How to Spy on iPhone without Physical Access

Internet activity affects us and how we socialize with others, so seeing and knowing what our kids are doing is definitely mandatory. So how to spy on iPhone without having the phone? The answer would be using a spy app.

The Top 3 Methods to Spy on iPhone

There are three different methods you may use to track your kid’s phone safely and secretly:

How to Spy on iPhone without Physical Access

1. Install Spy Apps

The first method you may try is to install a spy app on your kid’s device. Basically, they work by mirroring any activities done within the device and sending the information directly to you.

Amongst the other options you may find on the internet, eyeZy could be one of the best spyware for iPhone without access to target phone. It may be considered an effective method since it has a lot of features that are useful for any parent. Fortunately, the tracking done in eyeZy can be engaged without the need for jailbreaking. It has everything important to have in any spy app. Some examples are:

  • iPhone Tracking: You’re given the ability to see all the important info within your kid’s device, including call logs, text messages, eyeZy, installed applications, internet use, and many more.
  • Keylogger: It lets you see and stop any potentially dangerous interactions on your kid’s phone. This feature is easy to use on eyeZy, so the parents can see everything typed on the phone.
  • Screen Recorder: It captures any chats, video calls, or basically anything on the screen!
  • GPS Tracker: To detect your kid’s whereabouts effectively, eyeZy also has a GPS tracker feature to track location in real-time.

Although eyeZy is capable of giving you all these great benefits, the app does come with a price. But don’t worry, it’ll always be worth it.

How to Spy on iPhone without Physical Access

2. Use Apple ID

Can I spy on an iPhone like this? If that’s the question you want to ask, the answer is yes.

Apple ID can be identified as a personal account to access all the Apple services and products. The ID includes information, such as email, password, contact, payment details, and others.

To use this method, however, you will be required to have the Apple ID details of your kid’s phone, which you may obtain by having a physical interaction with the particular phone.

3. Use a Phone Recovery Stick

If you’re looking for an alternative on how to spy on another iPhone, you may use a device called iPhone Recovery Stick.

Just like spies in action movies, you will install this pen drive and connect it with the phone you want to spy on. This kind of device can be easily found online within the spying materials. So how to bug an iPhone remotely?

By connecting the pen device, you may obtain personal information such as internet history, phone call history, text messages, and many others. A recovery stick is usually used for backup purposes, but the parents can also utilize it to obtain any information from their kid’s phone.

Since you’ll need to connect the recovery stick and the phone to the same desktop, the process may take a while.

How to Spy on iPhone without Physical Access


Thus, if you are in the market for an app or tool to spy on someone’s iPhone, we highly recommend using The app itself is reputable and loved for its amazing features. By using eyeZy, you can easily spy on your kid’s phone discreetly.

This way, you can be more relaxed and assured that your kid’s online activity will always be monitored so they can be further away from harm.