Hustler’s University To Open New Platform — Apple iOS Compatible

If you want to make money on-line, there’s a date you need to remember. That deadline and launch date is the 14th of November.  Next Monday, Hustler’s University begins its phase 2 building with the launch of a new educational platform, The Real World.

Hustler’s University (HU) is due for a major overhaul and upgrade to its platform.  There will also be a change in price, host and courses offered. Even the name is morphing into something new.

Andrew Tate on a Private Jet

Those already part of the program need not worry as they will be automatically upgraded.  And for everyone else who forgets to register before that date,  they will have to pay 3x the $49 enrollment costs today.

What is Hustler’s University About

The online University is the brainchild of Andrew Tate, the infamous entrepreneur and multimillionaire. Opening in 2021 Hustler’s University offers the ability to:  “Acquire financial abundance by mastering a high-paying skill, starting your online business, and leveraging modern investment strategies.” Though it is, of course, not a university in the true sense of the word, HU is a community of like minded individuals gathered together online to obtain a specific type of education that is not offered anywhere else.

Passive income streams are the main educational focus of the university, with the majority of users wishing to learn skills that will allow them to be their own boss and potentially earn thousands of dollars a month (or more). Courses available generally focus on self motivated revenue streams such as: freelancing, crypto, affiliate programs, copywriting and stocks. All told there are 18 different wealth generating methods offered.

Experts in each field educate and, perhaps more importantly, help motivate students to achieve their potential; realize a potential they need help to structure. These experts are themselves extremely rich individuals with a proven track record of success in the business ventures relevant to what they are teaching. Students have constant direct contact with these mentors and will be pushed as well as guided through their learning.

Not just about money

Many students on the subreddit for the university espouse the view that the biggest advantage of the university is that it teaches real world practical advice that can be implemented directly to earn not just money but skills applicable to daily life. No more of the pie in the sky thinking offered in many other places.

The community spirit within the chat rooms of the university (currently hosted on discord) add to a feeling of being pushed to create the best version of oneself, with students helping to hone each other’s skills in their pursuit of wealth. Students will discuss other topics about self improvement, such as fitness, which keeps everyone motivated to overachieve.

The Real World opens

Currently Hustler’s University (HU2.0) is on its second iteration, with the upgrade to HU3 being announced alongside a name change. The Real World is this new name.

The plan for the new platform is to migrate from private Discord servers to be hosted on the encrypted messaging service Telegram. The reason behind this change is the belief that there has always been a risk of HU being deplatformed by those who disagree (for whatever reason) with the message that the founder, Andrew Tate, is sending out.

Other changes include revamping the courses offered by the platform by offering a more structured learning route, how to guides for setting up online shops, and an increased efficiency of the discussion forums.  Alongside this is a major price hike to $149 per month (from the previous price of $49). This price hike will not be inflicted upon anyone signing up before November 14th or those already signed up with HU.

The Real World will be available to both Apple iOS and Android device users.

The Crypto upgrade

With the change from HU to The Real World the crypto course will also be upgraded to have even more information than before.  This includes beneficial education such as signals of when to buy or sell different cryptocurrencies. 

There are YouTubers that give away such information for free. For instance, Stock Up! Host Larry Jones told the best times to buy and sell Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens (read here).  However, not a single influencer covers all of cryptos like The Real World will.

The general feedback from students is that the crypto course is one of the most useful in HU.

Already 160,000 users have subscribed since launching in 2021. It’s expected that The Real World could accelerate growth and push campus numbers closer to the quarter-million mark. This could happen by the end of 1st quarter 2023.

The Real World platform will be available on November 14th.  It will be available to computer and smart device users.  This includes smartphones on the Apple iOS and android processing systems.