It can be frustrating when your favorite videos give you error messages and refuse to play. Many times, they’ll be the only record you have of a cherished memory.

How to repair corrupted video for free?

If you find yourself in this situation, there’s no need to worry. There several ways to fix your files. This article covers the best video repair tools you can use to restore corrupted footage.

Repairit Online is one of the best free tools you can use to recover broken files. It’s really efficient and easy to use. Sometimes, files may get damaged due to sudden power surges during playback, transfers, and editing, or due to problems when you try to convert them to other encoding formats. Regardless of the cause, Repairit Online will help you get your content back.

Benefits of Repairit Online

There’s no signup required. All you have to do is upload the broken file(s) to the website, and after the tool’s done its job, you can save the restored footage to your computer.

  • Repairit Online works on all major browsers and operating systems.
  • It supports three formats: MOV, MP4, and 3GP.
  • It’s entirely safe.
  • It’s remarkably efficient – you get to repair 10 files a day.

How to repair corrupted video online for free?

Step one: find the tool on the Wondershare website.

Go to the Repairit Online tool on the Wondershare website. Click the large blue button with a plus sign at its center. It’s at the top of the page, right above a line of text that says, “Upload your corrupted file here to repair it.”

How to repair corrupted video for free?

Step 2: choose a video.

You should see a dialogue box from which you can select the file you want to fix. After you do so, you’ll get a screen with an upload bar that displays the progress. Wait till it’s finished.

How to repair corrupted video for free?

Step 3: fix the file.

Repairit Online will automatically attempt repairs the moment you upload to the server. If all goes well, you’ll see a congratulatory message and a preview of your footage. There’ll also be options to fix another footage or save the item you’ve just restored.


Three Steps to Perform video repair on Windows/MAC

If your files aren’t in a supported format, or the process doesn’t work as expected, you could download Repairit Video Repair. The tool is an effective data recovery solution for both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

Instructions for windows video repair

Step 1: Download and install the software

If you’re on windows, download the Repairit installer from the Wondershare website. Depending on your connection, it may take a few minutes.

Step 2: Repair your file(s)

Next, launch the tool, then click the “+Add” button or the “play” icon above it to start adding files to repair. Step 3: After you’ve chosen an item, hit repair, it’ll be a navy-blue button at the bottom right of the application’s screen.

Step 4: Save/Export

You will see a success message if the conversion is successful.

At this point, you may choose to preview or export/save your footage. If you’ve already activated the software, this should go on without any problems. If you haven’t, you’ll only be able to watch a 5-second preview.

Instructions for Mac

To fix video on a mac, you’ll need the MOV video repair software. MOV is Apple’s proprietary encoding system. It’s mostly used to save quick time movies and similar files on the Macintosh operating system. Some HD and CCTV cameras use the format too.

Repairit MOV Video Repair for Mac will quickly scan and repair your corrupt MOV files. It can handle all sorts of MOV file errors and return your file to its original quality. This tool will also enable you to use your Mac to fix video files generated by devices like camcorders, Smartphones, and HD cameras.

Here’s how to restore damaged footage on your Mac

Step 1: Download the tool.

To download the MOV video file tool, go to the “Wondershare” website. Remember to download the MAC version.

Step 2: Add videos and restore them

Click the add button to select the MOV files you want the software to repair. The tool should only take a few minutes to fix the problems.

Step 3: Preview and export

Once the repair process finishes, you may check files to verify their quality, then click save to export your file to your preferred location.

Step 4: Advanced repair

If the repair process doesn’t work, you may try the advanced repair module. It’ll ask for a sample video (this should come from the same device and have a format similar to the damaged video).

Common video playback issues

Poor quality

Blurry, choppy, or jerky videos can be annoying. The problem is common with recorded footage and is often caused by SD card corruption, camera glitches during shooting, and outdated media players.

Update your drivers and try playing your video in a different media player. if there’s no improvement, put the file through the Wondershare video repair tool

Broken components

This problem typically presents as a broken video, and it means your video is missing a vital component. For example, the footage may be missing frames, audio components or contain significantly degraded footage. It may also have distorted metadata or be missing a header. All these issues make it hard for media players to play your files. They also increase the chances you’ll get an error prompt.

Error codes

You’ll get an error code whenever your media player or browser fails to show a video. There are several reasons why this could occur. They include;

  • There might be problems with the media player software installed on your computer/smartphone. The file may be damaged.
  • You could be using outdated browsing software.
  • The file might be in an incompatible format.

How to fix standard error codes.

This is the most frequent type of error. It happens whenever when the device playing the video loses its internet connection. To fix this problem, ensure your device has a reliable connection, then replay the file.

The video is unavailable.

If you see this error, it means the file was deleted or removed from its original location. This is especially common with Google drive videos whenever their owners remove the content from its source. Content sharing services may delete files, too, if they violate specific terms and conditions.

Error 500

You’ll likely encounter this error on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others. It occurs when there’s an internal fault with the browser. Try clearing your browser’s cache to fix this problem.

General fixes for no playback

If the videos are on your computer and won’t play, it’s likely because there’s a problem with the content or media player.

Solution 1: try playing it in a different media player. If, for example, your VOB file won’t play in windows media player, try loading it in VLC.

Solution 2: if the file can’t run in a different media player, it has probably been corrupted. You’ll need a recovery tool to fix it.

Digital camera files break for various reasons. These may include glitches while capturing footage and problems during data transfer. You may still view the files. However, if there has been substantial damage, you will get error messages saying the files are broken. There’s no quick fix for this sort of problem. But, you can recover your files with Wondershare Repairit.

As you’ve seen in this article, there are several reasons why videos break and a variety of ways to fix them. You could try using a different media player or checking your internet connection if you’re streaming. However, some problems require an advanced solution—that’s what you get with Repairit.

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