How To Quickly Transfer Your Precious iPhone Photos to Any Computer Using AnyTrans


The iPhone is a smartphone that has an excellent camera. People just love taking pictures and videos and creating memories with it.

How To Quickly Transfer Your Precious iPhone Photos to Any Computer Using AnyTrans

There comes a time though, that the internal storage will run out, and you’ll need to transfer your photos from your device to a computer to free up some space.

This is where AnyTrans, a robust yet user-friendly iPhone manager will come in handy.

The most generic method of transfer is via Camera Roll Photos, which can result in a disorganized mess. AnyTrans for iOS can help Mac and PC users cut back on the hassles and effort in backing up their photo data. By using the iPhone Manager software, you can transfer up to 1,500 high quality images to a computer in just 3 minutes.

AnyTrans for iOS is a comprehensive iPhone manager for both the Mac and Windows platform. Users can download the app on their computer and begin the process of transferring precious photos from their iPhones. File transfers can be done via a 1-click process (batch transfer) or by choosing the best ones (selective transfer).

Follow our step-by-step procedure below on how to transfer photos to your PC

Step 1. Download AnyTrans Software

The newest version of AnyTrans for Mac can be found here-
Click the link to download, then wait for it to finish. Install and run the app and proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Launch AnyTrans for iOS

Open the AnyTrans software and connect your iPhone to the Mac via USB. When the program opens, look for the ‘Content to Computer’ button at the AnyTrans homepage to begin the iPhone photo transfer process.

Step 3. Choose Photos By Category

A new window will open, where you’ll be allowed to choose the photos you want to transfer to the computer. Then, select the output folder in your computer.

Step 4. Complete The File Transfer

Click on the Right arrow to have AnyTrans transfer the needed photos and wait until it completes the work, usually in a few seconds or minutes. You will see the transferred photos in a neat presentation in your output folder.

Need some help transferring iPhone photos to your Mac? Check out this guide

AnyTrans for iOS IsYour One-Stop iPhone Manager

The AnyTrans iPhone photo transfer manager supports all iPhone models and operating systems, from the iPhone 5 to X and Mac or Windows users can enjoy the following features:

– AnyTrans loads iPhone photo categories, including Screenshot, Photo Library, Camera Roll and more. Even the ones you manually create will show up for an easy and snappy backup process.

– All your transferred photos will be organized according to their original folders.

– AnyTrans supports an automated 1-click technology for transferring an entire album from your iPhone to your computer. You can opt for selective transfer as well.

– All images sent from iPhone to computer will have 100% original, zero-loss quality. There’d be no compression nor thumbnail copies.

– HEIC photos are auto-converted to .JPG format after being transferred to the computer via the “Convert” option.

AnyTrans for the iOS is unlike any other iPhone manager app for the Mac or PC. It’s sure to be your favorite photo transfer manager yet. You can find out more about this powerful program by visiting


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