27 Best Indian SMM Panels for Instagram, YouTube & Twitter

SMM panels or Social media Marketing Panels are the most widely used SMM services online for brand marketing or growing your social influence. The best SMM panels make it easy to gain followers, subscribers, likes, comments, and shares on your social profile. There is a plethora of cheap SMM panels that provide legit services. For example, the trusted SMM panels provide real human accounts as followers instead of bots. Moreover, they support the most common and safest payment gateways. If you are looking for the best Indian SMM panel for all social media services, you can scroll down to find the list of the best SMM panels for multiple categories. These panels provide top-quality SMM services at the most affordable prices within a few minutes. But before we move on to the list of best Indian SMM panels, let’s understand what an SMM panel does and how it works.

We also have a small FAQ section at the end to answer all your queries and help you better understand SMM panels. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the article and check out the best SMM panel and SMM panel India.

27 Best Indian SMM Panels for Instagram, YouTube & Twitter

Therefore, be careful while choosing the best SMM panel. We have curated a list of 17 top SMM panels that you can select to safely improve your social media game. All of them are the best, fastest, and cheapest SMM panels.

Best SMM Panels in India

#1. Great support team – SocialPanel.io

#2. Best Quality Social Media Services – BulqFollowers

#3. User-friendly Dashboard – SMMRush.net

#4. 100% Success Rate – SMMBuzz.net

#5. Secured Payment Options  – SafeSMM


SocialPanel.io is one of the best Indian SMM panels that offers handpicked SMM and SEO services at unbeatable prices. All the SMM services are tested and proven to be safe. They follow the terms of conditions of all social media platforms and help to rank your videos to the top of the search results page.

What makes SocialPanel.io most trustworthy is its refill and refund guarantee. If the SMM panel fails to execute your order, SocialPanel.io will refund 100% of the amount deposited. You can also contact their customer support available 24/7 to know more about their terms and conditions of purchasing SMM services.

The common payment gateways supported by SocialPanel.io include PayPal, Skrill, Coin Payments, Bitcoin, Credit and Debit cards.

Some of the SMM services provided by SocialPanel.io include 1000 Instagram followers at $3.22, 1000 Facebook Post Likes at $10.31, 1000 TikTok views at $0.15, and 1000 TikTok followers at $17.69.


Another addition to the list of most trusted and top SMM panels is BulqFollowers. This Indian SMM Panel offers a discount of 5-10% on your first deposit. Moreover, it also offers a child panel. BulqFollowers supports most of the major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Personal website, and many others.

You can purchase 1000 Facebook Page Likes at $5.00, 1000 YouTube subscribers at $14.00, and 1000 website visitors at $0.48. All the payments can be done through the following payment gateways – Paytm, UnitPay, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Debit, and Credit cards. The minimum deposit for BulqFollowers is $10.


SMMRush as the name suggests is one of the fastest SMM panels. With more than 47,000 registered users and around 5 million orders completed, SMMRush is listed among the top SMM panel that is safe and trustworthy.

It offers around 1300+ SMM services that include Facebook likes, personal website traffic, TikTok followers, YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers, and much more. It is one of the cheapest SMM panels with affordable subscriptions. Like, Socialpanel24, SMMRush also offers a 5% bonus on your first deposit.

The service rate for some of the top SMM services by SMMRush includes 1000 Facebook Page Likes at $3.18, 1000 YouTube subscribers at $10.50, and 1000 new visitors to personal blog/website at $0.35. SMMRush also offers a child panel at a monthly subscription of $10.

What makes SMMRush the best SMM panel is its payment methods. It uses more than 10 most trusted and well-known payment gateways such as Payeer, PayOP, PayPal, Paytm, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, Credit Card, Cashmaal, Perfect Money, WU, Payoneer, and many other payment methods.


If you are looking for the safest and best SMM Panel then SMMBuzz is a Perfect choice. It is one of the oldest SMM panels that offer multiple SMM services for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram only.

