In the world of artificial Intelligence, when everything is far only one click on your phone from products to services, Online Quran Academy provides you the platform where you can easily find the Quran tutor for your children and also for yourself.

In today's  modern technology how we can learn quran online

Nowadays, it’s a need of the hour to learn the Quran online with proper understanding. Through the latest technology, learning Quran becomes more convenient for everyone. Besides, people of the USA, UK, and other countries avail their services. They have more than 1000 parent’s confidence.

For this purpose, the Quran for kids is providing you the best platform for learn Quran online for both parents and kids. Quranforkids Online Academy is here to equip your children with tajweed and terteel.

Why Quran Academy is more trustable than all others?

Quran for kids has all the qualities to engage the students toward classes. Moreover, they are providing services all over the world since 2009. Despite this, Quran Academy has won the trust of 1000 plus parents all over the world.

By understanding the desire of today’s time, Quran Academy provides detailed courses, twenty-four hours availability, an Expert tutor, Face to face engaging classes, and a lot of inspiring features. In all honesty, Quran Academy mostly gives services to UK and USA. Online Quran Academy is different from others because they are providing you variety of engaging Islamic blogs.

Besides these services, the customer’s satisfactions are our first priority. To reply to customer’s queries on time they have a consultant 24/7. You can also select the tutor for your choice whether you want male and female. And the time of the classes is flexible enough.

The Admiring Services of Quran Academy;

Twenty four Hours at Hand;

Moreover, Quran Academy provides you flexible timing for online Quran classes. You can easily avail of our service any time according to your time zone. In this tough life schedule, no need to take the stress and rush towards other options. Now you can learn Quran at your favorite place.

You may be travel to somewhere, irregular visits of the guest, important events and list of accidental situations happened in normal human being. What you will do then? They are here. Quran Academy gives you a flexible time with your comfort level. Tutors are available in your service for twenty-four hours.

No need to take stress if you miss class time. This is because this academy has not set any strict schedule. Quran Academy puts too much effort to make Quran learning feasible for their students.

Providing the Security for love once;

The aim behind this Quran Academy is that your Children learn Quran next to your eye. Moreover, if you are a working parent, then no need to gives too many burdens to you. Besides, you can save your money on the pick and drop service.

 On the other hand, they also secure your children’s performance and inform you. You can say that they give you the security for learning Quran and also times.

One more security, you never regret your decision. They will do justice for what you pay with our remarkable services.

Breaks the Boundaries of Age

There is no age for learning something. What if you are not Know how to recite this Holy Book Quran Majeed in the past? Then no need to worry now. You can recite the Quran with the help of our expert tutor. And, in the future, you feel proud of our humble services.

Ups and downs are an integral part of life. In past may be circumstances were not in your favor. But now you can avail the opportunity on this amazing platform.

Quran Academy breaks the age boundaries. Most people feel shy to learn Quran at a later age. In this case, Quran Academy will encourage you to learn Quran with proper guidance.

Claim of Quran Academy;

They feel proud of their services. And the reason behind this pride is the parents and our Quran academy’s students. Online Quran Academy claims that you can easily learn the Quran in Three months. With the help of our expert tutor, and regular classes it is possible.

Why did they claim that you learn Quran in just three months? Because they have experience in training of 1000 and more students in this regard. Their successes encourage us to submit our claim proudly.

Gift for our customer;

Not like that. They are not forcing you to take the courses. For your complete satisfaction, they will provide you a gift of a free trial. Furthermore, they believe the customer is always right. And they respect your decisions whether it is in their favor or not.

This trial helps you to understand our very attractive services. So you decide with a free mind. In spite of, if you have any issue they will solve Inshallah. Otherwise, the choice is yours.

The trial process is simple and starts in just three steps. No need to fill heavy forms.

Step 1; enter your mobile number.

Step 2; Insert your mail address.

Step 3; Select your geographical location (country).

In the fourth step, you have to click the “Start free trial “button.

You can enjoy this trial for up to seven days. It’s totally risk-free.

Negotiation and Assistance:

These two factors required whenever you have to select or buy any product and services. In this case, Quran Academy has a giving marvelous facility to their clients. As soon as you open the site Quran for kid’s .com you saw a pop-up. A consultant will appear on your right side.

