greater chance of becoming more successful.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Wondershare DemoCreator has a video editor that can eliminate errors and erase parts of the video you don’t need with just a few clicks. This time, choose the option to edit then import your media. It’s robust enough to allow for professional edits, including adding subtitles, a simple intro, transitioning effects, captions and more. Use it to crop, split or merge videos and change the speed. As part of creating a YouTube video, you can also integrate voiceovers or music to make it better.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Step 5. Export and Upload to YouTube

The video may be done but the work still isn’t. The final step involves you uploading the finished video on YouTube so people can see it, like it and comment on it.

YouTube can accept the video in a variety of formats, but what you’re looking for is primarily MP4, MOV, or MP3.

How to Make a YouTube Video (2021 Beginner’s Guide)

Wondershare DemoCreator can export the completed video into the format you want, including MP4, MOV, GIF and MP3 so you can upload it on YouTube and other channels. It’s an excellent idea to announce what you’ve uploaded on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to increase the views.

That’s just about it in becoming a successful YouTuber. All it takes is patience, knowing what your audience likes and having the right equipment to create high quality videos.

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