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If you’ve picked up a second-hand Apple device, mainly an iPhone with at least the iOS7 or above, you might have encountered the issue with the iCloud Activation Lock. People buying a second-hand iDevice found trouble when the previous owner had forgotten to sign out or disable the ‘Find my Phone’ feature, limiting the user’s ability to use the device. Lucky for them, we have a few ways to regain full control.

iCloud Unlock

Introduced in 2014 with Apple iOS7. iCloud Activation Lock came as part of ‘Find my Phone’ a feature that once activated it restricted anyone apart from the devices legitimate owner from erasing, disable or activating the device. This feature was in reaction to the US Smartphone Theft Prevention Act of 2015. The act required all device manufacturers to provide a way for the legitimate user to wipe or lock the device should the need arise, generalised in the media as a “Kill Switch” the system came as part of the Factory Reset Protection (FRP). Majority reducing the value of the device if it was stolen.

How to remove an iCloud Activation Lock?

You have a few options, but most are complicated nightmares that require items like the original purchase receipt or the ability to get the previous owner to login into ‘Find my phone’ on the device. The quickest way is these ‘Third Party’ Unlock service providers like https://directunlocks.com/en_gb/icloud-unlock.
They provide a simple 4 step process;

iCloud Unlock
  1. Supply them your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) by dialling *#06# on your iPhone or check the back of the device if you cant dial.
  2. Select the device model.
  3. Make a quick, affordable payment.
  4. They unlock the device from Apple’s network permanently.

This process takes around 24-72 hours but can be instant, best of all you don’t need to send in your device, connect to Wi-Fi and reboot it when they have completed the unlock. Its that simple.

Why DirectUnlocks?

Unlike other sites claiming to provide this service, for an equal or cheaper value, DirectUnlocks works directly with Apple via an exclusive service that allows them to process the request themselves, may resell the process DirectUnlocks run, so your always better going to the source.
They provide a dedicated 24-hour support team, including live order status checker, they stay in contact during the whole process, have thousands of 4/5 star reviews, and you can see live sales while browsing their site.

What next?

To get started head over to DirectUnlocks.com and fill in their simple form.

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