An argumentative essay utilizes all the logical supports and factual evidence to convince the reader of a specific way of thinking. Many essays can persuade all the readers to believe a particular perspective. But the argumentative essays are pretty different from the rest.

How to Write iPhone Vs Android Argumentative Essay?

It’s mainly because they rely on hard evidence, sources, and various other studies to prove their argument is the best. So, when you are thinking of writing an iPhone vs. Android argumentative essay, you need to learn how to do so.

Here, under this particular post, you will understand how to write an argumentative essay on the topic “iPhone vs. Android.” So, let’s get started!

1.  Support Your Argument with Facts

The argumentative essays are pretty similar to the Theory of Knowledge or TOK essays. It’s because they show the comparison between two things with the help of concrete facts. The facts can help readers understand and learn more about the topic effectively.

So, when you want to talk about iPhone vs. Android and tell the reader which one is right for them, you have to conduct a lot of research. This is because research can provide you with a lot of data to support all your primary points. Make sure to look at other sources.

Otherwise, you can also go through studies, enhancing your credibility. Try to withhold your personal feelings and opinions as much as you can and allow all your evidence to do the talking on your behalf.

2.  Be Proactive About the Language

When writing an argumentative essay on an “iPhone vs. Android” topic, taking care of the style and tone is highly essential. You have to be respectful when picking all the phrases and words. Do not utilize an aggressive tone as it can reflect negatively on you instead of the target, even when refuting a contemptible perspective.

3.  Use Aids for Grammar and Style

Remember, a small mistake can easily derail a properly planned argument. If you get distracted by grammar or spelling, it will become difficult for you to formulate a good argument. So, what’s the solution here? It’s simple, and you just have to go through the whole argument before proceeding further.

Argumentative Essay: What Will I Learn Through It?

Writing an argumentative essay on a topic like “iPhone vs. Android” will help you point out all the important things about the two platforms. You will also provide information about their features, performance, and the things that make them unique. Besides that, writing an argumentative essay will also teach a lot more things. Let’s learn what they are!

1.   The Research Skills

When you’re writing an argumentative essay, you need to do plenty of research to obtain information. You might have to read all the secondary sources on a literature piece, investigate the statistics on a social or political problem, or compile the empirical data on a scientific hypothesis. The research that you will do for an argumentative essay will help you learn more about the topic.

2.   Anticipating Objections

An argumentative essay will outline a clear argument on a particular topic, but you must also anticipate the objectives of your specific position. This can entail the exactness of substitute viewpoints or address all the potential questions that the reader has in-store. This type of approach can surely help you become an expert regarding differing arguments. It can also help you improve your argumentative skills and develop critical thinking skills effectively.

3.   The Writing Skills

Through the normal writing assignments, you learn the mechanics and grammar properly. But the argumentative essay will help you learn the significance of the paper structure. Properly written argumentative essays are narrowly-tailored and clear, which is supported by all the subsequent paragraphs. Through an argumentative essay, the things you will learn are:

  • Stick to the thesis, which you can defend easily within an allotted space.
  • Stay on the topic.
  • Support all your arguments.

The Takeaway

The argumentative essay is not like the normal essays that you usually write. These essays are based completely on concrete evidence and facts. To provide the correct information, you must conduct a lot of research, which you can use as the main points in the essay. If you want to write an argumentative essay, you first have to learn how to write one. Once you do, it will become easier for you to create more essays like this.

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