How to replace your iPhone’s battery

In this era of digitalization, everyone is tied to technology even if they don’t want it, they still have to use the technology to take advantage. When it comes to the latest technology in the phone, the iPhone is the one that is the most secure and user-friendly device. It is no more the essential thing for calling and messaging only. Whether you need assistance in your studies or need to manage your business, you always need a phone to do the work efficiently and quickly.

But what if your Apple iPhone battery becomes so unreliable or dead, makes your phone shut down in no time, and goes out when you need it the most?

iPhone’s battery

Well, that is the time to replace your iPhone’s battery, without a second thought. 

Hold tight till the end of this Article as we have got you covered for all your needs related to your iPhone battery replacement. Whether you want it to replace by yourself or get it done through a battery replacement center. 

How batteries work

Your iPhone comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that stores energy for when you need it most. The battery inside your iPhone is made up of two parts: an anode (positive) and a cathode (negative). The anode has a positive charge and the cathode has a negative charge. When you change your iPhone’s battery using Apple’s Lightning cable attached to the bottom of your phone, electrons flow from one part of the battery to another through wires that are connected by metal plates. Over time, these wires break down and stop working properly—and without them, your phone won’t turn on at all! 

When to replace iPhone battery?

As per Apple, the new iPhone device has almost 500 battery cycles, and once the 500 battery cycles are completed only then your iPhone battery will start degrading. If you are not sure what is battery cycle then let me clarify “One complete battery cycle is to drain your battery to 0 percent from 100 percent and completely charge the battery from 0 percent to 100 percent”.  So, you have 499 battery cycles left once you made the one cycle completed. Later on, your iPhone battery will start degrading. And, of course, the battery will start draining faster and will require more frequent charging than before and once you notice it becoming unreliable or feel like your battery is dead and not working properly, then that’s the time to get it replaced.

Replacing the battery via Apple

If you are looking for an iPhone XR battery replacement you can always get it done through the official Apple store or authorized Apple service provider. Because they do apple battery replacement at no charge if it is covered by AppleCare+, warranty, or consumer law. In case, if you get your iPhone repaired through any unofficial Apple store then your iPhone warranty will be void and you will not be able to claim anything under the warranty. Still, if your iPhone’s warranty is expired you can go to the Apple store and they will replace your iPhone battery for a service fee.

Apple made it much easier for you, you can just schedule an appointment at an Apple store or an authorized Apple service provider. Or you can also schedule onsite services and get the authorized apple service provider at your convenient location. To get the estimate you can visit the official website of Apple, as per their website estimated cost to replace your iPhone XR is $69. 

Replacing the battery yourself

Can you replace an iPhone battery?

Yes, you can replace your iPhone battery but it is not recommended to replace it by yourself, and preferred to get it done through an authorized apple store or professional third-party service providers. Doing it by yourself can be highly risky; it can void the warranty of your phone if it is under warranty, it can also affect the waterproof feature of your iPhone and also cause some serious damage to your iPhone as they use strong glue. So be cautious before taking the step.

If you still want to replace your iPhone’s battery yourself, follow these steps:

1. Turn off your iPhone.

2. Slide open your case and remove the old battery (which will likely be glued in place).

3. Carefully pry out the glued-in battery from its holder and set it aside for later disposal as necessary.

4. Insert the new one into its holder and gently push down until it snaps into place (if applicable).

5. Reattach any wiring that may have come loose during the removal of the old battery and make sure all buttons work properly when pressed—they may not yet if they’re still hot from being removed from their mountings!

How to replace your iPhone’s battery

Getting your battery replaced at a third-party repair shop

If your iPhone battery is no longer holding a charge, it can be frustrating to know that the only solution is to replace it. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap process if opt for the Apple store, and not an easy task if you decide to do it yourself. 

The good news is that third-party repair shops are available to help you with this process. Many of these shops offer iPhone XR battery replacement at an effective price and quick service. If you are interested in getting your iPhone battery replaced at a third-party repair shop, here’s what you need to know:

First, find a reputable shop near you. You can do this by checking out at Nicelocal and seeing they have a list of locations in your area. Second, call up the shop and ask about their pricing structure and how long it will take them to exchange your battery for one that’s new and ready to go. Third, set up an appointment with them so that they can take care of everything for you!