How to Make your Content Trend on Instagram


Instagram is a social media platform that receives millions of users every day. For this reason, it is easy to understand that once you get popular on the platform, you will receive a lot of likes and followers. However, to reach this point, you will need to get your posts on the trending page of Instagram. The posts that appear on this explore section are all pieces of content with high engagement that users are browsing to discover new and exciting accounts.

How to Make your Content Trend on Instagram

The first step to trend on Instagram is to buy followers that will engage with your posts, by liking them and commenting on them. Then, you will need to research and create content that attracts a wide audience. Below, you will find some useful tips that will help you reach your goal.

How to Make your Content Trend on Instagram

One of the most important things that you need to do to get your post trend on Instagram is to research what your audience really likes. Unfortunately, trends on social media are changing rapidly, and for this reason, you need to regularly check the most popular posts on your niche. By typing the main keyword of your niche, you can browse the top results that Instagram will bring you. All of these posts already have a lot of engagement and are a great example of what users want to see.

#2 Create Video Content Frequently

If you haven’t explored this feature already, you need to start uploading videos on your Instagram account. The videos are easy to generate engagement due to their auto-play feature. When a user opens one of your videos, you might get multiple views from him as the video will start over once it’s done. This way, this type of content is easier to trend on the social media platform and expose you to more users. You can also buy followers for your Instagram account and bring even better results.

#3 Post Images of High Quality

One of the first and most important things that you need to ensure about your Instagram account is the quality of your posts. Whether you create images or videos, you always need to make sure that you always offer your best. Instagram is a very competitive social media platform and the only way to stand out is by having excellent quality. Furthermore, buy followers to motivate the users that discover you to subscribe to your account.

#4 Use the Right Hashtags to Boost Discoverability

There is no denying that hashtags are very useful when you want to make your posts trend on Instagram. Every user knows that typing hashtags on Instagram’s search bar will bring him the content he wants to see. For this reason, you need to find all the hashtags that your users are looking for and include them in your posts. One way to this is by checking the accounts of your competitors. Moreover, you can use one of the numerous online hashtag generators that make the process much easier.  

#5 Write Captions that Engage your Users

The only way to trend on Instagram and get featured on the “Explore” tab is to have high engagement. This means that your posts need to get plenty of likes and comments, while your account should have a lot of followers. Captions can be the key to your post engagement, while you can buy followers to boost your account. For the best caption, you need to write captions that make users want to comment on your post. For example, you can create a quiz or ask a question.

#6 Tag the Location of your Posts

How to Make your Content Trend on Instagram

An Instagram feature that will boost your posts’ discoverability is the geo-location. Many creators forget to take advantage of it, thus missing out on a great opportunity. A lot of users are searching for content on a specific location to see what’s going on and what’s trending there. For this reason, always make sure to include and tag the location of your post. This can either be your city, your country, or even a specific store.

#7 Tag other Relevant Accounts on your Captions

Another way to make your posts more visible to more users, enhance their engagement and make them trend on Instagram is to tag relevant accounts. By doing this, your post will appear at the account you have tagged, thus letting its followers discover it. This simple technique is very effective as it approaches an audience that is similar to your own. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to buy followers so that you motivate all the new users to follow you.

#8 Post at the Right Day and Time

If you want to find success on Instagram and the rest of the social media, you need to post on the right day and time. Every audience is unique to its location and the time of day that usually visits social media. If you post at the right time, then your content will get a lot of likes, thus reaching the trending page of Instagram.

#9 Collaborate with Influencers and Other Creators

A sure way to boost your Instagram posts and enhance your engagement is to collaborate with influencers and other creators. A simple shoutout on an Instagram story will expose your account to a lot of new users that are interested in your niche. Moreover, you can tag each other’s accounts and let even more users discover your content. However, if you want to collaborate with influencers that have a huge following, you will need to buy followers so that you can give them equally great exposure.

#10 Create a Hashtag for your Brand

How to Make your Content Trend on Instagram

Lastly, many Instagram influencers create a hashtag for their brand. With this, they encourage their audience to interact and create content relevant to their account. Then, they repost this content, thus boosting their audience’s loyalty.

Getting your posts to trend on Instagram is a hard task as it requires a lot of effort. However, if you buy followers for your account, your job becomes much easier.

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