Instagram is constantly working to improve the user experience, and new features in iOS will help you produce better content, grow your audience, and receive more likes. There are several ways you can make the most of these new features, but your content will look its best to users who get to see it. Unfortunately, with around one billion worldwide users on the app, getting your posts seen and double-tapped can be challenging. Creating quality content is excellent, but someone still has to see it to be impressed, and IG favors pictures and videos that already have a ton of engagement.

Instagram for iOS Take Control of the Number of Your Likes with New Features

What can you do? The most effective approach to jump-start engagement growth is to buy Instagram hearts in small amounts, like 20 IG likes. It appears as a realistic number of taps but nudges the Insta algorithms to put your post in more user feeds, enabling more people to see and like it. Once you’ve started doing this regularly, your account will grow organically, and you’ll have an easier time getting your content the attention it deserves. As your engagement grows, practice these tips to get even more likes:

Plan for the “Immerse” Experience in 9 X 16

The better your images look, the more people will like them. But what you currently know about creating high-quality images may not work anymore. Instagram is rolling out tests of a new Home feed experience where both pictures and video have a new, taller appearance in a 9 x 16 ratio. Some users will get this new look sooner than others, but eventually, everyone will get a chance to see posts taking up much of the screen. This is something to think about when lining up shots.

Video is typically widescreen, so you may consider angles that look better viewed vertically. Videographer Dan Mears cautions against shooting on widescreen and cropping, as you will lose much of the image, and the result may still look off. Putting the camera on its side produces a 9 x 16 image, but if you later want to convert it into 16 x 9, you’ll have some difficulty. Mears suggests you consider how you want to use the video and if you think you’ll need 16 x 9 for other platforms to get more IG likes.

If so, you may want to take the shot both ways to eliminate awkward cropping situations. If available, you may even consider using two cameras, so you don’t have to repeat longer video sequences.

Instagram for iOS: Take Control of the Number of Your Likes with New Features

More Editing Options for Reels

Many users watch Reels all the time, and for a good reason: These short videos have a better chance of getting to the Explore page than other types of content, and about 50 percent of all Insta users visit Explore monthly. Sounds like a great way to achieve a great number of likes. As part of their video-centered initiative, Instagram makes many improvements to their video options on iOS, including adding better editing options for Reels. As a result, you can now do the following:

  • Rearrange the clips in your video.
  • Repeat sequences or change the order of clips.
  • Go to “preview video clips” and tap the “edit clips” icon in the lower-left corner of the screen after you’ve uploaded a video.
  • Then press the “reorder” button and break clips where you want them.
  • You can also add as many clips as you want.
  • But remember that your final video has a time limit of 90 seconds, so make it short and sweet.
  • Given the length, you can consider doing a series of related Instagram Reels if you have more to say or express about a topic.

Get Credit As A Creator With Enhanced Tags

You wish to get credit for any of your content that is used by another creator – and other content producers feel the same way. Collaboration or doing a Remix is an excellent way to obtain new audiences and receive more likes, but some creators weren’t credited correctly in the past, so Instagram developed Enhanced Tags to combat the problem. Now when you post, you can credit hairdressers, makeup artists, people who created individual still images, etc. Here’s how:

  • Make a new post, edit as you usually would, then tap “next.”
  • Write your caption, then choose the “tag people” option.
  • Choose “add tag” and search for the names of your contributors.
  • Then, to expose the creator category, click to “show profile category.”
  • Hit “Done” to finish.
  • Encourage collaborators to tag you similarly and give you likes, then check back with their posts to ensure they do.

Use a Scheduling Tool to Ensure You Post at the Right Time for Your Audience

Although Insta is heavily trafficked during the daytime hours (you know, when everyone is, uh, at work), some target markets may use it at different times. One group may be on a lot early in the evening, while others are early-morning scrollers. Scheduling tools can help you post at various times and use analytics to determine the best times to post. If you are busy at those times, the automation process will allow you to schedule your posts. You can come back later to buy IG hearts and quickly gain likes on your latest post.

Instagram for iOS: Take Control of the Number of Your Likes with New Features

Get Ready: The NFTs Are Coming to Instagram

​​NFTs – they’re everywhere now. But what are they? To condense a long and convoluted story, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique and irreplaceable parts of the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain. Think of it as digital art collecting. You can see an image, music, video, etc., as an NFT. The buyer gets a unique piece of digital art, unlike anything anyone else might have. It’s like getting a rare Pokemon, except that there’s only one copy instead of a few.

So, how do you use these on Instagram iOS? Starting May 16, 2022, Insta began the integration of NFT options into its platform, allowing digital creators to sell their digital creations on the site. (Again, this integration will happen slowly, and not everyone will have access immediately. If you don’t have the option to upload your NFT now, check back later).

Initially, NFTs will be denoted with shiny animation and will carry the owner’s and artist’s names, but Insta has plans to change to a different visual appearance later. In contrast to Twitter, IG will not charge users anything to share NFTs. Keep these things in mind when posting an NFT:

  • Include the name, address, picture, and price of the NFT.
  • Link to the NFT’s home page in the caption.
  • Add a brief description of the NFT.

Use iOS Analytical Apps for Learning More About Your Target Audience and What They Want

As you continue to post content of a high grade, it helps to keep track of which posts do the best and gain more likes to determine how they’re similar and replicate the kind of content that hits home for your audience.

Iconosquare, Instagram Insights, and Crowdfire all work on the iOS platform and have various features. Insights are Insta’s basic analytics app, providing audience location, reach, and impression stats, and which posts are doing the best and get more likes.

Iconosquare adds trend reports for engagement and post reach, plus scheduling for posts. Crowdfire is ideal for small organizations because, in addition to scheduling and stats, it also offers industry-specific content help. So if you buy Instagram hearts to gain IG likes on your gaming company’s account, you can gather the most valuable data for that industry.

Final Thoughts

Using these tips with iOS, you should be able to improve your Instagram account stats through high-quality content curated for your target market. Remember that if you hit a plateau in account growth, purchasing some engagement as likes could be able to help things get back on track.

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