How video games are created and designed?

After having a long day at school, kids try to complete their homework as soon as possible and after that, once they are free they rush towards the console to play the best shooter game e.g. Apex legends, and join on Apex LFG for further coaching as well.

All kids love to play video games and it is their popular pastime. For most kids, the journey starts at the shop of the video game and ends at the couch. But have you ever thought about how all these amazing graphics have been made that you are so indulged into it and you enjoy a lot?

How video games are created and designed?

How Complex are video games

Some people think that video games don’t take enough effort to produce. But, as a matter of fact, video game production is as complex as the production of a Blockbuster Hollywood movie. Initially, video games started with very low graphics but in this day and age, they are an interactive piece of art which have similarities with a movie and provides thrilling gameplay with all the settings available.

How the production of the game starts

Every single video game starts with having a good story. Whether it’s a simple puzzle game or a role-playing scenario in a future fantasy world, the story helps to create a strong bond between the player and the characters in the game.

Many professions are involved in creating a story. Writers, artists, designers, and programmers must interact with each other to make a perfect story which includes the characters, the audio of the game, and the viable directions a story can take. Unlike movies, which just contain one storyline, video games have to take into account all the different paths which can be followed by the player.

The Graphics of the Video game

Nowadays, kids expect video games to be the best in graphics otherwise they wouldn’t want to play them. Even the characters are expected to move just like in real life. It is very challenging for artists and designers to achieve a level of perfection. That is the reason why it might take many people to develop just one game. 

Once every part of the video game has been designed, now it’s on the experts of the computer to compile it and in a way so that everything works in a synchronized manner.

Computer programmers have to code day and night in order to accomplish this goal. They use various coding languages, for example, C++, Python, Visual Basic, etc. Just a simple character movement requires loads of coding and how it is going to move. Complex computer code is able to control all these factors and makes playing the game a seamless experience for the user.


Video games are not easy to make and it takes a lot of effort from different professionals to make just one single game.

They are very complex to make but in the end, it is worth it. Once the game is ready it goes into the testing phase. In the testing phase, the players have to see the gameplay and how it is working for them. They would help figure out any kind of bugs so that they can let the professional know about it and they can fix it as soon as possible.

Finally, the game is marketed to the public and you get to enjoy fruits of thousands upon thousands of hours that went into making.