How to Secure Your Email Address with EPRIVO

In the era of data explosion, people are creating more data every single day by uploading pictures, posting blogs, sending messages and emails while data analytics and cyber attackers are figuring out new ways to breach people’s privacy. Needless to say, security is of the utmost concern when it comes to sharing confidential information through the internet.

Most businesses and organizations communicate via email and if their email service isn’t reliable enough that any techie from a rival company can tap in and get access to every single email being exchanged by their employees, it can lead to unacceptable consequences. It is therefore wise to enforce the required security to protect your email address before anyone can attempt an invasion.

How to Secure Your Email Address with EPRIVO

What is EPRIVO?

What is EPRIVO?

EPRIVO, a brand developed by BlueRISC Inc., provides consumers with cyber-security solutions to protect their privacies online. EPRIVO offers a private email address service with which you get access to various features that put you in control as a sender to secure your email communications. Note that EPRIVO is not an email client service with which you can send emails, but rather it is a security service for your existing email accounts. Say you use Gmail or Yahoo for email correspondence.

Using EPRIVO, you will be able to secure those email services and EPRIVO won’t even have to store any of your emails. A pretty neat way to separate mail services and privacy aspects, right? You also get a 3-month free trial to work with these services and see what value they offer to you before you invest in them. You can also extend the trial by becoming a Beta tester.


Features Offered by EPRIVO Private Email Service

EPRIVO is unlike any other private email service because it does not simply offer digital safety but it also allows you to have physical protection for your email account. Following are the features of this service that make it unmatched in terms of providing email security:

  • Sender-Side Control – This service allows a sender to control what happens to an email even after it has been sent. Which means that you can disable forwarding by the recipient, set the email to one-time view which means the email will become non-existent after it has been opened and viewed once, etc. This gives the sender authority on keeping his/her emails secure.
  • End-to-end Encryption – This is the most basic yet one of the most important means to ensure security so your email content cannot be accessed midway in the cloud or from the email servers.
  • Confidentiality and Custom Privacy Per Email – You can avail cloud and recipient confidentiality as well as select custom privacy settings for each email you are sending. This way, you don’t have to worry about protection for emails that don’t contain important information and you can have high-security options enabled to make certain emails as secure as possible. Conveniently, all of this can be done from within the email application itself.
  • Permanently Deleting Sent Emails – This can be done using a feature known as Recalling Emails. What happens when you recall an email is that the particular email will not be visible to the recipient anymore and will also be removed from the cloud. If you want to automate this, you can also set an expiration date at the time of sending the email and it will expire by itself.

Permanently Deleting Sent Emails

  • Keep Your Email Address Private – You can check the “Private FROM address once the email is read” option to keep your email address invisible to any parties who view your email.
  • Send an SMS to Notify the Recipient about Private Email – EPRIVO also allows you to send a private email to a user who is not using this service so you can alert the recipient by sending them a text message on their mobile device notifying them that they will be receiving a private email by you.
  • Send Voice Email – the latest version of EPRIVO promises both text and voice private emails. So, you can respond with a private voice email anytime and have same controls over it as if it would be text.
  • Cross Platform Support – You can use EPRIVO in any of the platforms using iOS, Android or Windows. The service is compatible with all devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. You can even use the web-based service by installing the EPRIVO Privacy Manager in your device.
  • Cost-Effective Plans – You can choose from various available plans for individuals or family members and subscribe as per your need. All of the plans offered by EPRIVO are reasonably priced and if you have significant usage of this service, then you’ll definitely feel like you’re getting more than your money’s worth.

Cost-Effective Plans

  • Active Customer Care Service – Should you ever come across any difficulties or queries while using the private email service, you can contact the customer support by EPRIVO to get an instant response.

How to Use EPRIVO Private Email Service

The most convenient thing that users find when starting with EPRIVO is that there is no need to create a new email account. With EPRIVO, you privatize your existing account not just by getting end-to-end encryption, but by getting physical control of the emails you have sent. You simply need to follow these steps to start using EPRIVO right away:

1. Go to EPRIVO’s official website by using this link –

2. From the navigation bar, click on the “Sign Up” button.

3.  You will be redirected to a page with detailed information on various plans offered by EPRIVO. Select the most suitable plan as per your needs and click on the “TRY FOR FREE” button.

How to Use EPRIVO Private Email Service

4.  Now you have to enter the email address that you want to secure using EPRIVO, your full name and create a password for logging in to this website.

5.  Once done, check the agreement of terms and conditions and click the Submit button. Remember that you will need to trust EPRIVO and grant all the required permissions so it can serve you to the best of its abilities.

secure using EPRIVO

6. After your registration is complete, you will get access to all the features offered by EPRIVO to secure your email account.

EPRIVO also provides private email software for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone, and Microsoft Windows Computers. You can simply download and install this software in your device and you will be guided on how to get started with the service.



Privatizing your existing email accounts with EPRIVO private email means that you have the A to Z control from enforcing digital authentication and confidentiality, authorizing what a recipient can and cannot do with the email content and even securing the metadata regarding the email. You also get the flexibility of integrating this service with any email client software and use the extended privacy features offered by EPRIVO.

Without much ado, go ahead and start your 3-month free trial and enjoy the benefits of using a secure email address without any worries of your privacy being breached.