Interview with The Influencer Marketing Factory

Tell us more about your background and how it all began.

In Miami, Florida, two co-founders founded the Influencer Marketing Factory. The idea was to start small and introduce something new to the market to generate interest. Vine, a video-based social media app that was popular between 2010 and 2015 and has since been terminated, was a great admirer of one of the co-founders. He regarded TikTok, the latest version, as having the potential to be as popular as Vine. As Instagram’s organic reach shrank, Vine demonstrated to the world that a six-second video could garner hundreds, if not millions, of views even if the user had no followers. A similar method is used by TikTok.

As a result, The Influencer Marketing Factory was one of the first influencer marketing organizations to provide TikTok as a platform. The Influencer Marketing Factory worked with Sony Music for their initial campaign, creating one of the first hashtag challenges, which has since become a popular type of marketing on the app. The Influencer Marketing Factory quickly rose to second place on Google in searches for an influencer marketing agency, solidifying its standing in the field. Since then, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other large corporations have joined with the Influencer Marketing Factory. The Influencer Marketing Factory has expanded from two people to over 40 in only three years. The firm has grown to New York City, Milan, and London since its inception, although its headquarters remain in Miami. The Influencer Marketing Factory employs around 40% of its staff in Europe and 60% in the United States.

Organic growth or VC funding?

The Influencer Marketing Factory’s co-founder and CEO, Alessandro Bogliari, claims he believes in organic development and has always avoided VC finance, even when The Influencer Marketing Factory has received offers. This is because he wishes to expand naturally and steadily over time without having to invest a lot of money. Because The Influencer Marketing Factory is a self-funded business, it may make decisions without consulting the board of directors. Because they don’t have to ask anyone’s permission, they can operate fast and efficiently.

What apps/software/tools do you use to manage your business?

Slack, Trello, Zoom, and his email, according to Bogliari, are his essential services. Slack and Trello enable him to communicate and manage his duties with his team members all across the world. Because the influencer marketing profession is such a fast-paced environment, communication is essential for getting things completed on time and effectively. He also uses his email to communicate with the company’s customers. Bogliari also makes it a point to keep up with industry news and events. To keep current, he reads at least 10 to 20 articles a day and skims 100 to 200 titles on Business of Apps, Social Media Today, or The Information.

What makes The Influencer Marketing Factory different?

The Influencer Marketing Factory has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Not only are the co-founders and the majority of the staff young, which makes it simpler for them to comprehend the constantly changing culture of social media, but they also take time every day to be proactive and analyze trends and what works for companies. They employ and evaluate the most up-to-date tools to ensure that they are providing the greatest service to their clients. Every week, The Influencer Marketing Factory shares freely with the team to ensure that everyone is up to speed on the newest trends and tools so that they can give the best marketing to their clients. Furthermore, The Influencer Marketing Factory has issued a number of data reports, including as the Creator Economy and Social Commerce reports, that are utilized by other sources to obtain insight into what is going on in the business. The Influencer Marketing Factory positions itself not just as an agency, but also as an authority in the sector, offering data and tools to other influencer marketers. It is a quick-response agency with a love for the business and a high-quality, professional service.

Is there a particular industry that has impacted your agency this year?

Many applications came to The Influencer Marketing Factory after the effect of COVID -19 because they wanted to take advantage of the fact that people were spending more time on their phones. Apps from a variety of organizations sought to try out new marketing methods because old methods were no longer sufficient because individuals were restricted to their homes. Apps from all over wanted to partner with The Influencer Marketing Factory when they introduced influencer marketing, particularly on TikTok. On COVID, one type of software in particular, dating applications, has become highly popular.

Many dating apps went to The Influencer Marketing Factory to promote their app through influencer marketing because they couldn’t meet in person owing to constraints. Because users trusted influencers to offer their honest thoughts about things, influencer marketing was a major hit, and when those opinions were favorable, the app grew dramatically. Influencer Marketing Factory was able to persuade their clients to spend around $0.35 each app install, which is a tremendous win.

What is the future of influencer marketing?

According to experts, the year 2022 will be dominated by content creators, influencers, and co-branding/co-creation. Users have demonstrated that they would follow influencers across several platforms, ensuring that their networks stay strong. People have also started to recognize many creatives for what they truly are: solopreneurs. The year 2022 is expected to witness a boom in investment in business tools allowing these creatives to accomplish things like open brands or shops, banking, and other financial tools, networking tools, editing tools, and inventive methods to communicate with their audience, among other things. By incorporating social commerce elements into influencer marketing, online sales will be boosted. Users may make in-app purchases and browse in-app stores as part of these seamless shopping options. Influencers will play a significant role in improving the social buying experience, as they do in live-stream social shopping and other marketing methods. Brands might also hire their own creatives to handle all of their social media needs. The designers are in charge of everything from newsletters to social media pages, as well as improving interactions and communities on social media. Overall, if there has ever been or will ever be a period when influencers make the decisions, it is now.

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