The best part about SMMBuzz is that it offers a free trial period to check the quality of SMM services. You find the free trial package on the homepage or the order page of the website. This trial pack provides around 100 Instagram likes and views along with 100 YouTube views and 50 TikTok likes and views.

The paid SMM services of SMMBuzz include 1000 Facebook Page Likes – $31.90, 1000 YouTube subscribers at $44.90, and 1000 Instagram Followers at $4.99.

Apart from this, SMMBuzz also offers tools such as Instagram Hashtag generator, YouTube rank tracker, and auditor. It is also the top SMM panel for wholesale purchases.

You can purchase any SMM service by SMMBuzz using PayPal, Payeer, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Bitcoins, Altcoins, Perfect Money, Web Money, and Credit Cards. The minimum deposit to avail of the services is usually $1.


SafeSMM provides a large number of amazing and most efficient SMM services. It is also the cheapest SMM panel that believes in providing quality service and supports all the leading social media platforms.

SafeSMM is also considered the best Indian SMM service as it accepts all Indian payment modes making it more convenient and safe to purchase the services. The best part about SafeSMM is its user-friendly SMM panel dashboard that allows you to do everything without any assistance.

Some of the best SMM services provided by SafeSMM include – 1000 New Instagram likes at $2.60, 1000 Instagram followers at $3.00, 1000 YouTube views at $1.50, 1000 YouTube live views at $3.30, and 1000 Facebook Page likes at $2.00.


Smmlite.com is a popular Indian SMM panel that supports all social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Clubhouse, Twitch, YouTube, and many more. However, it is best for YouTube services.

Smmlite.com is one of the cheapest SMM panels that offer bulk SMM services on the same day. You can track your order on the dashboard at any time. All transactions made at Smmlite.com are safe and secure. This is because it uses legit payment gateways such as Payeer, Paytm, UnitPay, PayU, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, Credit, and Debit cards. 

The services provided by Smmlite.com include 1000 YouTube views at $1.70, 1000 Instagram comments at $1.80, and 1000 Facebook views at $0.25. Smmlite.com is one of the most reliable SMM services in the market. Its 24/7 customer support helps to solve all SMM panel problems quickly.


Started in 2017 as a small SMM service provider, SMM-Heaven has now become the top SMM panel with2.3 million completed orders. It is one of the cheapest SMM panels for TikTok and the best SMM panel for TikTok and YouTube.

In addition to this, SMM-heaven is well known to complete mass orders with quality service. It also has an API that can be used by the owners or individual managers of the account. SMM-Heaven offers 24/7 customer support to solve any queries. Moreover, they also assign a personal manager to assist you at every step of your order.

The best SMM services offered by SMM-heaven include 1000 TikTok views at $0.02, 1000 Facebook Page Likes at $5.00, 1000 YouTube subscribers at $14.00, and 1000 Website Traffic at $0.53.

You can purchase any of the above-mentioned SMM services through PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, Payeer, Skrill, Bitcoins, Altcoins, Web Money, Perfect Money, and Credit or Debit Cards. The minimum deposit should be $10 to avail of the services at SMM-Heaven.


SocialPanel24 is another top SMM panel that is based in UAE but also offers Indian SMM services. They have over 23,000 active users along with 2.1 million completed orders. This SMM panel has unique rank-based profiles which means that you can join the SMM panel for free and upgrade to VIP or Master for additional services.

The Master Status offers extra benefits for all SMM panel users. These benefits include your SMM panel, early and quick notifications on all new services, customer support and a $500 lottery.

SocialPanel24 is one of the top SMM panels with Paytm and a cheap SMM panel with PayPal. On your first deposit at SocialPanel24, you get a 5% bonus. Other payment methods used by SocialPanel24 include Payeer, PayOP, Cashmaal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, WU, Payoneer, Credit, and Debit cards.

Some of the services provided by SocialPanel24 include 1000 Facebook Page Likes at $4.50, 1000 YouTube subscribers at $4.85, and 1000 visitors to your website at $0.20.

