Education technology is growing fast and the smartphone is making developers reach possibilities they might have never thought about. Both students and teachers use the phone to do various education tasks. They access educational libraries, textbooks, read essays, and play educational games. 

iOS vs. Android: Which Platform is More Suitable for Educational Purposes

The smartphone operation is made possible by its operating system. The dominating operating systems in the market today are iOS and Android. Each OS has its unique features that favor the education experience. When choosing the right platform to use, features take pre-eminence. 

iOS vs. Android: Which Platform is More Suitable for Educational Purposes

Types of applications

Whether to choose the best educational apps on iOS or those on Android, the type of application you want to use will determine your choice. Some educational applications are designed to work on both the Android OS and the iOS. There is another type of educational application that can only run on one specific OS. 

Both platforms are suitable for reading

Although the two operating systems are good to use for education purposes, each has its pros and cons. For example, iOS might perform better compared to Android, while Android is an open-source software compared to iOS. However, if students are looking for a system suitable for reading information from websites such as Eduzaurus, both iOS and Android is perfect. If you have some college research work you want to do or a paper you want to write, you can use any of these platforms. 

OS features

Each operating system has some unique features that would favor the education experience but it all depends on what you want to achieve. For example, iOS has unique features such as Focus that you can use to limit distractions. It has a feature that recognizes text from images and additional privacy settings. 

Android uses SQLite storage features, can use twin sims, and accept a large number of third-party applications, unlike iOS, which significantly limits the number of third-party applications. 

iOS vs. Android: Which Platform is More Suitable for Educational Purposes

Both platforms are ideal for finding inspiration for writing tasks

The two operating systems connect to the internet fast and unless your Wi-Fi connection has a problem, you will not experience buffering with any of them. You can search online for free essay examples, research information from various sources, and download applications for education without any challenges. 

For example, if you need to read an essay or you have an essay to write and you don’t have the inspiration, you can use Writingbros to find inspiration or a topic for your task. You can get free essay samples on any topic you want to write about. 


There is a significant cost difference between iOS and Android. An apple phone might have unique features and sell at $600. You might be surprised to find an Android phone with equivalent features selling at $200. 


Some educational apps require an OS that is superfast to perform at its maximum. If you use the app on a slower OS, you might not get the correct results. The iOS is known to be a super performer and will rarely fail its users in terms of performance compared to Android. If you are looking for performance, your might choose iOS over Android. 

The technology behind the OS creation

The type of coding used on the operating system determines how you interact with it and what you can add to it. Android is coded using Java, Kotlin, and C++. Its coding enables it to run on multiple devices such as smartphones, TV, fridge, and car audio. 

Android is an open-source operating system that other users can modify to fit their unique needs. iOS is a closed source system that only operates on apple devices. It is built on Objective -C or other swift languages such as iOS SDK and XCode. 

Ease of use

Over a decade ago, when the competition was not high, many people believed iOS was easier to use compared to Android. This was true then but today, developers have improved both systems to a level where you might not even notice any difference when using either of the two. It is easy to get updates, customer support, install apps, use them, get spare parts, etc. If you are looking for an operating system that is easy to use, you might have equal choices between iOS and Android. 


There has been stiff competition between iOS and Android, with each working harder to become the market leader. The two operating systems have many user-friendly features that make their use enjoyable. Students might have a problem when deciding which operating system to choose. The two systems might equally compete and what a student might look at are the features, the application they want to use, cost, and customer support. 

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