How to Write the Perfect Video Descriptions for YouTube


YouTube is one of the most competitive social media platforms as it is the 2nd most-visited one. For this reason, many creators are trying to find something that will make their channel become more popular than the rest and find success on the platform.

How to Write the Perfect Video Descriptions for YouTube

Nevertheless, it is still difficult to make users notice with just your content. You always need to enhance your videos by gaining YouTube views from Stormviews to make the platform’s audience to discover your channel. Once you get some traffic, the algorithm is going to suggest your videos to more users and you will gain more subscribers.

However, to convince users to subscriber to your channel, you need to make every aspect of your video look perfect. The thumbnail, the title, and the description are probably the most important ones. In this article, you are going to find the techniques that will make your videos’ description the perfect one for more engagement.

#1 Use your Main Keywords and Repeat them

YouTube SEO is very important as it will give you free organic views. The number one rule for its optimization is to research and find the main keywords for which you want your video to rank for. Once you know the list of your keywords, you can use them in your titles, descriptions, and tags. A simple rule that you need to remember is to place your main keyword in the first words of your description and then make sure to repeat it 2-3 times.

#2 Use some Secondary Long-tail Keywords

Apart from your main keywords, your research is going to give you some secondary long-tail keywords. For better SEO results, you should place these long-tail keywords within the description. Choose your phrases wisely and incorporate them within the text in the most natural way possible. By including long-tail keywords, you are providing for any relevant search that a user might make.

#3 Make your Viewers Take Action

You can write 5,000 characters in your video’s description, so you should use them all to convince viewers to subscribe to your channel. Don’t hesitate to mention clearly that the user can subscribe, like, and leave a comment. Moreover, let them know for the notification button that will allow then to know when you post a new video. By visiting Stormviews and buying YouTube views, you can start immediately growing your channel, while you let your description convince your organic visitors.

#4 Add Timestamps

How to Write the Perfect Video Descriptions for YouTube

If your videos are short, then there is no need for timestamps. However, if you create content that is longer than 10 minutes, then you will benefit from their use. First of all, timestamps let the users watch only the part that interests them. Most importantly, though, timestamps inform YouTube’s algorithm of your video’s content, thus improving its SEO. The above timestamps are from a Bright Side video, where they have noted all the hacks they explain on their video.

#5 Make Users Feel Curious

A good description aims to create curiosity, make users click on the video, and then subscribe to your channel. To do that, you need to write something that will evoke their emotions and leave them wondering what’s next. This can either be through a description of your video’s content, a question, or a deliberate cliffhanger. No matter what you choose, you must leave users with questions that need answering.

#6 Promote the Rest of your Content

How to Write the Perfect Video Descriptions for YouTube

Your description is the perfect place to promote your channel’s other content. This information should be placed towards the end of the description so that only users truly interested in your channel will see. As you can on the image above, Yoga with Adriene is promoting specific videos and playlists. This way, they are driving traffic from one video to all the others. If a user finds that he likes your content, then he will readily subscribe to your channel.  

#7 Promote your Social Media or Website

Other things you should promote in your description are your social media accounts and your website. To convince users to click on those, you need patience and persistence. Only the viewers who trust and support you will choose to check you out of the platform. However, if you want to have better chances of succeeding, you will need to visit Stormviews. By buying YouTube views, you can grow your audience and start getting closer to more users.

#8 Place some Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of today’s social media. They are useful tools that help with your SEO and the discoverability of your videos. For this reason, you shouldn’t neglect to use some in your video’s description. With this, people that search for this hashtag will find and maybe watch your content. 

#9 Engage your Users with Questions

Another thing that boosts the SEO of your YouTube channel is the number of comments that your videos have. Therefore, your description should encourage your viewers to leave a comment. Apart from asking them to do it directly, you can also ask them a specific question. For example, if you have posted a vlog sharing an experience, ask viewers if they have ever felt the same way. The key to getting many comments is to have videos with a lot of traffic. This can only be possible by buying YouTube views from Stormviews. 

#10 Place the Important Information First

How to Write the Perfect Video Descriptions for YouTube

At first, YouTube users will only see the short description of your video. If it’s interesting enough, they will click on the link to watch your content. In reality, the short description is derived from the first 157 characters of your actual video description. For this reason, you need to make sure that your beginning is the best one possible. As you can see in the image, 5-minute Crafts make sure to let users know if the video’s content but, at the same time, they are also asking a question.

With all of the above tips, you can now write the perfect video description. To grow your channel, make sure that you visit Stormviews. By buying YouTube views, you can increase your channel’s engagement and further boost its SEO. 

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