Instant Fans

Launched in 2016, Instantfans is the cheapest SMM panel for Instagram and YouTube users. It is also one of the highly active and cheap SMM panels that provide SMM services for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and many other popular social media platforms.

Since its launch, InstantFans has served around 100,000 users worldwide and completed 20+ million SMM service orders. Most Instagram users have reported InstantFans as the best SMM panel for YouTube and Instagram verifications. With Instant Fans API you can also create your own Instagram followers panel to help you grow exponentially. Besides this, Instant Fans also provide strong child panels.

Other popular SMM services offered by InstantFans include, 1000 Facebook Page Likes – $5.01, 1000 YouTube Subscriber – $19.50, and 1000 Visitors for the website – $0.60.

The only drawback of this SMM panel is that it uses limited payment gateways such as Bitcoin, Altcoin, Perfect Money, and Web Money.


SMMPANEL.NET is one of the best Indian SMM panels to gain followers on any popular social media platform. It is a unique SMM service provider that offers social media marketing services along with app installs. Thus making it convenient for you to receive your services.

Usually, the SMM services offered by SMMPANEL.NET include 1000 Facebook Page Likes at $4.62, 1000 YouTube Subscribers at $15.00, and 1000 Website traffic at $0.65.

SMMPANEL.NET does not support SMM services with PayPal. However, you can purchase the SMM panel through Payoneer, Payeer, Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Perfect Money. A minimum deposit of $5 is required to use SMMPANEL.NET, the best SMM panel for India.


LikesMarket is one of the fastest SMM Panels that provides the best social media services for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter only. Since this top SMM panel focuses only on the three major social media networks, the quality of its SMM service is far superior to others.

One drawback of LikesMarket is that the SMM services are slightly expensive as compared to other best SMM panels. At LikesMarket, you can get 1000 Facebook Page Likes at $10.00 and 1000 Instagram followers at $50.00.

The payment gateways used by LikesMarket include PaymentWall, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Credit and Debit cards. The minimum deposit required for LikesMarket is around $3.

Five BBC

Five BBC is another active SMM panel that has been in operation since 2015. Since then, Five BBC has completed around 1.3 million orders successfully. Thus climbing up the list of best SMM panels. With a minimum deposit of $5, you can avail of the following services by Five BBC – 1000 Facebook Page Likes at $6.24, 1000 YouTube subscribers at $16.00, and 1000 visitors as website traffic at $0.40.

The payment methods used by Five BBC include Bitcoin, Altcoin, Payoneer, Payeer, Web Money, and Perfect Money.


SMM.NET is another top SMM Panel that is based in Russia but supports the Indian SMM panel as well. What makes this SMM panel the best of all is its giveaway offer. SMM.Net offers a $250 giveaway to all the customers who visit their website and follow the giveaway rules which includes a mandatory step to join the SMM.NET Facebook group. Besides this, the top SMM panel also offers a 10% deposit bonus.

Some of the best SMM services provided by SMM.NET include 1000 Facebook Page likes at $5.82, 1000 YouTube subscribers at $4.68, and 1000 new website visitors at $0.87.

With a minimum deposit of $5, you can purchase these SMM services through Paytm, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Perfect Money, Credit and Debit cards.


SmmAhead is yet another best and cheap SMM panel for Facebook Page likes, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and website traffic. Moreover, SmmAhead is an online social media marketing service that supports reseller SMM panels. It allows you to create and sell your SMM services to customers.

SmmAhead is also a wholesale service provider with incredible speed to deliver your order. You also get 24/7 customer support to track your order or receive any information. This SMM panel is fully automated and responsive. All you need to do is to sign up, make a deposit, select the services and get your order on time. 

The services offered by SmmAhead include 1000 Instagram likes at $2.73, 1000 YouTube views at $2.52, 1000 Facebook page Likes at $3.60, and 1000 Twitter followers at $12.24.

All types of payment methods are accepted by SmmAhead such as PayPal, Perfect Money, Paytm, CoinPayments, CoinBase, Web Money, PayU, Payeer, Cashmaal, and many more.


