Information about modern parking lot lights

Modern parking lot lights

Parking lot light

Parking lot lights fixtures are generally high-power lights mounted on top of light poles. These types of fixtures perform the function their name describes, outdoor parking lots, lighting streets, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas. Lepro Parking lot lights are durable and weather-resistant lights. It is also called a street light. The most popular types of lights used in parking lot applications are High-intensity discharge and metal halide lamps.

Here are some examples of commercial parking lot lights:

Information about modern parking lot lights

•     LED Shoebox Lights

•     LED Architectural Area Parking Lot Lights

•     LED Cobra Head Lights

•     Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights and Poles


Following are the main and widely characters of Lepro LED Parking lot lights;


Lepro Parking lot lights fixtures are available according to different lengths of light poles.


Also available with different wattage like 100-149, 150-199, 200-299,300+, and so on

Light color

There is no restriction on the colors of Parking lot lights. It is available in many colors according to the choice of the buyer. Parking lot lights colors are Cool White, Neutral White, Warm/Neutral/Daylight White, etc

Brightness (LM)

 Parking lot lights fixtures vary in brightness according to needs like 10000-14999, 15000-19999, 20000+ so on. Two Lepro Parking lot lighting heads of 20K lumens each at about 15-20 feet high on each pole. On average it can Space the pole about 20 feet apart.


  1. Lepro 150W LED Parking Lot Light, Dusk to Dawn Shoebox Light
  2. Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights
  3. LEONLITE 300W LED Parking Lot Light 
  4. RuggedGrad 150-Watt LED NextGen II LED Parking Lot Light
  5. HYPERLITE LED Parking Lot Light 200W


•     Enhance User Safety

•     Facilitate User Orientation

•     Suggested Luminaires

•     Maintenance Cost Reduction

•     Energy Savings

•     Lighting Performance

•   Energy Costs

6 Tips for Installing LED Parking Lot Lights

1.    Find the Right Fixtures

2.    Assess the Parking Lot As-Is

3.    Use Transition Lights

4.    Eradicate Dark Corners

5.    Set a Budget

6.    Consider the Signage


1. Plan the placement of the light poles in the desirable area

2. Install underground wires

3. Build foundations for the light pole installation

4. Mount the light poles on their foundations


Lepro parking lot lights are used in many places like Playgrounds, parks, and sidewalks, paths in parks, walkways, and sidewalks. It has clear and bright light which increases its specialty. Lepro LED parking lot lights are one of the best lights that give 100% results. Stop buying cheap junk with no-name companies or paying for overpriced lights here is the best option available on through this site one can buy advanced and best result parking lot lights according to the buyer’s own choice and color.