How to Recover deleted Photos from Whatsapp iPhone/Android


Losing WhatsApp photos is annoying, but thankfully there’s software that works as a WhatsApp recovery tool. Introducing iMyFone ChatsBack, a photo retrieval tool for both iOS and Android WhatsApp. It offers a complete data recovery solution for WhatsApp users, including water damage, locked, factory reset and accidental deletion.

How to Recover deleted Photos from Whatsapp iPhone/Android

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos on iPhone/Android with iMyFone ChatsBack

ChatsBack is a comprehensive iPhone data recovery tool specialized in popular app WhatsApp. You can perform WhatsApp recovery on your device’s internal storage and regardless of whether you have an Android phone or iPhone.

Recovery via ChatsBack is safe, and you can recover your WhatsApp photos without having to uninstall the app. Furthermore, you get a preview window and selective file recovery solution so you can save time and move quickly in-between searching and getting back deleted photos.

Getting your WhatsApp data is as easy as following a few simple steps. First, you just have to install iMyFone ChatsBack and connect your smartphone to the computer via cable. Once the tool recognizes the connection it will then start the scan- wait a few minutes for it to access device data and allow the process to be completed.

Afterwards, you’ll be shown a window of the WhatsApp photos you can recover from your mobile phone. Aside from photos you can also pick videos, audio files, contact and general files to retrieve. You’ll also have the option to ‘recover from PC or Mac’ or ‘recover to device’ so you can continue using WhatsApp without missing a beat.

Restore Deleted WhatsApp Images with iTunes Backup on iPhone

Have an iPhone and want to use iTunes to recover your WhatsApp images? No problem. Here are the steps you can follow.

So, assuming that you want to recover WhatsApp images from your iTunes backup, here’s what you should do. First, make sure that your iTunes is up to date, then connect your iPhone to the computer and wait for it to be recognized.

Once iTunes is up, choose the ‘restore backup’ option and you’ll have a list of backup images. Pick the files you want, then click on ‘ok’ to proceed. When you’re sure, click on the ‘restore’ button, then let the software do the rest.

Retrieving deleted WhatsApp images via iTunes has its disadvantages. For one, you’ll need to have a backup file; and two, all data will be erased from your iPhone for this to work. Suffice to say, it’s not recommended if you have equally valuable data in your iPhone.

Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Photos with Google Drive on Android

Going back to Android devices, there’s a way to get back deleted WhatsApp photos using Google Drive. This works similarly to iTunes- you must have backed up data on the cloud to retrieve the photos.

The first thing you need to do is open WhatsApp and head directly to Settings, then Chats and finally, Chat Backup. Then, you should uninstall WhatsApp if the photo you want is on there.

Look through the Play Store and install the official WhatsApp app. Update it to the latest version, and when the time comes to log in, use the same Gmail and phone number that you used for the backup.

After the app verifies you, you can choose to restore backup or skip the process. Naturally, you’d want to choose ‘restore’ and wait for the app to find the backup (and your photos). Wait for it to finish recover deleted whatsapp messages and you’re done.

Like iTunes backup, this option will delete all your existing WhatsApp data in favor of the old one. It’s also a bit more tedious compared to recovering deleted WhatsApp photos using iMyFone ChatsBack.

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