How to Turn Your iPhone into a Money-Making Gear?

A decade ago, media popularity was all about expensive gear, a lot of knowledge, and a bit of luck. However, nowadays you don’t need any of that. Expensive equipment has been replaced by iPhone while knowledge has become readily available on a few web pages. As for luck… Okay, you still need it.

However, currently, the biggest challenge is choosing the right platform to make content for. While you have plenty of decent options, TikTok has the lowest entry threshold. Basically, anyone with a camera on their phone can get millions of views, as well as popularity and advertising contracts. Even if you initially struggle, services like Auto Likes TikTok can boost your stats to solidify your popularity. Ready to hit TikTok trends? Let’s find out the basics of TikTok success.

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Money-Making Gear?

Original Content

The digital space is full of scraped articles, videos, or everything that can be posted. While properly adapted content can be really good, you can’t rely on it, especially in TikTok. TikTok is a place for millions of creators, so you can imagine how many of them copy each other. You’re simply risking getting ignored by users that don’t want to watch the same content for the nth time.

The best scenario is making your own trends or something really unique, like rare-to-see art or so. However, TikTok newcomers likely can’t create a banger that others will follow. So, there is the second tip.


How to Turn Your iPhone into a Money-Making Gear?

You just started your TikTok journey and can’t rule the trends yet. Well, at least you can follow them. The thing is, you should follow some content ideas but add your personal touch to them. As was previously mentioned, tasteless copying will bore visitors. If you manage to feel a trend and make your own idea based on it – TikTok algorithms can bring you millions of views. What are those lofty algorithms? Let’s move on to the next tip.

TikTok Algorithms

Simply put, TikTok algorithms are restless scouts. They check all videos (or rather their metadata) to find signs of a potential banger. All the algorithms’ mechanics are top secret. Why? TikTok became one of the most influential platforms because these algorithms help visitors get the best, personalized recommendations.

After you make your TikTok video, it’s promoted to a small targeted group of people. If these people like your video, the video is pushed to a bigger group. This process continues with the approval rate of your content.

How to leverage it? The overall idea is the same – make quality, entertaining content. It should be trendy, eye-catching, and (most importantly!) evoke powerful emotions. People don’t watch TikTok because they need to analyze something – they want to feel or emotionally “taste” your content.

You bring emotions -> people like it, -> TikTok algorithms recommend your video to millions.

Sounds easy, isn’t it? Unfortunately, not everyone manages to make it happen. Don’t know what emotions your content should convey? Again, check TikTok trends and copy them, adding a personal touch.