Peakerr.com is the best SMM panel that offers organic services. These services include likes, shares, comments, and everything organic from real accounts. This way you receive real engagement on your social media profile that helps to boost your visibility. Peakerr.com is compatible with most of the popular social media networks like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, SoundCloud, and many more.

Peakerr.com provides guaranteed services with a free refill policy for any service that gets dropped. It also has responsive 24/7 customer support that helps to solve any queries at any time. Some of the best SMM services are provided by Peakerr. Com includes 1000 TikTok followers at $3.40, 1000 Instagram followers at $6.50, and 1000 Facebook Video Views at $0.313.

Besides this, Peakerr.com also offers a free trial for different social media platforms. For example, you get free daily 50 Instagram likes in one trial pack, the other trial pack offers 1000 TikTok and Instagram views, another trial pack offers 100 Instagram followers and 10 TikTok followers.

The payment gateways supported by Peakerr.com include Payoneer, Payeer, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Credit and Debit cards. You also get an opportunity to earn a 5% bonus on your first deposit.


MySmmStore claims to be the best SMM panel worldwide. It is also the most popular Indian SMM panel known for its top quality of SMM services such as Facebook Page likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, website traffic, and more.

The delivery service of MySmmStore is fully automated and it takes only a few minutes to complete an order. Moreover, MySmmStore offers all the services at the most reasonable prices starting from $0.001. Thus making it a cheap SMM panel with the best quality service.

Some of the best SMM services provided by MySmmStore include, 1000 Instagram views at $0.06, 1000 SoundCloud Plays at $0.06, 1000 Spotify Track Plays at $2.38, and 1000 YouTube views at $3.24.

The best part about MySmmStore is that it accepts all types of payment methods including PayPal, Paytm, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Credit and Debit cards. It is the most trusted SMM panel that protects all user information.


Last but not least Smmruler.com is another top SMM panel in India. It is also one of the cheapest SMM panels with competitive offers that support all social media networks. The high-quality services, instant automated submissions, multiple payment options, and 24/7 customer support makes Smmruler.com stand out among its competitors.

Besides this, Smmruler.com allows you to buy and resell social media services such as Instagram followers, comments, Facebook Page likes, YouTube views, Spotify Plays, and more. Smmruler.com supports the most common Indian payment gateways such as PayPal, Perfect Money, Web Money, Skrill, Bitcoin, Credit and Debit cards.

Some of the most common services offered by Smmruler.com include – 1000 Instagram followers at $0.75, 1000 Instagram likes at $0.09, 1000 YouTube views at $0.77, and 1000 Facebook Post likes at $1.44.

SMM Guide

What do you mean by SMM Panel?

SMM Panel is also known as Social Media marketing Panel, is typically a marketing tool that provides various social media services. These services include the number of followers, views, subscribers, likes, comments, and shares.

Most SMM Panels offer cheap SMM and SEO services for all major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Personal Websites, and much more. There are several Indian SMM Panels on the internet. However, to find the best SMM Panel for India, you must look at the following seven key characteristics –

  • Top SMM panels have good API support for panel owners to carry automatic orders.
  • The best Indian SMM panel must have ‘Cancel’ and ‘Refill’ options for all customers.
  • Every SMM service provider must mention the total time taken to complete the order.
  • Best SMM panels offer 24/7 customer support to solve any query.
  • Every SMM panel must have an appropriate description for their customers to help them understand their working mechanism.
  • Top SMM panels always provide trusted and secure payment gateways for purchasing the services. (This may include Paytm, GooglePay, PayPal, and many more established payment gateways).
  • Finally, all best SMM panels should display straightforward Refund Policies, Terms of Service, and Guarantee Policies on their website.

What is the Working Mechanism of the SMM Panel?

Most Indian SMM panels have a simple working mechanism. All you need to do is to register with any of the top SMM panel or SMM service providers and choose the type of service you want to purchase.

For example, you can buy YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers, TikTok views, and much more. Select the service and submit your account details (this includes your account name, Instagram handle, YouTube channel name, and so on).

