How to Retrieve Deleted Android Data Without Root

Have you accidentally deleted your important data? Don’t know how to retrieve deleted Android data without root? Sometimes we unintentionally delete our important data, including pictures, videos, documents, and more. Although it would happen to anyone,  it is of importance beat our brains out to retrieve data. Fortunately, we will show you how to retrieve deleted Android data without root with the help of  the best Android data recovery software in this article.

Part 1: Why not recommend using Root to Recover Android Data?

Rooting is one of the ideal ways to jailbreak or unlock your phone. With the help of this method, you can make changes to your operating system and much more. However, this process is not recommended to restore data as it can cause trouble. That is the reason many experts recommend not rooting your phone. Below are the disadvantages of rooting your phone.

How to Retrieve Deleted Android Data Without Root

Disadvantages of Rooting:

  1. It can make your phone useless if done in the wrong way.
  2. It will void your warranty.
  3. Your phone becomes vulnerable to malware and hacking.
  4. There are chances that you might download rooting software that contains malware and viruses.
  5. You might lose access to some apps, such as Android Pay.

Part 2: Can I perform Android data Recovery without Root?

As mentioned above, it is risky to perform Android data recovery with root. Apart from using rooting to retrieve data, there are numerous ways that help recover Android data without root. You can use different Android data recovery software to restore deleted files. However, it is complicated that most Android data recovery software requires root to access your phone. So, Can an Android file recovery restore data without rooting the device? Yes, definitely! Many apps have been created to help recover deleted files without root. You can also use a photo recovery app for Android to recover your lost photos without root. 

Part 3: 2 Proven ways to access Android phone data without root?

Are you looking for the best ways to retrieve deleted Android data without root? In this section, we will guide you on how to recover an Android file without root. Continue reading the article for more details.

Method 1: How to Recover Android Data Without Root by Tenorshare Ultdata for Android?

Losing your important data can be frustrating. However, anyone can easily recover Android data without root if they know the right method. Since we know that rooting is a complicated method with quite a few risks. But don’t worry because  Tenorshare Ultdata for Android is your ideal choice. Tenorshare UltData for Android is a trustworthy photo recovery software that has found back data from Android phones with a high recovery rate.  This Android data recovery software is easy to use and has a straightforward interface. Below we have mentioned the steps for using this application. 

How to use Tenorshare Ultdata for Android

  1. Download and install Tenorshare Ultdata for Android on your PC and run it. Now, from the option, choose “Recover Lost Data.”
How to Retrieve Deleted Android Data Without Root
  • In the next step, you must connect your phone and ensure that USB debugging is enabled.
How to Retrieve Deleted Android Data Without Root
  • Once it detects your phone, you will be shown different file types that you can recover. So, choose the files you want to recover and click the “Start” option.
How to Retrieve Deleted Android Data Without Root
  • Once the process starts, the app will scan your phone and show you the screen’s data. You can preview the files and click the “Recover” option. Within a few seconds, you will see the “Recover Successfully” message on the screen.
How to Retrieve Deleted Android Data Without Root

You can follow these steps to retrieve deleted Android data without root.   

This photo recovery software can recover phones without causing any damage. There are indeed different photo recovery apps for Android to get your images back without root. But Tenorshare Ultdata for Android deserves to be trusted for its unique features. The key features of this best Android data recovery software are as follows:

  1. You can easily restore deleted WhatsApp messages on Android without backup.
  2. This tool helps download and preview WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.
  3. You can recover data from both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp. The data you can get includes photos, videos, and more.
  4. You can restore lost WeChat messages, contacts, and photos from new devices, including Xiaomi(China) and Huawei.
  5. It has the highest data recovery success rate.
  6. The interface is user-friendly, which makes it perfect for beginners.

Method 2: How to Recover Deleted Files from Android using an Android Data Recovery App?

If you are searching for an application to recover deleted data from an Android phone without root, it is handy to use Android data recovery app. This photo recovery app helps us recover any data without erasing anything.

  • Go to the Google Play Store, download and install  Tenorshare UltData app on your phone and choose the data you want to recover.
How to Retrieve Deleted Android Data Without Root
  • Then this Android data recovery app will scan your phone. You could preview and select which files to recover after the scanning process is completed. Within a few seconds, the photos will be recovered.

Part 4: People also ask about Android Data Recovery without Root

Q1. When do you need to root your Android phone?

A3:  Rooting is considered the best option when it comes to retrieving the data as it helps access everything, including your operating system. It also gives you permission to change your data and makes sure that you can unlock those Android devices which have Linux Kernel. Besides, rooting was the only option left for fixing complicated issues of Android devices though it has risks.  

Q2. Can I recover data after factory reset without root?

A1: Yes, you can easily recover Android data after factory reset. In case you are looking for the best data recovery software, we suggest using Ultdata for Android. It is amazing to recover data in no time. Plus, using this app, you can recover almost everything, including pictures, videos, documents, WeChat messages, and so on.

Q3.  Can I recover deleted videos on Android?

A2: Yes, Tenorshare Ultdata for Android is available for Android devices, supporting more than 6000+ Android devices.  You can preview data in detail before performing Android Data recovery. You can also select any item you want to save avoiding duplicated delete unlike items. recover videos, pictures, files, contacts, and more using Tenorshare Ultdata for Android. This application also ensures a fully risk-free recovery process.

Part 5: The Final Words

Undoubtedly, losing the data is no more than a nightmare. But if you know the right tactics like Tenorshare Ultdata for Android, then you can easily get the files back. If you are looking for the best software to retrieve deleted Android data without root, we recommend downloading this Android data recovery software because it is simple, and anyone can recover data with one click.