An iPhone is clearly the go-to device for mobile users. From the latest iPhone 11, to the earliest iPhone 3G, Apple has really dominated the market with iPhones.

How to unlock any iPhone for any network worldwide

Initially, they wanted to sell the iPhones directly to consumers, but were met with obstructions from the carriers and found it difficult to penetrate many markets. So way back in 2008 they teamed up with networks around the world and sold the iPhone subsidised over contract lengths. For example, a $1499 is sold at $199 and the remainder of the cost spread over the contract. This helps gets as many iPhones into the hands of consumers.

However, because these iPhones are subsidised, they are locked to the carrier. This means that you cannot simply remove your sim card and put in another carrier sim card. The iPhone will come up with an error “Sim card not supported”. 

Frequent travellers and people wanting to the get the best value for money contracts in their home countries will need to unlock iPhone. This enables iPhones locked to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and any other network worldwide, to be used on any sim card. DirectUnlocks service is very fast and low cost – cheaper and faster indeed than using the carrier themselves, and uses an official IMEI unlock which enables the device to be used on any sim card and network worldwide. 

Asking your carrier to unlock your iPhone, will usually result in you having to meet very particular requirements and wait up to 30 days. Indeed, if you buy the iPhone second hand, the carrier will not unlock the handset at all.

Because it is an official unlock, the device can be safely updated and you do not lose your warranty.

Prices start from $28

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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