How to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine


One of the main problems among couples today is the lack of trust, this is so common today because of the constant use of social networks and messaging applications and the appearance and regular use of partner search applications. That is why it is increasingly common that one of the parts of the couple, if not both, have taken it out of habit to check their partner’s mobile messages, but this can lead to him or her catching the other and resulting in a serious discussion. That’s why “spy” applications are becoming more and more common, programs through which you can enter to your partner’s mobile without him or her noticing.

How to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine

If you decide to go ahead and use this type of application you will find yourself with a moral doubt that will haunt you, “Am I doing the right thing spying on the privacy of my partner for simple suspicions?” Only you have the answer to this question, we are only going to show you how to carry out this synchronization.

But these apps are not free of dangers either. The biggest problem we can face is having the application registered on your own mobile, which can lead to your partner finding it and realizing what you are doing. That is why it is advisable to buy a second smartphone, from which to carry out espionage. But this other option can lead to another risk, and it is that this second terminal can be found. In addition, he or she can detect the synchronization that you have made between his/her mobile and yours or simply deactivate it without realizing what is taking place. There is also the possibility that you will come across certain messages that you cannot read.

Different ways to synchronize their mobile with yours
Actually, as we have already mentioned, there are numerous applications developed to

monitor the messages that your partner receives on his/her mobile, such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Tinder, even spying on their mail and their saved images and documents.
But it can also be done through the settings of the mobile phone itself, as we will explain below.

With an iPhone it is as simple as synchronizing messages in iCloud, logging in with the same ID. This is done by going to settings, clicking on your name and on iCloud and then activating messages.

On the other hand, on Android this process is even easier, you can do it through Google Sync, in the settings application, entering User or Accounts, depending on the device, and synchronizing the account.

If you want to learn more about all the ways you have to synchronize you boyfriend or girlfriend’s mobile to yours, you can have more information clicking on ​”How to Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine“​.

But now, before considering these types of actions that can lead to worse discussions with your boyfriend or girlfriend, wouldn’t it be better to talk to your partner and solve possible problems that you may have directly? We are sure it is a much better solution. A relationship must be based on trust and if you trust your partner, you shouldn’t check his mobile, don’t you think?

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