How to Unlock any iPhone without Passcode?



If you don’t know how to unlock any iPhone without a passcode, you might be stranded in an emergency. It may happen for various reasons, such as changing the Passcode too frequently and forgetting it afterward, your spouse changing your Passcode without informing you, or your bad child accidentally locking your iPhone. So, what are your options?

How to Unlock any iPhone without Passcode?

Normally, you don’t trust what you’ve seen and attempt to unlock your iPhone by entering the Passcode. The only way to unlock a disabled iPhone in this circumstance is to restore it. And isn’t it a scenario none of us wants to be in? As a result, in today’s post, we’ll go through how to unlock any iPhone without Passcode.

Solutions to Unlock iPhone without Passcode:

Below are some of the methods to unlock any iPhone without a Passcode,

Use TunesKit iPhone Unlocker:

TunesKit iPhone Unlocker is a professional unlocking software that allows users to unlock their iPhones without entering a password. When you run into problems like repeatedly entering wrong passwords, Face ID not functioning, or being unable to input a password due to a damaged screen, TunesKit iPhone Unlocker can always come to your rescue in only a few clicks. It now works with most iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.


  • In a few minutes, you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone without a password.
  • Assist in easily removing Face ID and fingerprint recognition.
  • Available on the most recent iOS version, which includes 15
  • Allow for iDevices to be factory reset without passwords.
  • Unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with ease.

Now, let’s dive in and see how you can unlock your iPhone without a Passcode using TunesKit iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1: Please connect the iPhone to a PC first. And after the connection is established, TunesKit iPhone Unlocker will recognize your iPhone.

How to Unlock any iPhone without Passcode?

Step 2: Please follow the instructions to put iPhone into Recovery or DFU mode. Click the Next button once you’ve completed it successfully.

How to Unlock any iPhone without Passcode?

Step 3: You will notice a succession of device information in this step. Ascertain that all of the information provided corresponds to your iPhone. When something goes wrong, you must manually correct it. If all of the information is correct, click the Download button to download the firmware package.

How to Unlock any iPhone without Passcode?

Step 4: When TunesKit iPhone Unlocker has finished downloading, press the Unlock button. And you’ll be able to use your phone after it’s been unlocked.

How to Unlock any iPhone without Passcode?

Use iTunes:

iTunes is the most popular choice among consumers. Many people believe that if you have a problem with your gadget, connecting it to iTunes will solve it. True, but it is inconvenient. There is a lengthy procedure that must be completed before you may proceed.

Not to mention the potential for unexpected crashes and glitches while using iTunes. You must first put the device into recovery mode, after which you may restore it with iTunes. So, here’s how to use iTunes to unlock a locked phone:

  1. On your computer, open the iTunes application.
  2. Get a USB cord and attach it exclusively to your computer.
  3. Take out your iPhone.
  4. When iTunes detects that the device is in recovery mode, it will display a notice that says, “There is an issue with iPhone that requires it to be upgraded or restored.”
  5. The software will be downloaded, and iTunes will restore your device once you tap “Restore and Update.”
  6. Your phone is now unlocked, and you may use it.

Use Find My iPhone:

Another approach is to use “Find My iPhone” to unlock your iPhone without Siri or a passcode. Cleaning up your gadget only takes only a few minutes. It safely unlocks the iPhone without entering the Passcode. If you wish to recover your iPhone data, this is another excellent approach for enabling all functionality.

You may switch on “Find My iPhone” straight from your iPhone by following the instructions below. For the greatest results, use the procedures listed below:

Step 1: Go to and login in with your Apple credentials using your computer or another iOS device.

Step 2: Next, choose “All Devices” from the drop-down menu. If Find My iPhone is turned on on your smartphone, you’ll find your iPhone listed there. Simply click on it and select “Erase iPhone” from the drop-down menu. The data on your iPhone, including the Passcode, will be deleted. As a result, the iPhone may be unlocked without the use of Siri.

Use iCloud:

iCloud is the last and most accurate answer to the locked iPhone issue. The most important apps built for iOS devices are iTunes and iCloud. Although iTunes is a great tool for resolving the issues, iCloud also has a remedy.

You can access your iPhone without a PIN, thanks to iCloud. The only difference is that the procedure is a little difficult and unusual! It uses Find My iPhone function to unlock iPhone even from a distance. Here is how to unlock your locked iPhone without entering a passcode:

  1. To start the process, turn on your PC.
  2. After that, go to
  3. Log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID.
  4. Now, select “All Devices” from the top menu.
  5. After that, pick a device, in this example, your iPhone.
  6. Select “Erase” from the drop-down menu.


Thousands of people suffer this difficulty every year, but instead of taking their smartphones to the local Apple Store, they may utilize one of the ways listed above to solve the problem. Siri can assist you in unlocking your iPhone, but it is not always reliable. Folks have been using the iCloud and iTunes tools to unlock iPhones for years.

Still, you can also use the third-party tool TunesKit iPhone Unlocker to unlock your iPhone more successfully and quickly than any other methods described here. Unlike the other ways in this post, it’s simple to use and doesn’t need any difficult processes. This program is highly recommended!

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