If you prefer the easy way to spy on someone whatsapp click here Spying is no longer as difficult as back in the days. There are several tools you can arm yourself with today in order to spy on someones whatsapp conversations without much stress or even the person knowing.

How to spy on someones whatsapp messages without access

Despite the mouth watering features offered by some other instant messaging apps, non has been close to dethroning whatsapp from being the most used instant messaging app globally. Whatsapp doesn’t only lead but also has the largest market share among messaging app users,  so this has nothing but made the hacking of whatsapp a hot cake. And unlike before, there are now many options available to anybody who is interested in spying on whatsapp. Whatsapp which was created a little over a decade ago now boasts billions of downloads and still counting. It is not totally known why people are so glued to whatsapp, but some of the reasons why we feel people are so much glued to whatsapp messenger includes;

  • User friendliness
  • No cost
  • End to end encryption
  • Easy to find someone on it
  • Existing popularity
  • Simple and attractive look

How to read someones whatsapp messages without touching their phone

Unlike before, it is now very easy to hack, spy or access someones whatsapp account reading all messages without holding the device. Although, whatsapp has over time tried to block several known vulnerabilities which led to whatsapp exploitation in the past, nevertheless has it stopped the surge of other  spying exploits with this leaving whatsapp users to be preyed on by hackers. Back in the days people would even go as far as employing a private investigator or a spy to spy on the victim in physical space but these, all it takes is to access anybody’s phone in order to know what they are up to.

How to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone

There are several approaches to spying on whatsapp. While some are easy, others are not and may require the use of hacking intellect to execute. The most adopted methods of whatsapp spying are as follows:

  • How to spy on whatsapp using whazzak
  • How to spy on whatsapp using spy apps
  • Spying on whatsapp with qr code
  • How to spy on whatsapp by sending a malicious link
  • Spy on whatsapp messages with mac spoofing
  • How to spy on whatsapp with whatsapp web

How to spy on whatsapp using whazzak

For those who do not know what whazzak is, whazzak is a whatsapp tool that was created in may 2007 for people to spy on other peoples whatsapp without getting caught. Most of the time, people ignore or disregard the updates and warnings by software providers and thus, leading to the breach of data.

How to spy on whatsapp using spy apps

Do you know what spy apps are?  Spy apps are very powerful whatsapp spying tool. Spy app is your best bet if you want to spy on whatsapp without being a geek. Without exaggeration, spy app is the most useful tool and often used by non tech pro for spying on whatsapp and other important phone functions.

The best whatsapp spy

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Flexispy is with no doubt the best spy app for whatsapp. Flexispy offers a spy app for every kinda device, with some of the product uses including;

  • Phone spying
  • Computer spying
  • Access to gallery
  • Tablet monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Whatsapp spy

Flexispy is the most powerful monitoring software for computers, tables and mobile devices , with it’s use not limited to whatsapp only as it can be employed to spy on a facebook account, viber, snapchat, Instagram, wechat, gallery, calls, browsing history, and e.t.c. Flexispy is often used by parents for parental monitoring, employers for employee monitoring and by spouses for

spousal monitoring

How to use fleispy to spy on someone whatsapp conversation.

To do this, you need to go to the official website of flexispy, select the preferred plan, make payment and install flexispy on the victims phone.

What can I access on whatsapp with flexispy

With flexispy, you can easily gain access to someones:

  • incoming and outgoing whatsapp messages
  • deleted whatsapp messages
  • shared images and videos
  • whatsapp audio and video calls.

Note that this is one hell of a task. If you want to access and spy on whatsapp messages with the use of a malicious link, you gotta be some hacking guru. There are not many people that can pull off this spying technique and even the best among hackers often fail while attempting this. It is important to know that this is not impossible though, as it was engineered in spying on the phone of the richest person in the world in person of jeff bezos. By infecting a message sent by the Saudi prince, hackers were able to infiltrate the phone and whatsapp of jeff bezos spying on him. Altough this may sound easy, it is not. And even if you were able to get someone to do it for you, it may be too expensive as it is estimated to cost between a few and tens of thousands of dollars.

Spy on whatsapp messages with mac spoofing

Mac spoofing involves changing a factory-assigned media access control of a network on a device. Every device has it’s own unique mac and hile an ip address is used to identify the location of the user on the internet, a mac address is used to know the device that is on the internet. A hacker can present himself as the original owner of a mac bypassing several organized checks stealing all data as passed on the gateway system without detection. It doesn’t matter if you use an android device or iphones, all devices have it’s own unique mac. By manipulating mac, hackers can gain access to vital informations thereby accessing and spying on whatsapp.

How to spy on whatsapp with whatsapp web

Spying on whatsapp through the whatsapp web is one of the easiest methods to easily access someone whatsapp. Spying on whatsapp via whatsapp web is very easy to use. All you have to do is go to the whatsapp web website and take the victims phone and scan the qr code of the victim’s whatsapp account. As long as the victim’s phone is around you, you’ll have no issue spying on their whatsapp conversation. Although whatsapp has tried to limit the exploit of this spying method, it is still very achievable and is still being exploited by a lot of people.

How to spy on whatsapp using qr code

It is important to note spying on whatsapp via whatsapp and qr code means the same. The two works together and one cannot be sidelined. Below are the steps to spy on whatsapp with qr code

  • Open whatsapp on target’s phone
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the persons whatsapp
  • Click on settings
  • Then click on the bar code
  • signal at the top right corner
  • and the scan the barcode to proceed.
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