How to Open/Unlock BitLocker Encrypted Drive on M1 Mac and macOS Big Sur?


BitLocker encryption is a security program developed by Microsoft Windows that encrypts and provides authentication protocol on your storage device. BitLocker feature secures the data on your drive by encrypting it. Primarily, BitLocker is a Windows encryption program that works natively with Windows and Microsoft laptops.

How to Open/Unlock BitLocker Encrypted Drive on M1 Mac and macOS Big Sur?

Asides from encryption and authentication, BitLocker also provides decryption properties for encrypted drives. Using password and recovery keys, Windows users can gain access to an encrypted drive. While Mac users may find it difficult to access or open the disk.

How can I easily This article considers the features of BitLocker encryption on Mac and gives answers to how to open BitLocker drive on Mac, along with the best BitLocker for Mac recommendation for you.

Can I use BitLocker encrypted USB on M1 Mac?

Primarily, the BitLocker program works with Windows laptops. To use it on Mac, you will need to get third party software to bridge the compatibility gap for you. There are different software choices you could use for this function.

M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac is an effective tool useful for providing BitLocker features for Mac users. With M3 BitLocker Loader features, you can read and write to BitLocker encrypted drives and BitLocker to go on your Mac. This simple-to-use software is fully compatible with multiple macOS versions.

Why Choose M3 BitLocker Loader

Here are some of the top reasons why choosing M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac to gain seamless BitLocker operations on Mac devices:

1. Dependable Software

M3 BitLocker Loader is software you can trust to provide BitLocker functionalities on your Mac. It is 100% reliable and a go-to solution for I.T staff members as well as normal users all around the world. With different features and benefits, this software delivers read, write and encryption protocols excellently to Mac users.

2. Fast Speed

When it comes to native integration and independent file system, the M3 BitLocker Loader performs exceedingly well in the provision of read-write operations. You get a native read-write speed when you use the BitLocker encrypted drive on your Mac.

3. Compatibility with macOS

M3 BitLocker Loader is fully compatible with different macOS versions. This full compatibility includes recent Mac models like the Apple Silicon M1 Mac. Other operating systems that work well with the M3 BitLocker Loader tool include macOS Monterey Beta, Big Sur, Catalina and so much more.

4. Encrypt external drive with BitLocker

M3 BitLocker Loader offers encryption functionality on Mac. It is useful for encrypting new external storage devices like USB drives, SD cards, external hard drives and many more right on your Mac. The encrypted drive is compatible with the latest AES-256 encryption used by latest BitLocker technology.

How to Use M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac 

Decrypting a hard drive is easy with your M3 BitLocker Loader software. With this software, you can open, read, write and perform other drive operations natively on your Mac. The following process highlights the steps to carry out your read-write and encryption operation on your Mac:

1. Download M3 BitLocker software

The first step is to download the M3 BitLocker Loader software free from the internet. After downloading, double click on it to start installing this software.

2. Mount Your Encrypted Drive

Next, mount your encrypted drive on your Mac. Plug-in your BitLocker- encrypted drive and launch the M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac software. Enter the password or the 48-digit BitLocker recovery key to gain access into the encrypted drive. To complete the mounting process, click on the ‘Unlock’ button to mount the encrypted drive on your Mac. Then you can feel free to read, write, edit, delete, modify, rename, tag, Airdrop.

3. Lock and Eject

After you finish your read-write operation on your Mac using the M3 BitLocker Loader tool, proceed to re-engage the lock on the drive. To do this, click the ‘Lock’ button in the program and ensure that the encryption is back on for the drive. Proceed to click on the ‘Eject’ button to safely remove eject the drive from your Mac. This is important for avoiding damage to your drive and corrupting the files in it.

How to Use M3 BitLocker Loader Software for Encryption

External drive encryption is also another top feature of the M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac. It is very useful for adding extra security measures to your data. Using the M3 BitLocker Loader software, you can add the encryption right from your Mac. To continue with the encryption process, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the M3 BitLocker Loader software on your Mac. Note, your Mac must have macOS High Sierra or a later version

2. Connect the drive you wish to encrypt. Make sure the drive has either an NTFS or FAT32/exFAT file system

3. Click on the ‘Encrypt’ button in the toolbar and select encrypt in front of the drive you wish to encrypt.

4. Enter the password and select either the ‘Save to a file’ or ‘Print the recovery key’ option to save the 48-digit recovery key.

5. To complete the encryption process, select the ‘start encrypting’ option at the button of the screen to finish the process.

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