Apple devices come with a great security system and various locks designed to keep your information safe. As much as these locks can be helpful and give confidence to iPhone users, there are certain instances you need to bypass them. This usually occurs when you lose access to your password, purchase a second-hand device or decide to hand down your used iPhone. Thankfully, there are several third-party unlocking software that can be used to help you out.

How To Remove MDM from an iPhone/iPad in Seconds?

In this piece, we will talk about how to unlock your device with a renowned third-party tool, WooTechy iDelock, and provide an adequate guide on how to use it in bypassing the MDM lock on your iPhone. Keep reading.

Basic Introduction to WooTechy iDelock

WooTechy iDelock is a renowned third-party tool that can be utilized to bypass various locks on your device; this includes things such as the MDM lock, screen lock, Apple ID lock and Screen Time lock. This software offers a solution to iPhone users who have been locked out of the device by allowing them to bypass the locks with just a few clicks.

How To Remove MDM from an iPhone/iPad in Seconds?

Features of WooTechy iDelock

Some of its unique and amazing features include:

  • Swift unlock of all kinds of iOS locks: WooTechy iDelock is designed to be highly effective and works to eliminate any kind of lock (as mentioned above) on your device quickly.
  • Easy to use: The software features an easily navigable interface which makes it easy for users to get into the device in no time. With this software, you do not need any technical know-how.
  • Safe and secure tool: This third-party software is highly safe to use, and it does not put your device at the risk of obtaining any malware or viruses. Additionally, your privacy is assured through encryption.
  • Highly compatibility: Unlike some of the unlocking software, WooTechy iDelock has a high compatibility score with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, regardless of their OS versions.

How To Remove MDM using WooTechy iDelock

The MDM, also known as Mobile Device Management, is usually used in businesses and other setups that utilize centralized management. If you need to bypass the MDM on your device and free your device from being tracked or from any central control, then WooTechy iDelock is to the rescue. Follow these simple steps to get your device off MDM in no time.

Step 1: Download and Launch WooTechy iDelock on your computer, and click the “Bypass MDM” mode. Connect Your Device to your computer with an original USB cable.

How To Remove MDM from an iPhone/iPad in Seconds?

Ensure that you trust the computer on your device if you have not done so previously.

Situation 1: Lockout of MDM screen

Situation 2: If your device is supervised and managed by other organization

 Situation 1:

Step 2: If your device is locked out of the MDM lock screen, Tap on “Bypass MDM” >”Start to Bypass.” This will begin the bypass process. Ensure that your device is kept on the MDM Lock Screen, iDelock will instantly bypass the MDM on your device.

How To Remove MDM from an iPhone/iPad in Seconds?

Step 3: Hold on for a moment while the MDM on your device is bypassed successfully. After this, when setting up ”Apps & Data” on your device, click “Don’t Transfer Apps & Data.”

How To Remove MDM from an iPhone/iPad in Seconds?

Note: The MDM will appear again if you reset your device after bypassing, and you can always use iDelock to unlock the same device before the license expires.

Situation 2: If your device is managed by another organization

Step 2: Click “Remove MDM” > “Start” button to proceed. After which, iDelock will bypass the MDM on your iOS device. Hold on for some minutes, and the MDM on your device will be bypassed successfully.

How To Remove MDM from an iPhone/iPad in Seconds?


Unlocking your iOS device with WooTechy iDelock is highly efficient, and as described in the steps above, with just a few clicks, you can access your device in no time without any restrictions. WooTechy iDelock boasts of a high success rate for unlocking devices and is trusted software by Apple users around the world, as it keeps your privacy safe and prevents virus infiltration and therefore is a recommended choice.

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