This consultant is in your service 24/7. No and never. He is not a robot. Also, there is a lot of other sites that have automation five to six answers. To get back to the point, he is a real man and greeted you with pop up.  You ask what you want, you also put your queries and he responds well and points to point answer.

The amazing quality of that consultant he has a lot of patience and enough cooperative to deal with all the people around the world. If he is offline you still put your desire questions through email, and they get back as soon as possible.

Tutors with years of experience;

As I said earlier, your satisfaction is the number one priority. They hire the Quran tutor with a variety of tests. Moreover, they also examine their communication skills and how they respond to student queries in real-time. All the tutors are humble, nice, and soft-spoken.

The entire Quran tutor has years of experience. They believe teaching Quran online and in reality, are not the same. So, they give training to our tutors and then allow them to take the class. This quality makes the Quran academy more reliable. The tutors have extraordinarily efficient and effective in their duties.

In spite of this, they are very well groomed with dealing and solving problems. Why did I say this? Not me, I get this idea from student’s and parent’s feedback after the end of courses. In spite of all, they have a marvelous Arabic accent. In addition to this, tutors confidently deal with and teach people from different countries to have different accents and dialects.

Why you choose an online Quran Tutor?

In the reign of hustle and bustle, students become robots. They face a tough routine. To make things convenient for students and individuals who want to take Quran classes this is the best option to utilize.

In a pandemic, it is one of the effective options for every human being to cover themselves in a safe place. Quran Academy cares about your health by providing online Quran tutors. Make your life and your kid’s life easy.

The point to be noted in today’s time it is very difficult to find a good Quran tutor near your house. Online Quran tutors serve better in this aspect.

Safe and secure online environment;

Quran Academy provides you a safe and secure environment. You might saw the headlines on a news channel and hear from somewhere about the child abuse and harassment cases. And, it is a shame to say that in physical madras these acts are more frequent. Above all, online classes wax this awful act.

In addition to all, if someone again abuses you during online classes then you have evidence (recording).

What if I want a female tutor for my children?

In past, it is difficult to find female Quran tutors. Also, they understand parents love and care for their children. This is a natural phenomenon. Quran for kids has a solution to your entire problem. They also have a female experienced Quran tutor.

It’s totally up to you. Whether you want a male Quran tutor or a female Quran tutor. Additionally, a female Quran tutor makes an ideal pair for your young child and females also.

Why there is a need for a female tutor if male tutors are there?

It’s because kids enjoy and feel secure to take the Quan class with technology era from the female because she (female Tutors) has a second face of their mother and elder sister.

 On the other hand, young girls feel hesitant to interact with male tutors. Also, girls and females ask questions freely about their daily life issues and get exact answers from expert Online Quran teachers in the light of Islam.

How and where I can take Quran classes?

Why worry when you have an option of They are providing one to one interactive online Quran classes on skype. Also, you can take classes anywhere where you feel comfortable. In addition, with the help of face-to-face engaging classes’ students become inspired and feel secure.

Furthermore, your kids become responsible for their learning (Quran) because of the attraction from experienced tutors. Additionally, they also provide flexible hours. So, you make yourself comfortable and then take classes anywhere in the world.

Information security:

People are scared because of online scams. But don’t worry the Quran for kids is trustable. Online Quran Academy follows and respects the rules of information security.

Confidentiality: Your personal information remains private and visible to the individuals who need to complete their jobs.  Your data is fully (100%) secure.

Integrity: Quran Academy Claims that your information is protected and save from unauthorized modifications such as add delete and or change of data.

Availability: Online Quran Academy has strong data secured system. No need to give information and fill the forms again and again. Once you are done with the signup process you are a member of the Academy. In the future, if your information is required for the processing and decision-making process your data is available to use.

Technical Error;

What will happen if a technical error occurs in systems? The answer to this question is Online Quran Academy has a backup plan to come out from this disaster. Despite this, they have a backup of both electricity and Internet.

Moreover, the internet speed is extremely high. No voice and video issues during an online class. Also, they are giving you laptop and smartphone support. It’s up to you whether you want to take classes on a smartphone or laptop.

