WhatsApp is a famously secure messaging app. That doesn’t mean it can’t be broken into. In fact, anyone can do it, regardless of their level of technical skill. All you need is an appropriate tool.

How to Read Someone's WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone
How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

In this article, we show you how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages if you don’t have constant access to their phone. We’re offering two long-term solutions, suitable for parents looking to keep tabs on their children or for people with maybe-cheating partners.  

Part 1: Why You May Need to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

Sometimes people close to you keep secrets. And these secrets may be harmful to you and your loved ones:

1.1 Their WhatsApp messages hold the truth 

Their WhatsApp messages may contain the truth. If they won’t tell you or you can’t ask directly, you may have no choice but to read their messages:

  • Parents can find out what their children are doing on WhatsApp. Are they in touch with the wrong people? Is someone bullying them or are they being scammed?
  • Married people or those in serious relationships can find out if their partners are cheating on them. If they are, their WhatsApp messages may hold the clues you need.
  • Employers can make sure employees aren’t goofing off during work hours. They can also keep an eye on a problem employee who may be selling company secrets.

1.2 Spyine – An all-access WhatsApp pass

You can read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone with Spyine. It’s fast, private, hidden, and secure. Spyine is a popular phone monitoring solution, featured on top media channels such as TheVerge, TechCrunch, and Android Authority.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

If the target user owns an iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to touch their phone. You can read their WhatsApp messages remotely from your web browser. 

If they use an Android device, you just need to access their phone briefly for 3 minutes to install Spyine. Afterward, you can read their messages remotely. 

1.3 Why Use Spyine to Read WhatsApp messages?

There are multiple reasons why Spyine makes for an excellent WhatsApp message reader tool:

a. You can see almost everything happening on WhatsApp

With Spyine, you can see almost everything happening on WhatsApp:

  • Read messages: Spyine records every message they send or receive on WhatsApp. This includes both private conversations and group messages. All messages are archived on the Spyine dashboard.
  • Check media files: Is the target user sending photos or videos to their WhatsApp contacts? You can access said media files with Spyine. Every photo or video they have created or downloaded on the platform is viewable.
  • View contacts: Don’t know who they are talking to on WhatsApp? You can find out with Spyine. The app gives you access to their stored contacts, so you can check names, addresses, display pictures, and more.
  • Access deleted messages: People often delete messages they don’t want others to see. Spyine, however, logs messages as soon as they are sent or received. You can view deleted messages from the Spyine archive. 
How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

b. The app is a 100% hidden solution

You can use Spyine without the target user knowing. This is especially useful if you want to figure out what they are up to behind your back. The stealth mode is compatible with both target Android and iOS devices.

For Android devices, you download and install Spyine on the app. After the installation, you can hide it. The app will work invisibly in the background without the user’s awareness. It doesn’t drain the phone’s battery and sends data to Spyine’s remote web-based dashboard.

The iOS version of Spyine is a web-based solution. You don’t need to download it on the target device. Instead of working with the iPhone or iPad directly, it works with the iCloud backup connected to the device. Because it’s fully web-based, Spyine can’t be detected!

c. You won’t need to root or jailbreak the user’s phone

Installing and using Spyine is a hassle-free experience. You don’t have to root or jailbreak the user’s device. This is a requirement with many other apps, but not Spyine. It means you don’t need to worry about accidental data loss or malware.

You don’t need any special technical skills to use Spyine either. You can use it remotely from any web browser, be it on your PC or smartphone.

d. Spyine is reliable

Spyine is a well-known solution, used by over a million people in 190+ countries. The app safeguards your privacy, never storing your personal details or making them accessible to anyone, including the staff. This makes the app trustworthy and private. 

e. You receive multiple phone monitoring features

Spyine is more than a way to read someone’s WhatsApp messages. It’s a full-blown phone monitoring solution with over a dozen unique features. The app can monitor calls, locations, other social media apps, installed apps, the SIM card, and much more!

f. You pay a reasonable monthly fee

If you want to keep an eye on someone but can’t afford a private eye, Spyine is an excellent alternative. You pay a monthly fee to monitor a single device. It costs about as much a DVD. If you want to get into WhatsApp on multiple devices, you receive a discount.

Warning: You can’t read WhatsApp messages on target Android devices without installing some software on them first. If you find an app or service that advertises this, it’s a scam, virus, or phishing attempt. Stay away!

Part 2: How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages with Spyine

Ready to get started with reading someone’s WhatsApp messages using Spyine? You can install the app using your smartphone or PC. You just need a stable internet connection. You won’t need any special technical skills.

If you want to read someone’s WhatsApp messages on Android, you will need to install Spyine physically on their phone. Then you access their WhatsApp without the phone. You don’t have to touch it again.

If you want to check their WhatsApp messages on iOS, you will need their iCloud credentials. You don’t need the iPhone or iPad.

Once the app is installed, you can read the phone user’s messages from your web browser. Here’s how you can install Spyine in under 10 minutes:

Step 1: Sign up for an official Spyine account. Use your email ID as the username.

Step 2: Purchase a monthly Spyine subscription. With the Premium version, you can read WhatsApp messages on a single device. The Family version allows you to access WhatsApp on multiple devices.

Step 3: You will receive an email with setup instructions. Launch up the Setup Wizard and choose either Android or iOS as the target platform.

For target iPhones or iPads, simply enter the user’s iCloud credentials. Then give Spyine a few minutes to sync with the device.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

For target Android smartphones and tablets, you will need to download and install Spyine on the device in question. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Afterward, you can optionally hide Spyine.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

Step 4: Congrats! You have installed Spyine successfully. You will now gain access to the Spyine dashboard. To read their WhatsApp messages, look for the WhatsApp option in Social Apps. It is in the selection menu to the left of the dashboard.   

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

Spyine comes with a free live demo. You can check out Spyine’s WhatsApp monitoring feature in action before you commit to buying the app.

Part 3: How to Read Other’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

Spyier is an alternative to Spyine. Spyier is a top-rated spy app with an excellent stealth feature. The app allows you to keep an eye on someone’s phone or tablet discreetly. It also comes bundled with a WhatsApp message reading functionality.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

3.1 Spyier is Impossible to Detect

Using Spyier to read someone’s WhatsApp messages is a good idea:

a. The app allows you to read WhatsApp messages discreetly

If you use Spyier to access someone’s WhatsApp, you won’t be found out if you don’t want to be. Spyier works in stealth mode on both target platforms. On Android, Spyier works as a hidden, invisible app. On iOS, Spyier is an undetectable web-based solution.

b. It is user-friendly

Spyier is as user-friendly as it gets. The app was designed to be used by anyone. Installing the app is a breeze, as you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device. You can conveniently access Spyier and read their WhatsApp messages from any web browser.

c. The app offers additional features

Besides WhatsApp monitoring, Spyier comes with a competitive array of phone monitoring features. The app can read messages, download media files, view contacts, check the device’s real-time location, and even set up geofences.

3.2 Spyier Gives You a Bird’s Eye View of Their WhatsApp Use

Spyier shows you everything happening on their device:

  • The app records and saves all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Every message is tagged with important details like times and dates.
  • The contact phone number is stored. You can view it later in Contacts.
  • You can check all photos and videos exchanged by the user on the app.


Summing it all up, you can read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone – conveniently, safely, and discreetly – with either Spyine or Spyier. Both apps are affordable and reliable.

There are other alternative methods for reading WhatsApp messages, but they’re unreliable and don’t work effectively long-term. It’s easier to use an app that does the heavy lifting for you.

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