The plan for promoting a mobile application should be made in advance, ideally – at the stage of the idea of creating the actual product. Such a plan should include several channels of communication to increase the chances for the app to get noticed, and the estimated costs should also be calculated. In the future, if you see some of the strategies not effective for your product, you can always adjust them for higher ROI or use additional promotional channels if your marketing budget allows it.

How To Market Your Mobile App Successfully

1. Contextual advertising. It is displayed on the internet by Google and other search engines, and is widely used among digital marketers. On the one hand, advertising messages will be shown only to interested customers, that is why it’s very important to correctly identify your target audience, but on the other hand – to face high competition.

2. Targeting in social networks. People spend so much time online, that is why this method is incredibly effective if done properly. Promotion of mobile applications through social networks provides a lot of information about users for correct and accurate targeting settings. You only pay for conversions, and your ads are seen by potentially interested users. Unfortunately, this method has a significant disadvantage – if you do not set up ads for really interested audiences, advertising will not be effective at all.

3. Reviews on relevant sites. To start with, you need to find the websites relevant to your niche that will bring you the most users. Write the description, mentioning the best features of your product, add some pictures or videos. Do not exaggerate your preferences, otherwise, you will deceive the expectations of the audience and they won’t trust you again. Reviews of your product will allow the user to understand whether they need it or not. This method is one of the best app marketing strategies as it provides long-term interest and a really wide audience reach.

4. Groups on social networks. The main thing is to correctly identify the communities in which you want to place ads. Depending on the idea of the program, groups should be relevant to your product and reach a wide audience. You can create your own community and lead it by expanding, adding interesting information or useful content.

5. Press releases. If your application is revolutionary or solves current social problems, you should prepare a press release for news sites. Such resources usually have quite large audiences. You can prepare a press release yourself, but be careful about the choice of publications to which you plan to send it. The main thing is to highlight the competitive advantages of your application and successfully present it. This method will work for any kind of mobile applications and games. For example, if you have created a language learning app, you need to tell in your press release how it differs from the best language apps currently available on the market, and what unique features it has to help learners in their studying.

6. Promotion of the mobile application on YouTube.Reviews allow you to reach a huge audience potentially interested in your product. In 99% it is a direct hit on target. Users download the desired program immediately after viewing. However, this method has certain disadvantages: some channels require a high fee for publishing a video. At the same time, it is necessary to define the channel very precisely, and this is not an easy task as well.

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