Instagram Bio Ideas That You’ll Love!


If you weren’t sure whether or not your bio was important – let us, tell you, it is extremely important!  What you put on your bio matters.  The first thing that people look at when visiting your Instagram page is your bio.  It speaks volumes.  It gives others a little insight into who you are, what your brand is and should be intriguing enough for them to want to find out more about your business (or you).  So, what makes a bio stand out? Something that makes the reader want to read more, like and follow the account. If you wish to have more visibility, you can easily buy likes on instagram. Read on for some Instagram bio ideas that you could use as inspiration.

Instagram Bio Ideas That You’ll Love!

First things first, every Instagram profile needs a bio – and you simply can’t skip it so don’t be dull, drab, or boring. A good bio will help drive more Instagram followers, but to add to them, you can buy followers for Instagram too. You’ll always need to include the following in your Instagram bio:

  • Name – whether you’re an influencer or a business, you need to be easily discovered.
  • Profile Picture – if you’re a business, we’d recommend using your logo here because you need to be instantly recognizable.  If you have more than one social media platform, use the same image across all for a uniform, professional look.
  • Link – this is your opportunity to gain leads, so use it to link to your website or to somewhere else if you prefer.
  • Description – don’t leave this blank or just put a couple of words down.  This is the ideal place to put your mission statement, showcase your latest products or talk about your brand in brief.
  • Contact/Shop – this is your call to action (CTA).  It’s a great place to direct your followers to your shop, or perhaps your phone number or email address. If you still don’t have any followers or they are not enough for you can buy followers İnstagram cheap packages on 1394ta.  
  • Hashtags – don’t forget to use hashtags!  Instagram is all about the hashtag so make it relevant to what you do.  Are you a personal trainer?  #fitness #keepfit #motivation.  Perhaps you’re in real estate?  #dreamhomes #houses #foreverhome #apartments etc.  Be obvious.  You can use more than a couple of hashtags so use the most important keywords and maybe add your very own to feature in all your posts.  You could create a trend for that hashtag in the future.

Instagram Bio Ideas – The Funny Bio

Do you love humour?  Are you on a mission to build your status as a comedian?  Then reflect that in your bio when thinking about Instagram bio ideas. Consider what you want to say to your audience and draw inspiration from a few of our favourite funny Insta accounts.  Here are a couple of Instagram bio ideas that certainly make us chuckle.

  • The Menopausal Mayhem Mothers:  Fabulous Menopausal disasters, rocking failure and imperfection, best-selling author of Confessions of the Menopausal Mayhem Mother.
  • VeryBritishProblems:  Making life awkward for ourselves, one rainy day at a time.
  • Funnywhenitswrong:  Sometimes being wrong feels so right.
  • Texts From Your Existentialist:  Nietzsche all on ur mouth like liquor.  When art meets texts from ur existentialist.
  • Crazy Jewish Mom: Actual texts with my neurotic, Jewish mom.
  • Cards Against Humanity:  A card game for horrible people.

One last “funny bio” tip – don’t overthink it if you have to overthink it – it’s probably not funny.  So  when it suddenly pops into your mind post it or write it down if you can’t get to your smartphone in time…

The Bio with a Mission – Instagram Bio Ideas

A good place to showcase your mission statement and values (as we’ve already said) is in your bio.  So, if you’ve got a brand and you’ve got something to say, put it there!  Here are a few inspiration “mission” style Instagram bio ideas to sit up and take notice:

  • WWF International: Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.
  • Cancer Research:  We pioneer life-saving research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.
  • Stella McCartney:  Pioneering a sustainable, luxury movement.
  • Rainforest Foundation US:  Protecting the Rainforests.  Securing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights.  Helping Climate Action.

The Tagline – Quality Instagram Bio Ideas

Don’t be shy to use your tagline it’s a good Instagram bio idea.  Firstly, people will remember it and associate it with your brand (which is what you want them to do) and if they like it, they’ll stick with you!  Think about the taglines you already know and love, Coke is it!  Nike – Just Do It, L’Oréal, Because You’re Worth It.  If you’ve got a tagline, use it, if you haven’t got a tagline, we say get one.  Here are a few cute taglines that we like on Instagram:

  • Take Fe Noel:  For the leading woman.
  • Soper’s House:  Work/Meet/Play.
  • Apple (not Think Different) Everyone has a story to tell.

To Emoji or Not to Emoji – That is the Question!  Emoji Instagram Bio Ideas

Emojis – they came from social media and they’re still there plus our smartphones keep on adding more Emojis.  So should you use them?  We say if Emojis resonate with your brand then hell yeh, they still make strong Instagram bio ideas.  They speak volumes, just one little image says more than quite a few words so if you’re running out of space, add an Emoji or two (or three) to your bio.  Remember, they always draw the eye because they’re colourful and cute.  Here are a few Insta accounts that use Emojis in their bios:

  • The Jungalow
  • Sharlene Robertson Designs
  • LuvMeHair

Offers and Discounts – Good Instagram Bio Ideas!

It’s one thing posting offers and discounts on your page and even on your stories BUT if followers haven’t seen your feed or you missed out on prime-time posting then those offers will be missed by potential customers.  Stories only last 24 hours and you can’t keep posting the same offer, coupon or discount so put it on your bio for as long as it’s live for.  Anyone who hops onto your profile page will see it pop up and you’ve gained another opportunity to make that sale or get that booking.  Never be shy posting up your offers, use your bio differently, it pays to do so.

Hashtags #

Like we’ve already said, Instagram may be all about the image but it’s also all about the hashtag and as so many people use that tool to search for something you can’t afford to miss out.  Use hashtags to your heart’s content.  On your posts, you can use up to 30 hashtags for each and on your bio, you only get 150 characters but make sure that at least one hashtag is included.  Be simple, if you’re a hairdresser, #hairdresser.  If you’re a dentist #teeth #dentist, if you’re a builder #builder etc but if you have space, get creative and make up your own.  Then, use that hashtag (along with others) on all of your posts so people associate it with you and what your business does.  As we also mentioned earlier, the idea of the hashtag is to create a trend or be instantly searchable, make it yours!

The Long and the Short of It When it Comes to Instagram Bio Ideas

We’ve suggested that you use your bio as much as possible but sometimes, just sometimes, short, and sweet does it nicely.  If you want to be brief and you know that you can get away with it – then do it.  Plenty of Instagram accounts do keep it short. NPR is a good example, their bio says exactly what they do, in short:  News.  Arts & Life.  Music & More.  This is NPR.  So, you see, it can be done and it’s catchy enough.

More Instagram Bio Ideas Tips

When you’ve crafted your Instagram bio, ask yourself the following:

  • Does it tell a story?
  • Is it in line with your brand’s tone of voice?
  • Does it complement your page?
  • Is it “real” – don’t be fake, it’s best to be you or your business’ voice because you’ll find it easier to engage with your audience?

All of the above will help you in your quest for likes for Instagram and get more views on Instagram. The bottom line is there’s no right or wrong but the one rule we do believe in when it comes to Instagram bio ideas, is that it does need to have impact.  No boring bios please!

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