How To Maximize Your Enjoyment When Playing Board Games Online


Today’s generation thinks that board games are archaic and belong to the stone age. And why wouldn’t it? There are now digital versions of classic board games such as Scrabble, Monopoly and Risk alongside newer inventions.

How To Maximize Your Enjoyment When Playing Board Games Online

Now, whenever you feel the urge to play a board game, you can just pick your smartphone or tablet and voila! Instant entertainment. Here are a number of recommended channels where you can play them.

Playing on Facebook

Facebook is available on smartphones, laptops and computers. The social media has adapted to standard board games, from Yahtzee, Uno, Chess and Scrabble. What’s more, you can compete with friends or other people around the via a Global Leaderboard.

Finding the game you like is as easy as going to the Apps section or visiting the Facebook Gameroom page.

Playing on a Browser

Browser games have evolved from simplistic, flash-based offerings to full-fledged titles, including board games. In some cases, all you’ll need is HTML or Adobe to get started.

Playing on a computer gives you the added benefit of being able to use an unscramble words cheat finder when you’re stuck on a game of Scrabble.

Playing on a Mobile Device

Playing on the go is great, especially if you’re stuck in the commute, waiting for friends or have some time to kill. Go on your respective game platform, i.e., App Store or Play Store and there’s a whole category ‘Board Games’ waiting just for you. Some of them are classics, while others put in a whole new twist that will make you enjoy Chess more, for instance.

Playing on Steam

Steam can unlock niche board games and war strategy titles that have the depth and complexity to keep you playing for days on end. While Civilization is, strictly speaking not a board game, it’s the natural evolution to the cardboard version. Some suggestions include Carcassonne, Blood Bowl and Pandemic.

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