A podcast interview is simply a conversation. The art of podcast interviews takes much practice and helps to make the Podcast successful. Along with a great discussion, there should be excellent podcast questions for the guests.

How to record a podcast interview in the easiest way

Imagine yourself working out in a gym, driving to your work, or even doing household chores and listening to an interesting podcast interview. You will be ready to listen to the next episode immediately!

Today this magic of digital media among podcasters is increasing every day.

Tips for recording an interview

Starting a podcast show to grow your business brings many advantages and benefits. Capturing the everyday magic remotely in podcasting sounds easy. Yet, the perfect flow of conversation between the host and the guest needs balance.

As an interviewer, you are responsible for making something worth listening to for your audience. A great podcast interview takes much effort. You have to dig deeper, have a genuine interest, avoid awkwardness, or be highly conscious. Every single gesture counts, and hence we will discuss few important points to record the best interview:

Research and practice your script

If you have not selected your guest yet, you have time to think about what you want to achieve from the interview. Also, give a thought to how you can entertain your listeners and encourage them to stick to the show till the end. Researching your guest and preparing the script ahead will give you the confidence to focus on more lively discussion.

Questions to ask

It’s always a confident boosting idea to have relevant questions ready before interviewing your guest. Try to create innovative and attractive questions for your guests and listeners. Avoid the same questions that your guests answer in other interviews. Rather than asking questions that will have answers like ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ try to come up with questions that ask ‘why’ or ‘how.’ Your guests will give engaging and authentic responses, and the conversation will be more enjoyable.

Your audience will love to listen to the guest and their experience if they are related to the topic of your show. Of course, they will wait for a new surprise for every episode, but it must not be out of context. Selecting your podcast guest takes time and effort. Industry, social media, and other podcast shows offer valuable insight and information. As your Podcast becomes popular enough, you can ask your audience to choose their guests. It will keep your show more alive than ever.

Prepare for challenges

You have planned your podcast interview perfectly. But remember, everything does not always go according to your plan. Maybe your guest couldn’t appear in your show for some reason, or you didn’t get the proper questionnaire. Always be flexible and positive. Conversations are not recorded but live. So you have scope to make everything correct on the go. Remember, it can be tempting to look and follow all the questions you have prepared. But it’s more important to listen to the guest and be actively involved in the conversation.

How to record a podcast interview

Due to pandemics, the in-person podcast interview is no longer the only mode of creating shows. Remote podcast shows are top-rated now and easily accessible too. The only things you need here are an internet connection and an easy application.

Podcasting softwares, which is an online studio where you can record high-quality audio and edit and enhance it, are a great choice in this regard. Here are the simple steps to follow in recording an interview through such platforms:

  • Forget about arranging the equipment and environment- use innovative interview features to record interviews with your guests remotely
  • Record consciously, but if you take a minute mistake, you can edit it right in the software
  • You can improve the interview afterward by correcting recordings without complicating the process. You can edit and enhance separate audio tracks for your guests.


Perfect preparation, easy software application, and interesting subjects are the critical compositions of a great podcast. The best interviews shine through the delightful questions and entertaining conversation.