Live Practical work:

The classes of Quran Academy are not just bound to practice the Quran only. Furthermore, if the student faces fatigue to understand a particular part, Online Quran Academy helps them by giving live examples. How it is possible? because they are using the whiteboard to describe the lecture in detail.

You may think, what types of problems solved on the whiteboard? For example, some kids face difficulty pronouncing words of the Holy Quran. Then, at that time our expert tutor break the words make syllables on the whiteboard and make pronunciation easy.

Role of Management Department;

The management department of Online Quran Academy controls the quality of video classes and audio classes. Also, check whether the class starts and ends on time. Furthermore, is the tutor covers the target course? Despite all, send a report of the student through email.

This is the most inspiring features. Quran Academy works day and night to serve the customers to improve the quality. Without wasting a second response to your questions. On the other hand, the management department starts finding a solution to your problem as soon as possible.

Why they choose the Quran Academy if there is a list of Quran App?

This is the most frequently asked question. Tell me one thing there are a lot of videos on YouTube and material on the internet. Why they take admission to institutes? Yes, you get right.

These apps help you in your daily routine but not offering and teaching like Quran Academy. It is in human nature they only work when someone sat on our head and said do it. Furthermore, kids need a proper coach or teacher to learn something. The Quran app has lack of all these points

  1. They are unable to provide face to face learning. This is the key feature of Online Quran Academy.
  2. You are not asked the question during video or class. Quran Academy providing you 24/7 consultant service also you can ask the question live.
  3. Consistency needs to proceed in every work. This Quran Academy giving you classes on daily basis. Human is very careless but Quran Academy reminds you to take classes.
  4. List of reliable and effective courses. Apps may offer a variety of courses but their courses are not enough useful and capable like Quran Academy.
  5. These apps have a lack of sense to know what thing you are unable to understand. In contrast with it, Quran Academy conducted the test and apply different techniques to develop proper understanding.
  6. As a matter of judgment, other apps do not analyze the mental level of students. As I explain many times Online Quran tutors judge the mental strength of the student and then take the first step of the course.
  7. Are the Quran App points out your pronunciation? They just providing content to all but not focus on whether you learn with accuracy or not. Online Quran Academy mainly focuses on accuracy (gathered).

These apps are good enough for experienced or for those who don’t carry Quran Majeed on all places. But for the kids and beginners, this is not a good option at all.

List of Quran Academy’s Courses

Quran Academy has much more than only teaching the Quran. It gives full detail of the courses. And their detailed is perfectly describes the courses. Besides all, it is the nature of the people they attract towards different institutes because of the courses they provide. Quran for kids offers every single detail that individuals need to know before choosing any course.

If you give sight to their courses and the details they offer, you must amaze. A single course has its eligibility criteria, features of the course, objective, and details. Despite all, they also provide you valuable tips and guidance on the basics of Islam.

Here is the list you can avail;

  1. Learning Quran with Tajtheyed
  2. Learning Translation of Quran
  3. Tarteel and Tajtheyed course
  4. Hifz Quran (Memorization) with Tafseer
  5. Arabic Course
  6. Basic Supplications (Duas) and Islamic education

1. Learn Quran Online with Tajweed;

This course will suit you if you are a beginner or have some primary knowledge about Islam and the Quran.

After this course, you have a grip on short surahs, duas, and kalima’s. Furthermore, you know the basic Islamic principles. You can recite the Holy Quran by applying all tajweed rules. In addition to all, you understand 28 alphabets in the Arabic language, pronunciations of words and Arabic sentences in flowing manners, and many more.

The incredible factor of Quran academy the expert tutors analyze the kid’s capability and then start teaching according to their mental level.

2. Hifz Quran (Memorization) with Tafseer

You are eligible for this course if you have a lay hold of reading the Arabic language (Quran). Moreover, you need experience of reading the Quran with tajweed.

To tell the truth, after this course you have deep knowledge about the tajweed rules, Qirat, help to memorize the Quran with heart. Last but not the least, expert tutors share the technique of revision.

They believe that every student has a different mental level. Our tutors reach to the brain capability and teach your kids.

