How to make an iOS app without coding?

“If your business plans don’t include mobile apps, your plans are incomplete”

Mobile apps are becoming a powerful tool to promote any business. Either you want to increase the conversion rates or boost the revenue of your company, mobile apps are one-stop solutions for all your business needs. You can create and publish mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Both the operating systems are unique in themselves and carry exclusive features. In this post, we are specifically going to discuss the importance of iOS apps and how they can be developed without even coding a single line.

How to make an iOS app without coding?

With the evolution of the smartphone industry, the number of iOS users is increasing exponentially. That’s why every other business is planning to publish their app on the App Store and expand its outreach. iOS apps let businesses offer a great user experience and match up to their expectations. These apps have unique high-quality features that let businesses boom in long run. Let us discover more benefits of iOS apps.

Why an iOS app is Important for your Business?

An iOS app has become a necessity for any business. It is highly important in this smartphone era to have an iOS app for your business due to some of the major reasons mentioned below.

  1. Credibility: Keeps details, transactions, and other data of your users confidential.
  2. Highly Secured: Shields companies’ and users’ information from viruses and malware and avoids data duplication, data encryption, and data theft
  3. Flexible User Interface: Provides user-friendly interface and advanced features to engage with users.
  4. User Connectivity: Helps in better connecting with users and converting them into valuable customers.
  5. ROI: Enhances app revenues and greater return on investment due to its highly secure environment of online transactions.
  6. Outreach: Increases international outreach and helps in targeting tech-savvy audience

Creating an iOS app for your business is worth investment. And now with modern technologies, you need not actually invest a huge amount of money to make your app. Let us discover how!

How to Create an iOS app Without Coding?

You can easily create an iOS app without even coding a single line. And this is possible with the help of no-code platforms. These platforms provide you drag-n-drop interface where you can create your own iOS app for your business in just a few clicks. Undoubtedly, you can make your app from scratch and write your own code. Why to take pain when no-code platforms can facilitate with a user-friendly interface and advanced features to help you create your exclusive iOS app.

To create your own iOS app with no-code platforms, you just need to follow a few major steps mentioned below:

  • Choose the category which best fits your business needs
  • Add features by dragging-n-dropping them to your app
  • Publish your app on your preferred App Store and go live among iOS users

With no-code platforms, you can have a completely functioning iOS app within minutes and in a few clicks. You just need to trust all the hard work of DIY no-code app builders and create your exclusive iOS app as per your business needs.

To make your app stand out among competitors, you need to add some striking features to it. Many of the popular app builders offer hundreds of features to include in your app, but you must be selective.

Some of the must-have features for your business iOS app are mentioned below.

  • User Interface: To ensure the seamless and smooth experience of app users, you need to make the interface de-cluttered, crisp, and clear.
  • Social Media Integration: To keep your audience engaged and increase proactive outreach, you must assure that your app is integrated with popular social media platforms.
  • Push Notifications: To make sure that your app users remain updated with the latest developments of your business, you should add the feature of sending push notifications.
  • App monetization: To earn money whenever a user clicks on an advertisement (iAds) in your iOS app, you must add the feature of app monetization.
  • Customer Support: To build your brand reputation and resolve the customers’ queries instantly, you should either integrate a chatbot or have a 24/7 live agent featured in your app.

Now that you are aware of amazing no-code platforms and must-have features to be added to your iOS apps, you are all set to create your own iOS app. However, you can’t just start randomly with any platform available online. So, to help you at the initial stages, we have curated the list of top no-code platforms for making an iOS app.

Top No-Code Platforms Available Online

  1. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is one of the leading no-code platforms that can help you in creating and publishing an exclusive iOS app. Appy Pie’s iOS App Creator is highly convenient and user-friendly. You can affordably and conveniently make your business app with Appy Pie’s platform. To keep you updated with the latest technology and trends, their team keeps on adding new app features to their interface. This helps users easily update their app in real-time and always stay ahead of their competitors. With Appy Pie’s online iOS App Creator, anyone can create an app easily.

  1. OutSystems

OutSystems is a powerful feature-packed no-code development platform. It is suitable for creating apps for large enterprises. OutSystems is a highly mature, well-designed platform that helps in creating a well-designed iOS app and takes care of the entire software development cycle.

  1. Quick Base

Quick Base is an easy-to-use iOS app creator that is suited for both small and large businesses. It has a comprehensive set of unique features and the fastest form-based wizard which can help in creating an amazing iOS app for your business. Within a few clicks and in no time, you can create and publish your app with Quick Base.

  1. AppSheet:

AppSheet is a highly intelligent no-code platform which had gained the trust of over 200,000 app creators worldwide. It is a Google trusted platform that can build a no-code app in four different ways. You can use any of the ways to create your iOS app catering to your business needs. It is one of the experts’ recommended DIY platform for making iOS apps.

You can start exploring the mentioned platforms. Try some tools, add features, and play around with your creative instincts to finally get settled with one platform.