Newspaper horoscopes are the generic type and they don’t really speak to the individual.

How to read your horoscope for free on your iphone or ipad online

On the other hand, online horoscopes are made by real people who spend time and effort in telling your particular sign’s fortune.

For some, their ritual consists of reading up on the day’s events on their smartphones or tablets while drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Why not read do the same with your sign?

Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to read your horoscope for free on your iPhone or iPad online.

Step 1. Get Your Device

Your iPhone or iPad can be your portal to reading your online horoscope. Most of these are free and can be viewed on a web browser. You can get in-depth readings for the day or for the year depending on your preference. Just make sure to charge you device so you can enjoy reading without any interruptions.

Step 2. Open Your Safari

Locate Safari, the default web browser on your Apple device. Open it and you’ll be presented with a screen for viewing your daily horoscope.

Step 3. Find a Free Online Horoscope Website is an ideal place to start. It has detailed readings with content constantly being updated on a daily basis. You can browse by horoscope sign and check out the available links on the site.

Place the URL on the field and hit enter. You will be directed to the main website. Feel free to browse around and add it to your favorites so you can get back to reading your horoscope every day.

To read your horoscope for free online, you will need an iPad or iPhone that’s connected to the internet. Just open your Safari browser and you can find your favorite horoscope site quickly and easily to relax at the end of the day or to start your mornings.

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