3. Learning Translation of Quran

Learning Quran with translation has many benefits. You know what you are reciting. As they all know the Quran has a solution to every problem. You understand the meaning of the Quran also Quran narrates a lot of inspiring stories.

On the other hand, the expert also focuses on that you understand the meaning of each Arabic word. The method Quran Academy uses while teaching is developed by famous Islamic scholars.

4. Basic Supplications (Duas) and Islamic education;

Basic supplication and Islamic education is the need of every Muslims. Muslims should know these basic educations. Why Quran Academy is different from others? Because of other Online Quran Academy’s lack of this course. In contrast with kids, adults also need this course.

Quran Academy will help you to make your every moment full of Rehmat. This course will help you to memorize short Surahs, Six Kalma’s, and Supplications such as before, mid, and after eating. In addition to all, your kid knows how to offer prayer, the importance of hajj, zakat, the importance of Ramadan and other Islamic months, and many more.

5. Tarteel and Tajweed course;

What is the meaning of Tajweed and tarteel? You may want to know; Tajtheyed means recite the Quran with the exact rule of pronunciations. And, tarteel is the Quranic word meaning “measured Recitation”. If you want to know further detail about these, visit their website.

Competent scholars will help you to learn stepwise.

6. Arabic Course;

If you have a deep interest in Arabic and want to learn it with the proper method then this course is specially designed for you. Location is no barrier anymore when Quran Academy is here.

Even more, they (Online Quran Tutor) are focus and correct the grammatical rules of the Arabic language. No worries at all you learn the Arabic language course with the initial stage and then move forward.

About Courses

As I stated previously, Online Quran Academy has an expert and skilled teacher for each course. For student’s psychology, our courses touch every age group. Furthermore, each course material and class planning is designed in the presence of scholars and experts. In addition to all, their teaching method is also very simple and proceeds step by step.

Is the Signup process for the courses difficult?

The signup process is as easy as making tea. Four main steps and you are in.

The first step demands your name. Second your email. The third step needs your mobile number. Fourth your country name. Last but not the least, convert your message and ask any question about services.

A crowning feature of Quran Academy

They notice only Quran Academy providing you free access to Islamic Blogs. A Story blog that engages the kids and the history of Islam, the Importance of Islamic months, methods of giving zakat, and many more. These blogs save your kids time from other time eater’s activities.

Benefits of learning Quran

Giving you financial support

After completing courses, you may able to teach Quran online and earn a handsome income. There are lots of online platforms where you teach the Quran. Moreover, you can also give your services free to their platforms for the sake of mankind and Allah’s blessing.

Benefit in the second World (Akhrat)

Moreover, teaching the Quran is the noblest act near Allah S.W.T. Quran tutors earn in both worlds (Duniya & Akhrat) by teaching the Quran. And the reward of spreading Islam is equal to Jihad.

 If you learn the Quran and basic rules of Islam from the Quran Tutor then the Quran tutor gets a reward for this. And if you start teaching to your siblings, children, or friends then you and your tutor get a reward from Allah S.W.T. This is a long link chain and continues till the end of the word.

Making online Quran Classes within reach

If you check Quran for kids website, then you come to know this online academy has various packages. It does not matter which (course package) you choose the course material remains the same.

You may wonder then what the difference is then. So, here you go. As I narrated earlier every individual has a different mindset. Some of them store instantly in their mind for a lifetime. In contrast with this, some demands time to understand the course. On the other hand, some have a tough life schedule.

Here is some feedback from parents and students who avail of the Services of Quran Academy.

 The Latest review of 4 December 2020.

Feedback of  Mustafa who wants Quran teacher for his kid. He says that the tutors are very qualified and perform a superb job with a lesson. And the Quran Academy responds instantly to my queries.

On November 29, 2020.

Khadija says she is satisfied with the addressing ways of my daughter’s tutor.


It’s up to you whether you take online classes at Quran Academy or not. But if you read till here, it means you like their service. It is a little request for you to check their website . You must feel proud of their service after the course.

This article is written by Rubab Islam.

Rubab is a young, talented, and energetic content writer. She works in different niches and gives a hundred percent. She is cooperative and delivers work on time. She also gives helpful suggestions about SEO.