Once your order is placed, the SMM panel will complete the order within the given time. You can always contact their customer service for further assistance. Each SMM panel has a different way of completing orders. However, the registration process is often the same for every SMM panel. Therefore, read the instructions and details about the SMM panel you choose before placing the order.

When it comes to using an Indian SMM panel, most people have this question that is the SMM panel safe or legal? Let me tell you, that no law declares SMM panels or any SMM service as illegal. However, every country follows different rules and regulations for use of such services which you may have to comply with.

For example, YouTube and Facebook are the two social media platforms that usually take strict actions against creators who purchase likes, comments, followers, or subscribers. So, if you plan to buy YouTube subscribers on a big scale, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions followed by the YouTube community.

Now, coming on to the safety aspect of SMM services especially Indian SMM panels. The best SMM panels are safe to use. But some SMM panels may not be safe if you use them for a long time. This is because some cheap SMM panels might deliver bots instead of real followers or subscribers. This can further lead to the loss of your social media account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best SMM Panel (FAQs)

Why does the SMM Panel not work sometimes?

It could be because of a technical issue from the site’s end. If your SMM panel stops working then contact customer support immediately. In case, you do not get a response, the SMM panel you chose may be a scam site.

What is a child panel?

The child panel is referred to as the reseller’s panel. Most of the SMM panel supports child panel. Users can create their own SMM panel by using the site’s child panel. Other features of a child panel include –

  • Import all SMM services
  • Set your pricing package with the percentage
  • Support for all kinds of currency
  • Add, remove, edit, enable or even disable services at anytime
  • Activate your payment gateway
  • Receive payments instantly from customers
  • Receive all admin panel features

Which SMM panel is good for Instagram verification (blue tick on Instagram profile)?

For Instagram verification use InstaFaster. It is the best SMM panel that provides a blue tick on Instagram. You may also check out other websites that provide this service. However, make sure the other websites are genuine.

Which is the cheapest SMM panel of all?

All the SMM panels listed above offer services at affordable prices. However, if you are looking for a cheap SMM panel you can pick from SMMRush, Instant Fans, SMM-Heaven, and SocialPanel24.

Which is the best SMM panel in India?

The above list of top SMM panels works best in India. The ultimate choice depends on your needs. So look at the services provided by each SMM panel and select the best one for yourself.

Which is the top SMM panel for YouTube growth?

To get more watch time, likes, views, comments, and subscribers on YouTube, we recommend SocialPanel24.

Which is the top SMM panel for Facebook?

All the SMM panels listed above support Facebook. You can go through the list and look at the cheapest SMM panel for Facebook. If you are looking for another SMM panel on the internet, make sure you check the response to see if it is real or bot.

Which is the best SMM panel in the world?

As mentioned earlier, every SMM panel listed above is the top and best SMM panel in the world. The choice depends on the type of service, budget, and time you need.

What is the PayPal SMM panel?

Usually, you cannot add money to PayPal for free. The PayPal SMM panels or SMM panel PayPal support PayPal as the payment gateway to help you purchase the services without any hassle.


SMM panels are one of the most popular social media marketing service providers that help in boosting your online visibility and credibility. Most creators take help from the best SMM panel to grow rapidly and more efficiently.

The above-listed SMM panels are the best and cheapest SMM panels in India and worldwide. You can look at the services provided by each SMM panel and compare the prices to select the best fit for your social media profile. But there are a few things that you must consider before purchasing SMM services from any SMM panel.

First, ensure that the SMM panel you choose is legit. Look at the terms and conditions, refund policy, and service guarantees of the SMM panel. Second, Talk to the customer support of the SMM panel and try to understand if the site is a scam or not. Look at the payment gateways supported by the cheapest SMM panel. Lastly, make sure that the SMM service and SMM panel you choose complies with the rules and regulations of your social media network.

So, if you have still not decided which SMM panel is best for you, go through the above list of cheapest Indian SMM panel and pick the right one as per your needs and requirements.