How to Reach Conqueror Rank in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or what we call PUBG is by far one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there. PUBG mobile has grown out to amass millions of players and the community is quite active. With PUBG’s new season 24 starting out, players are all pumped up with excitement to level up as fast as they can.

Leveling up in PUBG mobile lite can be quite tricky, especially for the new players who are just starting out. But even for a veteran, the road’s a little bumpy. The highest tier a player can reach in PUBG is conqueror, and it is as tough as it gets to reach that level, to paint a clear picture for you, only the top 500 Ace tier players from each of the servers can reach this level. But here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on the road to conqueror:


Play Squad with Friends

One of the best ways to get your ranks up higher and make it to the next level is playing team mates that you can easily communicate with. Playing with your friends surely makes it easier as they can help you get kills, complete missions and survive through the game. You can also join a strong clan of talented players to improve the teamwork and give enemy squads a rough time.

Focus on Survival

While getting your kill game up is surely a priority but it makes you vulnerable to all sorts of threats. Getting kills are important in a match but if you are trying to grind through the levels, you should be focusing on survival as well.

There are a ton of ways, you can make sure that you get to survive as long as possible in the game. You can choose place that’s rarely targeted by other players’, maybe avoid getting into Pochinki at the start of the game, just to be part of the bloodbath.

Find a good spot, somewhere you can keep an eye out on other players and camp for a while, till things get cool down.

Get help

All of the tips and tricks are essential to keep in mind while grinding the levels, but sometimes that’s just not enough to reach conqueror. Luckily, you can hire experienced PUBGM players to get you through all this without having worry about anything.

Frankly, it’s not really easy to make it to the list of top 500 players from a server filled with enthusiastic players but if you do get it, you can get some hefty buck by selling your account. Hopefully this new season would be a perfect start you to level up your game!